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Michael James Watson·
When Alvah asks about Arlo coming to Vulsar to tutor her for a bit he agrees. Says to call him the next morning. HE explains that
he has some stuff to wrap up in Amber before going to a fast time shadow like Vulsar.
Upon her call he pulls her through. The place looks decidedly un-star fleet.

Amber Bronkhorst
Alvah looks around nodding appreciative.
"Nice place, is this yours?
Thank you for finding the time to help me, kind of figured it became time to continue studying. Especially since more and more is being added to the list to learn. "

Michael James Watson
"Actually its Vek's place on Randal Prime. He has a Jazz club downstairs. Randal is a great world. Like a lot of places in shadow it does not advance technologically unless the principal realm does. In this case the Principal realm is Vulsara. Randal is about 100,000 light years from Vulsara but since Vander and Carissa live here there is a star port above the world. Technically its an unaligned world but the government here is pretty easy going about it. They consider the Amber Star Port above the planet like its Vander's private yacht. It a 'backwater' with a huge emphisis on sports. They support betting all across this galaxy. Race Tourism they call it. a lot of Jet Speeders, 2 wheel, 4 wheel, 6 wheel. Lot of casinos. "
"Carissa has a box at the main venue for racing and we may go catch a few races. They are off planet now but her Elite and a Rebman friend, Nala, are here, on the professional race circuit. "
"I asked Vek and he gave me the codes for this place. There are a dozen rooms and recording studios here. Downstairs is the jazz club he plays at a lot. He said he might drop by. HE is hanging with a new friend, Skadi, a Mandalaian"
"No servants, but plenty of replicators."

Amber Bronkhorst
Alvah nods listening.
"Uhm okey, anything wrong with where i was? Though this doesn't sound like a bad place. Just didn't expect to move away. Haven't let anyone know, and we kind of agreed that i shouldn't wander about to much."
She then turns to Arlo and smiles
"But this isn't far away i guess and i doubt they can find me as quickly here. Just need to let Vance or someone know... "

Michael James Watson
"Its the same shadow. And you do have the card. This place is far enough away that doing magic won't upset Vulsarians. Look in the hallway though. Vek has created a trump wall to go to Vulsar."
WHen she looks in the hall she sees a flat wall with four large trump portals. But they don't catch her eye like the display case on the other side of the wide hall,

Amber Bronkhorst
Alvah looks at the trump wall nodding but as she sees the bikes her eyes widen, she just stands and stares for a while.
"Are those his bikes?"
She carefully steps closer almost as if she is afraid to scare them away.
"They look amazing. So slick they must go at amazing speeds."

Michael James Watson
Arlo comes in and looks, "Yes. The purple and black is a Rigel Zar 7 street bike. The other is his race bike. Racing is incredibly important on this world. Carissa, and her Elite Alec, Nala Mior Tral, Alexi of Regor, and Vek all do professional racing here.
Mostly Figure 5 events. Vek and Alexi do All-Terrian riding. I spent a few seasons here myself when they first arrived. Magic works in this shadow of course but its not common. Carissa discovered that some racers were using magically enhanced bikes. She called me in, and I called Vek. It was quite a scandal. Magic enhancements were making one team the grand champions several years running but they constitute modification not allowed on stock vehicles. Carissa's team rides under the name Terror's Trio. They are champions themselves now. I stayed and ended up on the Randal Race Leauge Inner Committee as an expert in magical enhancements. Turned out there were a lot of them. A supplier was shipping them in and selling them without telling the riders they were not allowed. They were expensive so it was mainly professionals at the highest levels.. big scandal.. funny from my perspective. Anyway.. That trump goes to the Terror's Trio's private suite at the A Arena. Nice view of the races from there. That trump goes to Vek's garage at the A Arena. That one goes to Vulsar Base. Im not sure where the 4th goes. Looks like a seaside wharf.. "

Amber Bronkhorst
Alvah allows herself to stare for a bit longer
"That is just freaking awesome. The racing not the cheating i mean. Cheating is bad......
So Vek really doesn't mind we are here? This place is great. And good to know i can get back and forth to Vulsar base. "
She studies the trump of the wharf and shrugs.
"Don't know, maybe you should ask. When he is around. "
Alvah moves back tk the mainroom they entered in.
"Soooo Arlo, how have you been doing in the meantime? Or didn't much time pass for you? I learned alot, even been for a flash to Azcala!"
Alvah says with a flat laugh.

Michael James Watson
Arlo says, "I've been doing a lot of reading. My connection to the Library allows me a certain amount of flexibility in research. As for Vek, he's been in Amber recently. AS for this place, sure. We can use it. I told him i needed a place away from start fleet where we could do some practical training. He suggested here for the study. I know a few places when it comes to other stuff. As for the bikes.... It wouldn't be hard to order a few. Pick them up in Tentar, thats the race capitol. We even have access to his garage. "
He walks over and points to one of the trumps, and picks upa set of keys hanging by the trump.

Amber Bronkhorst
Alvah smiles
"i should have known that you were in the library. And Vek yeah i've seen him when he introduced Skadi to Random, after that you and he were talking about Squiggles and i butted in the conversation. Other then that haven't seen him but i've been busy. "
Smiling at the mention of ordering bikes
"i absolutly wouldn't mind that. It has been a while for my feeling that i've been racing. Or even on a bike. And that while i think i have one on my disposal since the family trip i took with Vance. But for that i have to go back to another shadow i think."
SHe looks up to Arlo
"i've been learning sorcery from Bleys by the way, didn't know if you knew yet but guess that would be important stuff to know. We ended the training and then he guided me on my shadowwalk to Vulsara. "
She waves her hand in a bored manner
"then stuff happened stepdad showed up Bleys freaked out mayday call, dad went on a angry trip, and then i was left with Spatchi to finish the trip together. "
She looks at Arlo
"Whatever you can say, it is never boring."

