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A listing of all the gaming companies (RPGs, CCGs, Board/Minis Games) out there.

12 to Midnight - d20 & Savage Worlds-based horror products
Alderac Entertainment Group
Ancient Awakenings Publications
Atlas Games
Apophis Consortium
Bards and Sages
Black Industries
BlackWyrm Games
Blue Devil Games
Britannia Game Design
Burning Wheel
Chaosium Inc.
Chapter 13 Press.
Cheapass Games
Contested Ground Studios
Decipher Inc.
Decision Games
Deep 7
Dire Press
Dream Pod 9
Eden Studios
Emerald Press
Eos Press
Exile Game Studio
Fantasy Flight Games
Far Future Enterprises
Flying Buffalo
Games Workshop
Genjitsu Games
Gold Rush Games
Goodman Games
Great White Games (formerly Pinnacle)
Green Knight Publishing
Green Ronin
Ground Zero Games
Guardians Of Order
Hasbro - games page
Heliograph Inc.
Hero Games
HinterWelt Enterprises
Hogshead Publishing
Holistic Design Inc.
Incarnadine Press
Iron Crown Enterprises
Issaries Inc.
Kenzer and Company
Looney Labs
Mayfair Games
Micro Tactix
Mongoose Publishing
Morrigan Press
Nightfall Games
Open World Press
Pagan Publishing
Palladium Books
Pandahead Productions
Pelgrane Press
Politically Incorrect Games
Privateer Press
QuikLink Interactive, Inc.
R. Talsorian Games
Reality Blurs
Realms Publishing
Red Spire Press
Redbrick Limited
Ronin Arts
Spectrum Games
Steve Jackson Games
Swords Edge Publishing
Team Frog Studios
Troll Lord Games
Twilight Creations Inc.
Upper Deck
Valent Games
West End Games
White Wolf
Wicked Dead Brewing Company
Wingnut Games
Wizards of the Coast
Z-Man Games

People who make things other than actual games

Advancing Hordes - Primary distributor of Gamescience dice by Lou Zocchi.
Chessex - gamer dice and accessories.
Confrontation Miniatures - Minis.
Crystal Caste - home of Dwarven Stones dice.
Dark Sword Miniatures - Miniatures and accessories.
Dwarven Forge - detailed three-dimensional dungeon scenery.
Gamer's Bag - custom-made to order dice bags
Germ's World - minis; especially paper ones.
Great Victory Widgets - 3D dungeon tiles, washable dungeon mat, tactical tiles.
Iron Wind Metals - minis and accessories.
Koplow Games - dice of all kinds plus related items.
Magnificent Egos- Minis.
Pegasus Publishing - gamer clothing and other gifts.
ProFantasy - map making software of all kinds.
Reaper Miniatures- Minis.
Toy Vault - Cthulhu plushies and giant fuzzy polyhedrals.