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ConanRPG Campaign is intended as an example campaigns and resources for the Conan RPG. It includes information specific to table-top role-playing group's campaign on notable people, places, items, and creatures across Hyboria of the world of Conan!

This role-playing campaign takes place on Earth at the time of Conan. There is plenty of action and gory battle scenes but the most exciting part of this storyline are the protagonists who go from outcasts to heroes and leaders. Sword and sorcery fans as well as readers who love the Conan stories will have a lot of fun reading and utilizing this resource for your own exceptional tales.

I'd like to think that the material I'm including here is high enough quality for publication, my goal is to create a repository for Game Masters to list their specific campaign background, ideas and resources so that all may find inspiration to enjoy the Conan setting and we offer this material freely here.

NOTE: CURRENTLY the below is listed for example (to me and my group) for suggestions on implementing this Wiki Page... Details to come soon.

The Name of MY game campaign... Brotherhood of the Wolfe - Recently I've started running a new Conan game for my local group, and I'll be adding some of the locales and other background material from that campaign here, as I go along. Material from other folks is of course welcome, though I might edit it.