Michael James Watson
"Enjoying boring time is underrated. Excitement can be quite painful. I should probably check in with Vance but part of me would rather stay here, maybe buy a racing bike and to ride a few of the local arenas. I probably still have status on the professional circuit ruling council but i never did much more then some riding. Racing might be a nice distraction. "
"Why don't i do that? I'll order us a couple bikes. Get the crew for the Terrors to make them race worthy. While I am here we can talk languages and conjuration. Its a nice fast time shadow with full high order magic. Should be fun. ANd there is a nice jazz club down stairs"

Amber Bronkhorst
Alvah looks back at the trump wall and the trump of Vulsara base.
"Well doing some racing doesn't sound bad and like you said we can do the training in between. I'll quickly hop back pick up Spatchi leave a note i am here with you for training and that i am safe. I'm sure they don't mind then. And Vance is probably busy with setting up the embassy with Xozla anyway. "
She then holds up her finger
"Oh and besides the training i might want to talk to you about some things."
She then smiles wide
"Well i am always in for music especially when i can dance to it."
She winks to Arlo.
"So i can trump you to come back?"

Michael James Watson
"Yes. I'm going to draw a couple trumps of this place. I'll have those done when you get back. I may be at the garage though. He points to one of the wall trumps

Amber Bronkhorst
Alvah nods
"Perfect i'll be right back. "
She then walks up to the trump of the vulsara base and focuses on it as if it is a trump out of her deck. Wanting to step through.

Michael James Watson
arriving at vulsar she finds spatchi at the target range halodeck with Candle. He has a collection of phasers weapons on a table.
Hand weapons, carbines, large battle weapons. There is also a collection of clockwork weapons. Spatchi is firing a nail rifle with enthusiasm. Alvah notices a phasers pistol and holster now on her belt.
Candle comes over "Rasak focusses on sword war so much that even elites might have just rudimentary knowledge of firearms. Spatchi has qualified on phasers and clockwork nail weapons. "

Amber Bronkhorst
Alvah nods impressed,
"Fantastic, very useful. And i agree Rasak could use some variation in weapons."
She smiles looking up at Candle
"I came actually to pick Spatchj up if she feels like going with me to Randal. Arlo is taking me there to train conjuration and teach me some other things."
She bumps Candle with her hip
"And came to tell you where to find me. Cause you know we don't have trumps of eachother... so not easy to reach."
She then turns to Spatchi again. If she is done she calls over
"Feel like racing at Randal while Arlo is talking my ears off? About magic stuff?"

Michael James Watson
SHe hold the nail rifle on her hip, smiling. "Racing sounds good. I've decided to pack a phaser and a nail pistol. Adds variety in a conflict. "

Amber Bronkhorst
Alvah nods approvingly
"Why not, if you can use it carry it. You never know when you might need it."
She winks
"Though i think in between the racing and training there won't be much tk shoot."
Alvah laughs.
Then looks up to Candle.
"So, well yeah will you tell Vance where i am at? And if he needs Jurt and Untara, i'm sure they will be ready for the meeting with Xozla."
She tocuhes his briefly not wanting to be to forward and then nods to Spatchi.
"Ready to go?"

Michael James Watson
Candle says, "Randal has plenty to shoot. It was a hunting reserve for centuries. Some Corporate guy intended to import 10 tigers to hunt and the nature of Bueracracy being a universal constant when the hunting part was in place, the animals were delivered, and rather then 10 they sent 1000. After they ate the whole hunting party they escaped into the ecosystems. Other then that there are elk, deer, and a number of other game animals. "

Amber Bronkhorst
Alvah can't help but chuckle
"Well there you go... don't hunt tigers... they eat faces off. ".
She grins to Spatchi
"Well i stand corrected you can shoot plenty there then. "
Turning to Candle she smiles a slight smile
"Well since you know so much you are more then welcome to join. We are staying in Vek his place and it is big enough. And else we find a different place."

Michael James Watson
"Vek's Place...Ive not been there. Vance and Agrom like it though. I have duty foir a couple days but then ill come out"

Amber Bronkhorst
Alvah grins wide
"Great! Would love you as a distraction from my training. "
She then nods to Spatchi.
"Do you need to get something? If not i can trump Arlo to pull us through. "

Michael James Watson
"She looks over the nail guns and picks up one, then collects a dozen cartridges. Nodding the Candle she picks a holster and attaches it to her belt. She picks up a small phaser and a bag of energy tabs
"Ready now"

Amber Bronkhorst
Alvah laugs
"Watch out tigers or who ever crosses Spatchi "
She then takes the trump of Arlo. She looks a smiles a sweet smile to Candle. She then focuses on the image of Arlo.

Michael James Watson
Arlo opens quickly, having been expecting the call.
"Coming through? I have some stuff to look over for you"

Amber Bronkhorst
Alvah nods
"Yes with Spatchi, and they are informed where i am."
She holds out her hand and holds Spatchi so they can quickly move through.

Michael James Watson
She arrives in a garage. A well supplied one but a garage. Several bikes are on racks, including Vek's bikes. a Few others are there as well And a holographic image of one on the main table
Arlo points at the hologram. "Thats the plain black. From there we can build colors. Colors are the thing. The race bikes have to be stock so the colors and accessories are the thing. : This is a colorization program for a replicator"
"We can either replicate it here, or use the image to design colors and have it painted. The later gives it a paper trail which is important if you intend to race. The street bikes we can replicate and customize to our hearts content"

Amber Bronkhorst
Alvah smiles wide seeing the bike image and the other bikes on racks. Her eyes have that sparkle.
"Yeah ofcourse for racing it has to be official and traceable. "
Turning to Spatchi she smiles wide
"Bikes!!!! Racing! so much fun and customizing it as well"
Alvah looks at the image to see how to manipulate it to design.

Michael James Watson
"We are in the A Arena. Carissa and Vander are off exploring the stars someplace but i spoke to Alec, her Elite, and Nala Mior Tral. THey are in their view box this morning and they will be racing later today. If you want to go see we can meet them there. I have preprogramed some local wear on the replicator. look it over. There is a Warrior Core here so blades are common but are seen mostly as a sporting tool. "
He shows the Purple, Black, and Gold colors of the Terror's trio professional team merchandise.
"This is Carissa's team outfit. Alvah, you grew up in a world that adored sports much like they do here on Randal. I grew up in a dark shadow of King Arthur's court so this is all learned details. Though i have Mind Blanked into worlds so i get a bit of the appeal"

Amber Bronkhorst
Alvah smiles listening to Arlo.
"This is so awesome, thank you! Yeah i would love to see the race happening later. So hearing all this we are free for a bit?"
Heaing Arlos words she smiles softer.
"Sadly we are not all as lucky to grow up with the need for sports thrills and friendly competition. But having it now is good."
She walks to the replicator to look at the local wear.
"Are you coming with then? Or do you have things to do?"

