Cold as Bone

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A Savage Worlds fantasy campaign


The Saga So Far...[edit]

Our heroes reach the northern nation of Igenfrost, accompanying a trade caravan.

The World[edit]

The Nations of the North

The Northern Nations are a couple dozen small areas, none larger than a smallish US state or European country. Some are traditional clan holdings; others are centered around rogue Empire military forces that chose to claim land in their own name, or single cities ruled by popular demagogues. They trade, fight, and ally with each other, united by a complicated web of alliances, betrayals, family linkages and trade agreements, and every so many years one nation is conquered by another, or breaks free again.

  • Igenfrost is one of the more stable and northern-most of the Nations, set right in the foothills of the Last Mountains. It is ruled by Justiciar Tulth, an enormous warrior and devout follower of the sun goddess Bright Galda.

The Empire of the Sun

The Empire of the Sun is a vast, human-dominated empire that controls the southern two-thirds of the continent. Formerly an aggressive colonizer, it has slowed down in recent decades and is showing signs of decay. Within another century it may be gone, but for the moment it remains strong. The Empire has a cautious relationship with the Northern Nations, deeming them too problematic to conquer and for the most part trading with them. The Empire is viewed by the Northerners as powerful, dangerous, and untrustworthy, but also a provider of exotic southern goods and valuable foodstuffs.

The Last Mountains

The Last Mountains form the final border between inhabitable land and the howling arctic wastes beyond; some small, hardy communities of dwarves and firbolgs live among them, but common knowledge is that no one lives beyond them except cold-adapted animals and occasional monsters.

Setting Rules[edit]

  • Heroic Resilience: Wild Cards get a free natural healing roll at the end of any scene in which they take one or more wounds. This roll cannot heal wounds than were not taken in that scene.
  • High Adventure: Spend a Benny to gain the one-time use of a Combat Edge.
  • Unarmored Hero: Wild Cards without armor add +2 to their Soak rolls.
  • Wound Cap: Wild Cards never suffer more than four wounds from a single hit.

The Heroes[edit]

Korbinian Essar,
male human hexe
played by Leliel
Racial Abilities: Adaptable (bonus edge)
Attributes Derived Stats Skills Gear Powers
Agility d6 Pace: 6" Athletics d4 Backpack Faithful Grimhound
(Summon Ally; Hexenwerk, Necromancy Trappings)
Smarts d8 Parry: 4 Common Knowledge d4 Medic kit Hand of Glory
(Light/Darkness; Hexenwerk Trappings; Limitations: Self (limited); Skill Bonus: +1)
Spirit d6 Toughness: 7 (2) Fighting d4 Winter clothing Healing Pouch
(Healing; Hexenwerk, Potion Trappings)
Strength d4 Bennies: 3 Healing d6 Winter boots Ointment of the Hidden Realm
(Detect/Conceal Arcana)
Vigor d6 Intimidation d4 Dagger Poltergeist Lure
(Havoc; Hexenwerk, Necromancy Trappings)
Edges Hindrances Notice d6 Leather jacket (armor 2)
AB: Magic Enemy (minor) Occult d6 Enchanted mortar & pestle
Brave Heroic Persuasion d6 $445
New Powers Vengeful (minor) Research d4
Woodsman Spellcasting d8
Power Points Stealth d6
Survival d8+2
Morrin "the Stonehanded" Mac Neith,
male firbolg barbarian warrior
played by IMGoose
Racial Abilities: Strong, Tough, Cold Resistance, Big
Attributes Derived Stats Skills Gear
Agility d8 Pace: 6" Athletics d8 Firbolg-bred warhorse, Swift
Smarts d4 Parry: 7 Common Knowledge d4 Saddle and tack
Spirit d8 Toughness: 8 Fighting d10 Cursed greataxe, Fatebringer
Strength d10 Bennies: 3 Intimidation d8 Handaxes (4)
Vigor d8 Notice d6 Winter clothing
Edges Hindrances Persuasion d4 Wilderness pack
Berserk Code of Honor Stealth d4 $167
Brawny Death Wish (minor)
Frenzy Outsider (minor)
Lelyalindan "Lindan" Starborn,
male elf spoony bard
played by Delazur
Racial Abilities: Agile, Low-Light Vision, All Thumbs
Attributes Derived Stats Skills Gear Powers
Agility d6 Pace: 6" Athletics d6 Longsword Lyrics of Power
(Boost/Lower Trait}
Smarts d8 Parry: 4 Common Knowledge d6 Winter clothing Crowd Control
Spirit d8 Toughness: 5 Fighting d4 Entertainer's pack Earworm
Strength d4 Bennies: 3 Notice d6 Bracelet of memories Dark Note
Vigor d6 Performance d8 $157 Soothing Words
Edges Hindrances Persuasion d6
AB: Bard Armor Interference (minor) Stealth d4
Charismatic Heroic Survival d4
Fey Blood Idealistic
Instrument Poverty
Avhilleeon Lowerarayack,
female reincarnated elf ranger
played by Naphthalim
Racial Abilities: Agile, Immune to Disease, Amnesia
Attributes Derived Stats Skills Gear
Agility d12 Pace: 6" Athletics d10 Spirit bow w/20 arrows
Smarts d6 Parry: 2 Common Knowledge d4-1 Leather jacket and leggings
Spirit d4 Toughness: 8 (2) Healing d4 Crossbow w/20 quarrels
Strength d6 Bennies: 3 Notice d6 Scimitar
Vigor d8 Persuasion d4 Riding horse
Edges Hindrances Riding d4 Saddle and tack
Marksman Amnesia (minor) Shooting d12 Winter clothing
Quick Curious Stealth d6 $412
Tongue-Tied Survival d4
Thievery d8