Concidering life choices

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Concidering life choices.

So on jobs there is alot of waiting. Waiting for the right opportunity. Waiting for the safest spot. Waiting for the goddang data to load...
fuck this takes long. What system are the running here?

I think the same goes for life in general. It is alot of waiting for the right opportunity. The right person, the right time, the right amount of money, the right mood of the other person.
Not all is in your control or hands. But still if uou miss that sweet spot of moment you're going to have to wait or settle with less......

Like who the fuck has a groundsensitive security measures but can't afford better computersystems... gaaaaah.

Anyway i think sometimes if it is just a matter of luck... good or bad.
I can't believe it is a higher being controlling things. That seems... weird. But luck and fate in the sense of butterfly effects and ripples in the water.
Yes i can see that. And it all boils down to dumb luck.
To the janitor who by accident found my stash of stolen stuff. The policeman who were jerks. It could have been different people. </.br> If i had not gone left but right i would not have seen Cicero. Not being able to help him.

And if i had known these servers are so freaking slow i would have not be hanging upside down still!!!

You know. Life are like waves you get pushed and pulled towards a spot and in the end you freaking drown cause with all the pushing and pulling you can't see where you are heading.....

Okey seriously.... i am going to come back during the day and beat some people... no respectable thief can work like this...