Michael James Watson
Arlo says, "My bike is that one-"

Amber Bronkhorst
Alvah smiles wide
"So will you be racing to then?"

Michael James Watson
He shows then the working on the bike as he replicates a pair practice bikes. He shows them the rudimentary controls then takes them to a training track for a few hundered runs.
He goes over the rules for the popular Figure 5 Race
"Will i be racing? Yes.. Terror's Trio is going to put us on their team. We just have to talk to Alec"

Amber Bronkhorst
"Awesome, so do we have a bike for Spatchi?"
Turning to her she asks
"Or do you already have one? "
Training the rounds Alvah is just enthousiastic and goes all out.
Alvah is clearly in a mood wherr she doesn't sit still. The racing the bikes a new place very exciting and thilling for her.
Impatiently she asks
"So first meet Alec or do we have time to wander about?"

Michael James Watson
"Time is an illusion. Lunchtime doubly so. I have a trump to the Committee Members lounge. From there is a short walk. "
He opens the tump and steps into a large fancy viewing lounge filled with people. They know about magic but its extremely rare. And its been years since the scandal that brought a known wizard to Rentar. Seeing him open a trump and step through causes silence to fill the lounge while the high pitched squeal of high performance static energy engines fills the raceway.
One of the men walks over, "Commissioner Arlox. Its been a long time since you visited us"
He nods., "My racing dues are paid up though, yes?"
THe man nods, "Of course!"
Arlo looks to Spatchi and Alvah and says in Thari." These people run the race commission. Tecnically they have to have qualified at A Rate to be on the commission and keep their license up to date. I doubt a one of them has raced in 20 years."
Turning to the man, he says in Vulsar English, "Good. I resign from the commission. I will be taking a spot on the Terror's Trio race team in about 20 minutes. So will my two proteges. Spread the word. I'll be taking all bets."
He heads out the back door to a long wide corridor filled with happy race fans. One wall has view screens, race statistics, and betting information

Amber Bronkhorst
Alvah looks at Spatchi then back to Arlo. She smiles wide after his talk with the man, Alvah follows Arlo making sure Spatchi comes to. Figuering it's best to stay close.
She ks thoroughly enjoying the atmosphere of happy sports fans and anticipation of a race.

Michael James Watson
Arlo enters a suite that is good sized with the general look of the picture but much larger. a dozen bedrooms downstairs ajnd well as more living space. The lounge shows years of trophys for years of victory.. A number of people wandering around are a little unsure of Arlo's audacity .
A-Arena Suite.jpg
A man seperates from the crowd walks toward Arlo, who smiles broadly. The man is thin, dark haired, confident in the way a man skilled in danger is confident. A James Bond swagger
"Arlo! Welcome.. Nala said you were coming so I trumped in. "
Arlo extends his hand, "Glad you did. We'll get drunk as hell tonight. I'm moving in. Is there a place for me and my two floozies downstairs someplace? Someplace with thick walls and no cameras."
He says, "No, we have your usual suite with the cameras set up to record and pay off in goldwings. You going to introduce me to the floozies? Nala is racing in a few so I would love to borrow one for an hour or so. If.. you don't mind."
Arlo says,"I don't mind at all. I'll let them introduce themselves" He slaps Alvah in the ass.

Amber Bronkhorst
Happily following Arlo her mood swings when she hears him call her and Spathi floozies. She turns with a look which could shoot daggers to Arlo softly hissing through her teeth which may not even be audible above the race noices.
With the same look, though perhaps less daggers she turns to the man gives a short nod and says
"Alvah, hi."
her words short Alvah looks at Spatchi holding up her shoulders.

Michael James Watson
He says, "Alvah...daughter of Delwin I hear.. that makes us...ah..lets see... Bleys and Fiona and Brand are siblings of Delwin... All of them have Oberon as a father... You are Delwin's...Arlo? "
Arlo says, "We usually stick with cousins. But to be precice-Clarissa would be Delwin's step mother, so Alvah's step-grandmother, making you her...uncle? "
He nods, "Sounds fine to me.. Prince Alexei Zhenya, son of Clarrisa Czarina of Regor, once Queen of Amber. Son of Nicholas II, Czar of Regor. Welcome to our race estate.. And this would be the famous Spatchi that Rede mopes about."
Spatchi scowls, "Rede never mopes. He has certainly forgotten me."
A man in mechanics overalls steps from the crowd that Alexi stepped from..
"Is that so?"
Rede feldane.jpg

Amber Bronkhorst
Alvah still shoots daggers with her look to Arlo hissing
"next time i'll bite fingers off."
Turning to Alexei she smiles faintly
"The family ties are... difficult enough. So lets state there is a family tie somewhere, is usually enough."
Alvah turns to Spatchi then to Alexei hearing about a moping Rede she can't help but smile
"oh well at least Spatchi doesn't mope about Rede, just reminisce and talk about Rede."
After Rede had walked up Alvah bumps her shoulder a bit in Spatchi towards Rede
"well don't you two have catching up to do"

Michael James Watson
Spatchi puffs out her chest, and crosses her arms sternly. Rede laughs.
"And why, may I ask, are you here?"
Rede says, "I may not be Vander's Elite anymore but i was best man at his wedding. I run the pit crews.and... I have a room just about 70' away and one floor down. Care to see it? There is enough firepower in this room to keep your Amberite safe."
Spatchi inhales as if to retort. then steps aside as Rede does and he takes her hand and walks to the elevator.
Alexei says, "Well, you are a floozy down. And you have no intention of bedding this one. Is Elayne joining us? "
He says, "I hadn't considered inviting her. It is kind of he scene but i doubt she has been to Randal. WHere is Nala and the Baby?"
He laughs and leads the group to the best viewing seats in the house, waving for champagne. , "Nala is on course 5. In oh... 5 minutes. Unless you are weary or fresh from battle, lets take seats and watch the race. The baby is 17 and is in friggin' Star Fleet Academy if you can imaging. I got special dispensation from King Random and King Vance to have him enrolled. Part of Random's 'Be Friendly to Regor plan. Did you hear he sent Fiona to be Ambassador to Regor? Mom was delighted. My dear sister Fiona...not so much.."
He looks to Alvah, "My wife Nala is a lady of House Mior Tral, a very noble house in Rebma. He father is Honsol, possibly the next husband of the Queen of Rebma.."

