Conf of Shadows

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In the vast depths of shadow and shade walk many strange people. Conf of Shadows is one of them.

In the Tosa shadows is a man of great power who rose above the powers of his world and sliped from them. What he is, or has become is hard to say, but he is there. Many powers and creatures live in fear of him. The Shadowjack, the Joker in the Deck, the whisper of thyme in the shade of a cinnamon tree.

Seek me, if you are in need, speak my name in shadow and i will know it.  I may come.  I may leave you to your doom.
  Conf of Shadows.  

Conf is the greatest of the thieves of the Tosa/York regions of Shadow. He can travel by stepping through shadows to shadow. He can travel unheard, walk invisible, hear if his name is spoken in the shadow of a light.

A thrice crown bard, Guildmaster of thieves, Musician.

It is believed that Conf is a Prince of the House of York