Commentary on Dufiro

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Commentary on the Dufiro.

What follows is a list of notes on various Dufiro races.


  • Regarding Change Elementals
    • There are 4 main Elemental Races; Earth, Air, Fire and Water, plus Change. And there are also many minor or rare Elementals, as well; Hue, Flux, Scent, Movement, and others. A Change Elemental is expected, not required... more like has the opportunity, to take more than one Elemental Race... most Elementals are eager to make the jump to Spasa. It is a sadness and an anger for most Dufiro that they only get one Elemental Race. It limits them. ~Raphael paraphrasing Adalou


  • Carnality Spasa come in several forms. Some are aspiring to be Health Dufiro. But many Carnality Spasa become creatures of passion in many pleasure venues. These are often called Lust Spasa. Lust Spasa is an honorable distinction but there are many terms for those that have fallen away from respectable services.




General Commentary[edit]


Hierarchies are a general assemblage of Dufiro of similar powers.

  • Hierarchy of Fire: Fire Elementals, Spasa of Fire, Avasa of Fire, Masoja of Fire.
  • Hierarchy of Air: Air Elementals, Spasa of Air, Avasa of Air, Masoja of Air.
  • Hierarchy of Water: Water Elementals, Spasa of Water, Avasa of Water, Masoja of Water.
  • Hierarchy of Earth: Earth Elementals, Spasa of Earth, Avasa of Earth, Masoja of Earth
  • Hierarchy of War: Spasa of Combat, Rust, Death. Avasa of Conflict, Rage, Death. Masoja of Combat, Strength, Rage, Warfare, Death.
  • Hierarchy of Life: Spasa of Life, Growth, Cleanliness, Carnality?. Avasa of Life, Growth, Health, Cleanliness, Carnality?. Masoja of Life, Growth, Health.

Specific Comments[edit]


A Water Elemental currently a term as a Avasa of Rot. A slave of Tinsanax. Is known for having a devoted, mistress/slave relationship. A Spasa and Avas of Carnality. Often pimped out by Tinsanax.