Amber Bronkhorst
Alvah smiles and waves after Spatchi
"Have fun!"
She is actually really happy for Spatchi she knows there are still feelings.
Walking after the men she mutters
"seriously if someone calls me floozy again...."
Listening to the conversation and the explanation she nods
"I see, well that is great having your kid in StarFleet academy heard it is good training"
She then looks at Arlo
"REgor? help me out here.... and why should there be a special program to be nice? aren't things nice originally?"

Michael James Watson
As they sit, Arlo and Alexei look at each other. Arlo says,"Ya, why is there a special program?"
Alexei sighs, "You come from an Earth world I am told? You know Arlo modeled for Lucifer, right?"
He raises his hand, "Regor is xenophobic at best, reclusive most the time, and violent towards each other. There is little unity. We have a long tradition of bloody dynastic wars, secret assassinations, brutal religious conflicts, wonderful music, brilliant operas and terrible weather. We also have hopeless romantics and forcible marriages. Regorian politics is not for the meek. Back thousands of years ago though a wandering king took a royal priestess of the Tiger, lured her to his realm where he debauched her, she bore him three children, he was rarely faithful, fathered children while married, and threw her off when she dared to bed a pirate...there is a series of Operas about it"
Arlo says," I am rapt. What happened to this innocent princess? "
Alexi say, " She married her great, great, great, great, great, great,great grandson and had 6 charming children all free of malice and possessing all the finest qualities their line had ever developed. "
Arlo snickers, "is there an opera about them? Does this opera mention the one child that got all the bad habits the others were devoid of?"
He says, "Indeed there is an opera!!!I it does mention the woefully doomed 7th child that was the only one sent to seek out Amber because he is the only one of his siblings not likely to start a war. The 7th child, in typical Regorian style, is the 5th on born"

Amber Bronkhorst
Alvah looks between Arlo and Alexei. She nods
"Yes i am from an earth world. "
Looking at Arlo she laughs
"Hmmm well they could have chosen worse. though one time in a ballet when we did alice the one doing the part of madhatter looked like Arlo." she then waves her hand
"but i digress. So a brutal, harsh but musical inclined place. got it. "
Frowning a bit thinking
"Priestess of the Tiger?"
Listening to more of the explanation she nods
"Perhaps to learn i should see these operas. I do love the opera. And ballets. Would be a fun though maybe not fully accurate way to learn."
Alvah sits back
"So you are from this Regor, which is harsh and brutal and dramatic why else make opera's about events. And there are good kids and one woefully ass... so to say."

Michael James Watson
Alexei says, "He was not was a model for a painter who was painting Lucifer. He was a model for Lucifer, the painter. Even demons have hobbies....nudes, wasn't it?"
Arlo frowns and chuckles..."I was Mind Blanked at the time. A guy's got to make a living."
Alexei goes on,"you enjoy the theater? Operas, ballets?"

Amber Bronkhorst
Alvah smiles at Arlo the turnimg to Alexei she nods
"Yes to the enormous joy of my father i do appreciate theater, especially operas, and i actually when growing up was a professional ballet dancer. But i surely love to watch them as well."
Alvah stares ahead
"But you know, you have to focus your time at points so ballet was lower on the priority list. But now i have time i might revisit my love for it. "
Alvah looks a bit dreamy
"Never felt so free as on my pointes and in the spotlight. "
After a pause she shakes her head as if waking from a dream she then laughs awkwardly
"Yeah okey so... this one with all the bad things inherited he still around?"

Michael James Watson
"I danced the Royal Regor for over 150 years."

Amber Bronkhorst
Alvah smiles looking impressed at Alexei.
"That is quite something. You must be a brilliant dancer." She looks him over silently for a moment.
Leaning back she continues
"My dancing 'career' is nothing compared. But perhaps after the things i need to do, i will revisit things i want to do. Like i said dancing always has my love. How much i like racing,"
She gestures to the surroundings
"How much i like fighting, or my job. It has always been dancing."
Thinking for a moment she then asks
"So where are these operas performed? Would love to see it. But if Regor is a difficult place to be it might not be smart to go there for the sake of enjoying theatre."

Michael James Watson
He laugh,"Of course its difficult! The difficult is what makes it great! Oh Regor is a wonderful squiggle. Difficult, cold, sometimes cruel, but also romantic, beautiful, complex, artistic! The people are caring, giving, food loving. Azcala is known for sentient sacrifice and cornbread, Almond for rollercoasters and popcorn, Adagalasck for its darkness and pork, Pocai for its gems and isolation, and Amber is known for its fish and nearly destroying the universe. Regor is known for its ballet and its vodka.You choose where is more difficult. OH!!!!!! There she goes!"
He leans in as the race runs. The figure 5 is like a demolition derby with fast racing cycles. The race isn't long but looks both exciting and dangerous.
Arlo asks,"Where is Alec? "
Alexei says"Next race.Oh...Nala!!!!!!!! I knew this was her race. Its why Alec didn't compete in it against her in today's race. Nala gets in a mood. For a fish, she gets quite randy when she wins! Arlo, always a pleasure. Don't steal anything. Alvah, a pleasure and feel free to look around. There are rooms downstairs. Join Nala and i for dinner at the estate.If Rede and Spatchi come up for air, invite them too"

Amber Bronkhorst
Alvah nods hearing the descriptions of the squiggles she shrugs
"Ah well then perhaps it is worth it to visit. Ballet and quality alchohol two favorite things."
Seeing the race start she sits forwards to be able to look.
Grinning wide seeing the race happening cheering on as she knows now which one Nala is.
She then nods
"Yes a pleasure, and if those two come up is a good question, they have alot of catching up to do."
She then leans back and looks at Arlo
"So what was the planning yiu had in mind?"

