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Preserver of Knowledge[edit]

Hard of face and body, Constance's plain green cloth hides plates of iron. Her sword is that always used by the name Constance and is worn but unbroken.

The Fellowship of the Library has protected the grim old building and its many thousands of books for as long as anyone can remember. The bulk of the Fellowship are quiet farmers and menders, always in the sturdy green work clothes, who farm and guard the building. Gruff and pragmatic they are good neighbours if you can stand the preaching.

Some saw the Library as easy pickings but lords and marauders have learnt to leave the it alone. The Fellowship, stiffened by its fanatical Proctors, fights with a grim, inhuman tenacity when cornered. It is also disturbing how often attackers suddenly change sides, become fellows and don the green.

Proctors have names and numbers and exist only to protect and guide the Fellowship according to the old readings. Constance is the twentieth of he name. All Proctors share the name Unity. Constance has become a Gal Paladin to spread the word of the Library and perhaps find recruits. The Proctors are fewer than they were and many fine names lie unclaimed.


Daring: +2
Grace:  +1
Heart:  -1
Wit:     0
Spirit: -1


Angry:      [ ] (-2 to FIGURE OUT A PERSON)
Frightened: [ ] (-2 to FIGHT)
Guilty:     [ ] (-2 to EMOTIONAL SUPPORT)
Hopeless:   [ ] (-2 to DEFY DISASTER)
Insecure:   [ ] (-2 to ENTICE)


Last Stand[edit]

When you face a superior foe on behalf of your Devotion, you may roll +Conditions (the number of Conditions you have marked) instead of the normal stat to Fight or to Defy Disaster that’s about to befall someone else.

What’s Best for Them[edit]

When you’re Smitten with someone, you may treat them as a subject of your Devotion. Also, when you take action to help them be romantic with someone other than you, mark XP

Fanatical Self-Sacrifice[edit]

You may mark a Condition to prevent a Condition being inflicted on another. When you do, mark XP, and you may only clear that Condition by taking the associated destructive action. Mark it with an asterisk to remind yourself. Also, your Conditions only cause a –1 penalty to the associated basic moves (instead of –2)

Gallant Rescue[edit]

When you Defy Disaster that’s about to befall someone else, you can either gain a String on them or ask one of the following questions, even if you roll a 6-. You can only gain one String per scene in this way on any given person.

  • How do you feel about my Devotion?
  • What secret pain lies in your heart?

Lay on Hands[edit]

When you touch someone as part of Emotional Support, you heal their physical ailments. Tell them how your Devotion sustains you; they mark an XP if they validate your Devotion, and you gain a String on them if they criticize it.


    [ ][ ][ ][ ] _________



    [ ] Take another move from your playbook
    [ ] Take another move from your playbook
    [ ] Take a move from any playbook
    [ ] Take a move from any playbook
    [ ] Add 1 to a stat (max stat of 3)
    [ ] Add 1 to a stat (max stat of 3)
    [ ] Switch to a new playbook
    [ ] Live happily ever after