Commander Aleksandr Turov

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Aleksandr Turov is a character in the "SWN: On the Perimeter" campaign for the Stars Without Number RPG system.

Character Name: Commander Aleksandr Turov, Retired

Player Name: Drohem

Character Class: Warrior

Character Level: 1

Background Package: Naval Marine

Training Package: Marine Officer

Homeworld: Shaddai

Languages: English, Russian

Special Ability: Veteran's Luck


He is a proud 39-year old human male of Russian ethnicity. He has dirty blonde hair that is cropped high and tight, and he has a trimmed mustache and goatee that has reddish color peppered with a few white hairs. He stands at 6'3" tall and weighs a solid 235 pounds. He has pale blue eyes that are grey at times.


[16] - STR (+1)

[10] - INT (+0)

[11] - WIS (+0)

[14] - DEX (+1)

[10] - CON (+0)

[14] - CHA (+1)


[08] - Hit Points

[07] - Armor Class

[+1] - Attack Bonus

[20] - Movement in meters/round


[12] - Physical Effect

[15] - Mental Effect

[14] - Evasion

[16] - Tech

[13] - Luck


[0] - Combat/Energy Weapons

[0] - Combat/Projectile Weapons

[1] - Combat/Unarmed

[0] - Culture/Spacer

[0] - Exosuit

[0] - Leadership

[0] - Persuade

[1] - Tactics


[135] - Credits [+835 from NME payday]


-- Semi-automatic Pistol (1d6+1; Range 30/100m; Rds 12; Tech 3)

-- Laser Rifle (+1 Atk; 1d10; Range 300/500m; Rds 20; Tech 4)

-- Leather Jack (AC 7; Enc 1; Tech 0)

-- Monoblade (1d8+1; Range 6/9m; Tech 4)

-- Ammunition, 20 rounds X2 (Enc 2; Tech 2)

-- Power cell, Type A x3 (Enc 1; Tech 4)

-- Backpack (Enc 1; Tech 1)

-- Thermal flare (Tech 3) [Stowed Item]


[08] - Readied Items

[16] - Stowed Items


Commander Aleksandr Turov has recently retired from a 20-year career as a line Marine Officer in the Navy. He served with distinction and was honorably discharged after his lengthy service. He quickly found that the retired life that he had envisioned during his service did not live up to his expectations and he found it very sedentary and boring. After a short time of fun and recreation he decided that he needed to work at something again otherwise he would become a drunk, fat, and lazy. He searched for something that would bring him joy and he settled on investing in a gun shop and shooting range with an old Navy friend. Unfortunately, his partner has unwittingly purchased illegal weapons and the business was seized by the government after an audit. He and his partner lost everything and became broke after paying for legal fees to avoid jail. He has his freedom and was cleared of any illegal wrongdoing but his retirement dream has been shattered and he now finds himself in the position of needing to find work immediately. He knows what type of work he needs to find with his highly specialized skill set and he is actually good with looking for dangerous work since it's the one thing that truly brings him joy and fulfillment because he a man of action at heart.