Michael James Watson
Arlo says, "Well, how about we work on Conjuration for a few hours? I can throw in some language studies while we do that. There are about 40 people here in the viewing area. All Terror Trio employees, family and friends. Everyone in the world knows my connection to magic because of the scandal, even though there may be only a dozen wizards on planet, 6 of them being, You, Me, Alexei, Vander, Carissa, and Vek. 3 of the others are aboard the Tempest Port, a Star Fleet space station in orbit. So why don't we freak the fuck out of the locals here by practicing some High Order magic? While having drinks and watching some races?"

Amber Bronkhorst
Alvah nods.
Her face then cracks a wide grin.
"Oh that sounds like a lot of fun."
She looks around seeing the other people
"Well Spatchi and Rede are busy at it anyway. "
She sits straight
"So Arlo what would be my first lesson? Wax on wax off?"

Michael James Watson
"Thats sounds like Rede's plan... Raise the Sign of the Pattern. You know some sorcery so its familiar. Hanging spells is one way to use the pattern frame. As a lens to examine things for magical effects is another. Channeling energy in a brute attack is one. "
He raises the sigil bright and glowing. She shees it hung with many more spells then she can hang. As she counts them she sees his is a Master Imprint. THe others in the room become keenly aware of the use of magic and for many the race loses their attention.
"Conjuration is another way to use the sigil. Stretch your hands into it and find a way to let the image run over your fingers. The grip is different for everyone. Once you find it you tug on the grip, adjust it, press it, relax it, while extending your ability to shadowwalk, mentally, into the sigil, along your fingers. Then you think what object you are seeking.. Watch me..I am summoning a pizza... see it there, my hand is around its form but not yet grasping it.. Now, that one has crickets in machine oil on the pizza.. Not a topping i want. Slide the hand aside to seek another pizza... like so..... Ok, this one has sausage and mustard.. oh, its wheat doaugh. Sliding the hand... finding the next... ok. here are a dozen... seems like people around them... someone's pool party maybe.. slide aside.. next one... ok.. Sausage and habenaros, and olives... in an overn... a little underdone.. lets give it a minute.. see how my hands might burn but because i am not yet in that world.. they are fine.. ok. grabbing it.. Its burning hot..Pulling.."
The pizza arrives..
"Now, IM not really hungry for pizza, and i can replicate one just as good here anyway. But since i am feeling whimsical.."
He reaches back to the pool party. Slipping his hands into a middle box he pulls out a cheese pizza and slips the sausage and habanero one to the now empty box., pulling his hands out he takes a cheese pizza from another box, and delivers it to Randal. Reaching back in he takes the crickets in machine oil pizza, replaces it with the cheese pizza and puts the machine oil pizza in the second empty box at the pool party.
"You can manipulate things well this way. Now to start you will learn to find things and bring them to you. but you have to be clear what you want, the environment you find it. ANd who might not want you to steal it. Conjuration will make your klepptomania irrelevant but many thieves with conjuration has gotten themselves in trouble.

Amber Bronkhorst
Alvah her eyes just sparkle with the shown possibilities.
She holds her sigil before her thinking for a while what she really wants... what she can really imagine for herself.
A big smile on her face as she figured what she wants.
Maybe because the name was uttered maybe because she just really want something good to drink.
She pushes her hands in the sigil and starts to feel her way like Arlo described. Feeling her way through shadow. Trying find the original Azcalan Blue Tequilla.
Alvah focuses as best she can just zoning out the people around her purely focusing on that bottle searchin for the right place.
A thought crosses her mind if she can managr this. Perhaps that banner would be easier to get.
Back to the bottle Azcalan Blue hmmmmm so yummy.

Michael James Watson
She feels herself get majorly hot, her hands near burned. Quickly her hands are released she feel her sigil slammed by Arlo's dropping it.
"Lets try something less likely to piss off Azcalans. You were reaching into Azcala and there are people who watch for that. One was going to burn off your hands...Now, instead, lets raise the sigil and look for something less risky. Here is a good rule; The more of an item, the more common, the less resistance, the less danger. Try summoning magic items or rare items or protected items and there will be resistance. Maybe from them, maybe from people around them. You went after Blue Tequila and because Azcala was on your mind it went to get it from Azcala. You were also thinking of a powerful magic item at the same time so it not only went to Azcala to get the item it went to the royal distillery in Azcala, which has magic protections.
Now lets look for Blue Tequila someplace less direct. And focus entirely on the item you are seeking. There are millions of shadows in the Azcala sway and one of them might have Blue Tequila in a less guarded place. Another rule of thumb; The more of an item you find in one place, the more likely someone will defend them. So look for one, unopened bottle, rather then a distillery full"
He says, "Simple Steps, easy lessons. Hard Steps, hard lessons"

Amber Bronkhorst
Alvah yanks her hands back and looks at them surprised. She looks qt Arlo with a wide grin eventho the pain of burning.
"That.... that was awesome! "
She looks at her hands again
"Okey okey one unopened bottle somewhere else focusing on that. "
Alvah raises her sigil again. Breathing in deep she then focuses on just a single unopened bottle of Azcalan Blue. Not specifying the location just somewhere with no to barely any people.
Reaching her hands feeling around carefully. She now tries to treat way more careful.
Her other ideas she lets rest for later.
Her hearts....
Nope no back Azcakan Blue... unopened bottle somewhere in a cupboard, on a shelve noone around.

Michael James Watson
Finding one she senses Arlo auditing her efforts. He whispers.."Ok.. there is someone a few rooms away.. there is a full bottle at your finger tip.. I have my frame up and am echoing your seeking.. use both hands to grab the bottle, top and side. Pull gently.. the rule is:THe faster you bring an item, the faster it fall on you. So bring it back slow.. But before you do that, seek below the bar. There is a large wooden case. A display case... there are bottles of Blue Tequila, White Vodka of Regor... Green Gin.... Amber Whiskey. Alamond Bubble Juice!.. Nice.. a collector of fine alcohols.. the case is large.. the bottles sealed in place.. You bring the loose bottle slowly. I am stealing the whole case.."
She guides her bottle back carefully and it comes free of theframe in her hands. She sees Arlo move the direction of his frame and in moments pull a large piece of furniture free. It has two dozen bottle in a display. the display area seems to be poured with glass to seal the bottles in place.
Arlo laughs, "Cute.. a Sealed Case.. So someoen with some magical ability and no ability to protect his collection"
He says, "Another rule of thumb; The closer and object is, the easier it is to summon. If you can see it, its very easy. Its how i get books off high shelves."
He makes a small sigil glow, and puts his hand in it, reaches into the glass sealed case and grabs a bottle of Amber Whiskey, pulling it out.
"As soon as i gripped the bottle astrally, and tugged it a fraction, it entered a slightly different shadow on the path back to me, so it left the enclosed and sealed poured glass. " He slips his hand into the glass and turns it to let the whiskey pour through his frame, out of the bottle, into his open mouth. He drinks the bottle till an inch is left. Then pushes the bottle back into the sealed case.

