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Constance and Moons

Starport: B
This planet is something of a success story on the Rim. During the war Constance was kept virtually free of Independent military bases, in fact it housed a garrison of Alliance Soldiers. The people of Constance offered their support to the Alliance in the form of troops, supplying tens of thousands of soldiers, but it refused to offer anything else. As a result Constance was spared bombing, though the people endured harsh occupation during the war. When the war ended, the people of Constance were freed, and as a result it quickly recovered. Constance has some of the most mature agricultural industries in the Rim, as well as some of the oldest cities and suburbs. In many respects Constance resembles some of the smaller core planets or moons.

  • Summer 2522 - The regional government of Constance has begun drafting plans in the event of hostilities. They’ve declared complete Neutrality, and offer hospice to any injured soldiers or civilians, but insist that no military exercise take place on its surface or protected space

Starport: C
Disraeli, one of Constance's two moons, was left mid-terraforming and took several wild turns in its development. Deep gorges, wild seas, steep mountains, and thick rainforests cover the moon. When colonial developers looked to determine what sort of industries would be most suited for the moon, it was determined the moon should be scrapped and put on the list for re-terraforming, if needed. For years it languished. Then pirates and others discovered it, and for decades it became a place of refuge for pirates. When legends of the pirate sanctuary hit the core, thrill seekers came to have the adventure of the lifetime. After the war, the Alliance Navy made short work of the small pirate bases, and the moon was cautiously developed by a consortium of resort and vacation companies. It is still something of a secret, but one that is quickly spreading.