Amber Bronkhorst
Eventho that Arlo pulled a whole piece of furniture through, Alvah feels pretty proud on her bottle of Azcalan Blue, holding it up.
"So want a drink?"
She looks at the bottle then at the glass encased bottles.
"So inanimate objects no problem right? But living things? Animals? Non sentient beings? "
She then sits back.
"Oh and you said something there is only one of is harder.. but what if it is really personal like my first ballet pointes i got from my father? Very unique and specific but they are mine right?"

Michael James Watson
"THe rule is the more specific the longer it takes and the harder to get. You might get exact matches of those slippers but to the exact ones; if you know where they are, easy. You will know if there are defenses. Now, those shoes.. Lets get them next. Where are they? Exactly? oh.. and lets think about a pair you tossed out at some point too."

Amber Bronkhorst
Alvah nods then thinks about her first pointes she got from her dad.
Remembering exactly when she got them the moment she turned 14 and graduated as one of the youngest in her balletschool to go professional.
The proud look of her father. The pride she felt. The smell the feel of them.when they were new.
She then focuses as she raises the sigil again on where they were when she last saw them. Her room. In her fathers house. Their huge mansion in Chicago. On the shadow they loved on.
Her room the showcase next to her vanity. With other trophies. But the most worth for her personally are her first professional ballet shoes.
Seeimg them in her mind where they are she tries to see them through the sigil. Feel the right place with her fingers through shadow.

Michael James Watson
"As for living creatures, the more dangerous the more dangerous. Living creatures tend to consider being sucked out of their world stressful and they will defend themselves. So whatever native psychic ability they have they will use. Its better to just not try till you have a lot more experience. Don't next try to summon a tiger while thinking of a dashing Regorian prince or you'll end up dragging the Primal Tiger with his rider Borlak. That would be bad.. "
He pours a glass this time of the Blue Tequial, "And don't try summoning people or stepping across the threshold to secure something that puts up a defense. You CAN summon people that way. You CAN travel shadow that way. But its immensely hard. If you start pulling even a willing person there is a chance, as there is conjuring anything, that the forces of the universe will make you drop it. If you step into the threshold yourself, you could falter and deliver yourself anywhere in shadow."
"Here is a lesson in both conjuration and shadowwalking; When you conjure you are specifically traveling to a place the item you want is. When you are shadowwalking you are purposefully walking in shadows that are more and more like where you are trying to get. But...and I want you to tattoo this in the inside of your mental eyes; A set of Infinity contains vastly more shadows that you can't survive in then shadows that you can survive in. If a bottle bucks while you are bringing it back, drop it. You are summoning something across zillions of shadows and who knows what things might reach across and bite you. And who knows what creatures in shadow might see your efforts. "
"Let me give you an example.. I once summoned a sword of my own across a great distance. I was wearing chainmail gloves and the sword was distinctive. A century later, a century after the war i was fighting in had ended, i was casually walking in shadow. I found a world with a people a third shorter then me that had for 300 years talked about a magical sign that caused their world to erupt in war. It was a gigantic hand in a chainmail gauntlet, flying through the sky, bearing the sword of war, telling the previously peaceful people of that world that an age of war must start. Hundreds of thousands had died, millions suffered during a dark age of war that no one could say the reasons for. One never knows what effect your conjurations will have and most you will never know of"
As she looks through the sigil, into the conjuration she senses magical wards around her house.. Powerful ones.. SHe would never have known they were there till her recent instruction in High Order magic and her walking the pattern. She feels the house heavily guarded. But it is her house and she knows where they are, she might risk it"

Amber Bronkhorst
Alvah feels confident enough. She could get in and out of the house as well, so she must be allowed by her father. Being on a whitelist or something.
She continues to slowly reach, carefully feeling her way through.
This is her room.
While focusing she does listen to Arlo his warnings. A small chuckle at the image of a prince on a tiger. But she tries to wipe that from her mind right away.
Nodding slowly to show she is listening. Heeding his warnings.
She then pushes onwards her room. She knows the best ways in she can walk blind here. She streches out her hands to her shoes.

Michael James Watson
When she reaches across the border she feels the defensive alarm go off. She looks down and thousands of spiders are crawling up her arm, across the threshold of the conjuration. They are scampering incredibly fast making room for more behind them. in two seconds a thousand are up her arm, climbing to get into her clothes, in her shirt, up he cuff, racing for her neck..
They are tiny, colorful in brown, blue and yellow, and as they start stinging her she thinks their bodies look like Delwin's coat of arms on their backs. She feels itchy immediately
Arlo watches with interest, to see how she manages.

Amber Bronkhorst
Alvah quickly closes her mouth thight. Last thing she wants is freaking spiders in her mouth.
She actually gets mad at this.
It is her freaking room. Her stuff even her father shouldn't keep her away from that.
From a deep place she feels the frustration come up. Remembering the first night of her introduction to Amber when she fought the Dufiro she just gathers her will, focuses on her psyche everything in her screams to just release energy.
Her father might be so much stronger but she will not let him win without a fight. She pushes her psyche forward over her arms, her hands through her fingers trying to create a small psyche shockwave.
If those elemental friends were here they could wash them away.
While she is trying to push the spiders off or will them away she does pull back her hands hoping the flow of spiders stop.

Michael James Watson
She feels fire erupt around her running up and around her arm rushing around burning spiders without burning clothes or skin hair. Then the fire hovers, the size of a tea cup. Alvah get a sense from its vibration of a puppy, panting, happily expecting a treat for performing a trick.
Arlo's eyes widen, "Interesting response"

Amber Bronkhorst
Alvah smiles wide feeling a probably familiar fire. She leans closer to it.
"Thank you, oh you helped me. I knew you were around. You want something? What do you want?"
She honestly has no clue what to give a small elemental other then something to consume in its fire.
She is fullu focused on one of her elemental friends that had popped up almost a childish glee over her face.
"Shall we find something to burn for you? "

Michael James Watson
It fluttters like a puppy that was petted then disperses.
Arlo says, "A baby fire elemental.. Nice pet.. I didn't even sense its presence.."
The people in the viewing room are less impressed and start moving slowly away from the pair

Amber Bronkhorst
Alvah scowls a bit to Arlo.
"They are not my pets they are my friends. And not only a fire elemental. "
She sighs and leans back.. "okey maybe i'll just ask my dad to get mu shoes or grand me acces."
She shivers.
"Ugh spiders "

Michael James Watson
"oK, now, think of another pair. Any pair. ones you loved, maybe eventually wore out. a pair that fit extremely well"

Amber Bronkhorst
Alvah thinks about a pair she had worn during the whole serie of training and practicing rehearsals of the swan lake her first big performance iwth a professional group, one where she was actually leading.
Holding the sigil she thinks of those. she had worked those pointes over repeatedly till theyw ere perfectly shaped to her feet. the only reason she did them away because the outside was to worn down.
The same way she thinks of that pair as she did with the others. though this time she treats a bit more careful keeping a keen eye on where she is leading her hands to to find them.

Michael James Watson
A small group of youngsters, 15 to 25 year olds, come over and turn sofas to watch. One brings over a sandwhich tray ands another a couple pitchers of some fruity jungle juice. They stay a respectable distance away, that end of the viewing room having cleared out. The spectators are no longer as concerned about the race though they split their attention about 70/30 in favor of watching magic.
Arlo seems to stretch his arms into his sigl and then reaches with lines of control to piggy back on Alvah's efforts. She feel a slight push on her fingers guiding but not changing. a whisper to think of her dancing in those shoes.. After a bit she sees the studio she trained in, attached to a theater she danced in so many times..
In a corner of one of the cluttered back room she sees a pile of shoes, left there by years and years of dancers.
On the mix she recognizes her shoes with a slight glow to them, just one pair of discarded once loved shoes.
As she pulls them gently to her she feels Arlo slow her pull. He wraps them in a cleaning cantrip, followed by a mending and a stitching cantrip. As the shoes continue they come into her hands out of the sigl, which falls as she stares at the cleaned, but well worn shoes.
Arlo nods, "Alright. That was much better.. No spiders. Set those aside and lets go back to that pile."
Arriving at the pile again she thinks he means to bring all the shoes but he pushes gently, and a view comes of her kicking the shoes off after a performance, excitedly talking to other dancers as they change and get into street clothes.. She watches herself talking to others till she leaves. The gentle nudge puts her hands on the not yet retired favorite shoes.. Shoes with many more dances ahead of them till she abandoned them on the pile, tools of the trade.
Arlo nudges the hands back and she finds her frame drop with a much newer, but well worn in pair of shoes. They feel is so familiar. Like she could step into them in a moment and the desire to arises in her.
Arlo takes the shoes and walks to a food station. Alvah is slightly annoyed as Arlo puts them in the food replicator. He says, "Computer. Take Replication pattern. Title Alvah's Dance Shoes." It scans the item totally and dings. He removes the shoes. A moment later another pair arrives.
He comes over, showing the identical shoes.
"Ok, now lets put the ones we stole back. The shadow of you that just had a wonderful performance in her favorite shoes will be sad if she thinks someone stole them.
He helps her raise her symbol again and the two replace the originals.
She is left with the replicated copy shoes.

Amber Bronkhorst
Alvah smiles wide while looking at the ballet shoes, knowing the pain, blood and sweat that went through the rehearsals.
Following Arlo his guiding pulls and pushes.
When all is done she actually looks surprised and happy with her new old shoes.
"So even time? like i knew time is relative with shadows. well and this is partially shadow walking kind of thing. But then with your hands and will to have an item.. oh, Alro... i just thought of something. you can search for an item but don't have to take it. so you can also jus search for an item without taking it which would alert more people right?"
Alvah starts to concider her own words.
"so if i lost something important i can see if i can find it like that. " she leans in takes a glass of her own found Azcalan Tequilla.
"so smaller things are safer to search for right? like none important stuff. " she taps her glass with her finger while thinking

Michael James Watson
"YEs, you can observe, but many of the same rules of defense apply. And it can be detected by practiconers of the art. Like much magic, conjuration is extremely dangerous. You must be careful. Some things put up quite a fight if someone tries conjuring them. Stick to shoes"

Amber Bronkhorst
Alvah nods slowly
"alright, alright i get it. " She looks at Arlo
"But apparantly at least the fire elemental wanted to come and help me. that was fun! maybe i should soon try and work with them more."
Thinking she then nods
"Okey sticking to simple things then. safe things. "
She raises her sigil again, focusing really hard, zoning out her surroundings.
Before going to search she is first making sure she is ready relaxed and all there, then she starts to search.
she thinks of herself.
Who she is who she was, her whole being,
Breathing slowly she listens to her heartbeat.
the slow rhythm picking probably up as she is exerting herself to keep her focus.
She visualizes the moment she talked to Xozla at the resort.
Looking to the point where she sees the item she wants to search its kin of.
Seeing the heart she focuses with a snap on that. eyes staring and she moves her hands like Arlo had shown her with the pizza. she is not looking for specific that one she knows where it is.
Where is the rest? she keeps her focus on that.
Probably until Arlo steps in

Michael James Watson
Arlo whispers, "Keep in mind, you are not looking back in time. You are looking at a current image. That heart is not the one the Xozla you talked to had. ITs a shadow of it, a shadow heart of a shadow Alvah...."

Amber Bronkhorst
Alvah nods slowly then she realizes she knows where the heart is she focuses on Candle, he held it safe. She turns to Candle. Searching for that heart. Her heart.
If she finds it she then does the same thing. Seeing it knowing the item but knowing there are more of those.
All from her chest. eventho done at a very young age. They were her hearts.
Listening to her heartbeat a part of the focus she continues searching through shadow. PUtting her will and all her psyche in it as best she can. She is confident she will find them.

Michael James Watson
Arlo taps her frame, challenging her Psyche and winning, dropping the sigil
"Conjuration is dangerous.. Practice, a lot, before trying your luck with powerful artifacts.. Think of the spiders. That was a minor ward Delwin problaby never thoguht would be activated. "

Amber Bronkhorst
Alvah snarls through her teeth as Arlo drops her sigil.
"Hey! let me at least take a look where those things are.... they are MINE. I am not going to take them i just need to know where. "
She looks genuinly angry.
"It doesn't matter they know i'm looking cause if they have half a brain they would know i am looking for them. "
Her lip still a bit curled in an angry look.
"Don't you get it? you are so smart you get it, right. "
Angrily she tosses another glass back and fills it up again. She stares to nowhere specific.
"I need some control back.. i figured this would be a good way. " she looks sideways at Arlo.
"i know keep practicing and i got time. but apparntly also not.
Xozla did just find me. What is keeping my mother form doing the same? And its clear i am not strong enough. So should i just follow my father and be stuffed away somewhere in a protected shadow?"
Tossing another glass back she is clearly not losing her anger that quickly.
"I am so tired of others planning my life."

Michael James Watson
Arlo says, "I'm not telling you not to look for them. I'm not even telling you not to steal them. Xozla has had thousands of years as a priest, ripping hearts and using them, but he is a warrior. Cihalas is another subject. She is a devoted fanatic of the practice of Azcalan sorcery. When you conjure you open your mind to seek. If Cihalas caught you in the process of conjuration, she could take control of you in a way my little suggestions would pale next to. She dominates a son. Controlled a daughter for centuries. She made them do terrible things, Alvah... “
He stops, stands, reaches into the glass case for the bottle of green gin.
“I...go ahead..Go look at the stones Delwin brought. Look for the ones Cihalas took. Look for the Red Sword. You want to know what it feels like to really lose control of your life? Now you know how. Go bashing in to take a peek at those hearts. Hell, there are probably more in Tonacat's ritual chamber. Go look there. The only reason its safe to look at the case Delwin brought to Vulsara is that Vance has that place bolted down tight. No one spies on vulsar. Today you summoned a pair of shoes. Your first summoning. Your next thing was to try locating artifacts of great power that a lot of people might be looking for too. Use of powers makes noise. You call yourself a thief? Did Fisk teach you that the best way to steal something was to take a club to all the windows and pound on all the doors, screaming at the top of your lungs, till you found the thing you sought? Then take pictures of yourself stealing the thing and post them on billboards and the net? “
He steps away, “No one is controlling you anymore. Not Delwin, Not Vance, not Random. Not Cihalas yet. As for me? I'm not controlling you..I wouldn't try. Class over for the day. I am on vacation. I'm going to go shower. Then go down to the practice courses to ride.”
He heads to the elevator, stops in the door and turns, “You think Delwin is controlling? My father was Eric.” He lets the elevator door close.

Amber Bronkhorst
Alvah looks at Arlo as he talks. She then owly looks down realizing she might be angry at the wtong thing or situation. She doesn't say anything back just nods and watches Arlo gl to the elevator.
When he is out kf sight she groans takes up the tequilla bottle looks at it and just takes a drink directly from it.
"I'm such an ass sometimes."
She shakes her head and starts to walk
Perhals she should cool down a bit before trying anything again. She does take her newly replicated shoes wkth her. Maybe she finds an empty space. Dancing wouldn't be bad now.
She remembers that Alexei said there were rooms downstairs so she goes there just to wander perhaps to dance.

Michael James Watson
ONe of the girls from the spectator group, probably 20 walks up, offers a a glass of the jungle juice. "That was, historic... ah... if you don't mind my saying, a bunch of us are heading down to Treger's Cove.. Jet fuel, racket lights, drinks and dancing. Get away from all these scary monsters.." she tips her head back at her elders who are returning to watch the races..",

Amber Bronkhorst
Alvah takes the glass and smiles she looks at the others and nods
"That sounds great, yes. Thank you i would love to join in. "
She then turns and takes a slight bow to the young spectators.
She winks
"Perhaps later i can try some historic things again."
She chuckles.
"I'm Alvah, by the way."

Michael James Watson
"Lacy...thats.." She names off a group of people. They leave the stands and go to a Randal style beach rave a short distance out of the town of Trentar in a crook of a river. Spinning lens over fire pits. water racing on thin scooter type water bikes. jugs of mixed jungle juices, none the same. Over all the music of a band that the best that can be said of them is that the rythem was loud and strong

Amber Bronkhorst
Alvah just allows herself to have fun.
Letting go of her misplaced anger and frustration.
If there is dancing she ofcourse joins in on that. Just letting herself go with drinking and dancing.
Letting herslef flow and move to the music, the tougher beat.
Allowing herself tk have fun. She figures if she gets it out of her system now the better she can focus later.

Michael James Watson
The night goes on and on. Lacy and her friends stick to Alvah and they build a substantial group more.
Alvah seems to burn through her energy and the others seem unable to keep up, obviously.
Dancing away from the main party to smaller parties up and down the river's edge. Time seems to be meaningless. The jungle juice is always cold and every party seems to have different food and different music.
The night sky seems to explode at times with fire works.
In time Lacy seems to be the only remained of her group of friends but new people have joined. THe parties seem smaller.
When Lacy falls from exhaustion Alvah sends the air elemental to carry her and it does, to lacy's amusement.
Throughout the evening their clothes have seemed to change.. Cicero seems the same but the clothes on her arm is different..
As the parties dwindle, Alvah feels exhausted, the sun must be rising soon.. The baby elemental has been carrying lacy for hours but isn't tired.. The last party had wine, but no jungle juice and one a bagpiper..
Maybe she should sleep a bit...

Amber Bronkhorst
Alvah looks to Lacy who must be near sleeping as well. Alvah looks around to see if they can just find a safe spot to crash. Somewhere a bit sheltered. Just a nap to recover so after that they can move to a real.bed or something.
She picks a spot that is a bit shaded and probably stays that way for a bit. She makes sure Lacy is safely laying on her side. Alvah props herself up against a tree or something sturdy to sleel upright. She asks her elemebtal friends and Cicero to wake her if something is going on.
Laying Lucy her head on Alvah her lap she just dozes off for a bit..
Just a moment a small nap. Or so she hopes