Contempt of Death

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Character Creation[edit]

Assign this array to your character attributes: 14, 12, 11, 10, 9, 7. Replace one score with a 14.

Pick your class from the options in the core.

Pick two backgrounds. You may pick the same background twice. Take the free skill each time, and either roll or pick skills for each background selected.

Take two hobby skills. You may pick the same skill twice. If you don't have any combat skills, consider taking them here. If you don't have any social skills, consider taking them here. If you have a ship roll to fill, consider taking them here.

Select foci as granted by class, plus one for being a player character.

Pick an equipment package.

Take an additional 1,200 credits to save or purchase additional equipment with.

Pick a signature item. This is a weapon, armor or piece of equipment with a TL4 base. We will adjust power as needed.

XP Record[edit]

  • Session One: 08/17/3205 to 08/25/3205. Venture jumped from Utica-Hadast to 0205, now known as Hard Light system. The crew encountered Brightside Station and set up preliminary contact agreements with Brightside Mining Consortium. The crew also explored a sky tomb and found several relics.
    • Loot: 4 shimmerglass crystals, 1 Mantle of Light, 1 glass rug. The sarcophagus of a High Priest, complete with High Priest. (50)
    • XP Total: 1,000 (1,510)
  • Session Two: 08/26/3205 to 09/03/3205. Venture crew explored the House of Echoes, fought the Chittik and negotiated a treaty with the reborn Ushan people, recognizing their rights to the sky tombs. They then made outbound from Hard Light system.
    • Loot: 2 everlights, 1 stickbeam w/ three powercells, 1 Penitence Wrap, 3 radiation sinks, 3 shimmerglass sculptures, 2 shimmerglass icons, Tik-Bzurr's jewels, The Sun Tower. (65)
    • XP Total: 2,750 (2,865)
  • Session Three: 09/02/3205 to 09/10/3205. Venture jumped to Hestia, engaged a Menace corvette successfully and the command crew visited the city of Anor and met several potential business partners there.
    • Loot: Menace wreckage.
    • XP Total: 7,750 (7,865)
  • Session 4: 09/17/3205 to 10/2/3205. After a week of repairs and maintenance, Venture jumped to Leksullan, treated with the government there and left for Refuge, where they encountered rebels with chimeras.
    • Loot: None.
    • Slush Fund: 2,600,000 credits.
    • XP Total: 11,000 (11,115)
  • Session 5: 10/3/3205 to 10/10/3205. The party scouts out the city of Refuge in secret, discovers that the plant-beasts are sapient, allows them to die, then steals their body parts. They then survey the system and drill to Leksullan.
    • Loot: Plant-beast parts; a healing pap and a vision sap.
    • Slush Fund: 2,600,000 credits.
    • XP Total: 11,000 (11,115)
  • Session 6: 10/11/3205 to 10/29/3205. Venture finishes its delivery to Leksullan and departs for Bindle Station. It stops over at Haku and surveys the system, investigating its mysterious energy signatures.
    • Loot: None.
    • Slush Fund: 2,560,000 credits.
    • XP Total: 11,000 (11,115)
  • Session 7: 10/30/3025. Venture crew set out onto Bindle Station, Tower One. They arrive at the Governor's Mansion and steal artifacts from it, inviting the wrath of the droids. They flee to Nakatomi Precinct and overpower the police bots there.
    • Loot: Pretech hand computer. 5 items of jewelry. Dead protocol droid. (110)
    • Slush Fund: 2,560,000 credits.
    • XP Total: 13,000 (13,115)
  • Session 8: 10/30/3025 to 11/7/3025. The Menace arrive and dock peacefully at Tower 2. The crew encounters the adventuring party of the Wendigo Shandy. They arrive back at Utica-Hadast and discover the Authority there.
    • Loot:
    • XP Total: 13,475
  • Session 9: 11/8/3025 to 11/24/3025. Venture jumps to 0306 and wrecks the alien space infrastructure there.
    • Loot: 24 tons of rare ores.
    • XP Total: 13,975
  • Session 10: 11/25/3025 to 12/5/3025. Venture jumps to 0307, explores a Mandate wreck and runs from Menace ships.
    • Loot: Implosion Field Projector
    • XP Total: 15,975
  • Session 11: 12/6/3025 to 1/11/3026. Venture returns to 0307, salvages the Mandate spike drive there, and runs from Menace ships again, this time narrowly escaping a fleet cruiser. They repair, install the drive and then expand their offices in Hestia.
    • Slush Fund: 2,435,000 credits
    • XP Total: 15,975
  • Session 12: 11/12/3026 to 2/7/3206. The crew does a bunch of trading and then commissions a fleet cruiser at the Fimbul shipyards.
    • Slush Fund: 1.6 million credits after commissioning the cruiser hull.
    • XP Total: 27,975
  • Session 13: 2/8/3206 to 04/13/3206. The crew explored the Silent Stars, former human primitive worlds recently wiped out by the Menace. They received their fleet cruiser, The Lusty Ox, outfitted it and jumped to the alien reach of the sector. They encountered the Broken, mournful Menace aliens who explained the sorrow and wrath of their people. At another planet, they met a medieval race of aliens and slew a mighty dragon in personal combat.
    • Slush Fund: basically broke.
    • XP Total: 42,975
  • Session 14: 04/14/3206 to 06/02/3206. The crew of the Lusty Ox make contact with the lizard-wizards of Azhuminoqh, and learn of ancient knowledge. They then travel to the cursed world of Uskhirishk and do battle with the alien demigods that dwell there.
    • Slush Fund: basically broke.
      • XP Total: 53,975
  • Session 15
    • XP Total: 104,475


Setting Basics[edit]

Your characters are from Wyrm Sector [1]. The general feel is retro-future from the 1920's and '30's. Grav vehicles have big chunky bumpers and generous running boards. Ships are chromed, tend to be shaped like flying wings, vertical towers or rockets, and are generally appointed like the interior of the Titanic. Things are valuable, disposable culture isn't really a thing. There are print-o-mats to do 3d printing of goods and objects, robo-diners exist, etc.

Most people will be from Phoenicia. It's the sector hegemon, has a billion citizens and is actively establishing colonies and protectorates across the sector. The Phoenician Authority are not exactly white hats, but they aren't monsters either. Of the colonies, Tyre has been a functional agricultural colony for a while, while Sidon is a built-up mining establishment that is just becoming self-sufficient.

The psychics in the group might consider being from Delann. Delann is a psychic matriarchy that made the leap to postech just a few years ago. Before that, Phoenicia had imposed a quarantine on them to prevent them from gaining interstellar drives. Delann has a population of roughly 500 million and has a full psychic academy, the only complete psychic training facility in Wyrm sector.

Bat People[edit]

If you like space bats, be from Koilia. They're essentially Mycenaean Catholic bat people. Their culture is Bronze Age, but New Horizons has been running a Promethean project there with the blessing of the Bat Pope, so your character would be a graduate from the inaugural class of their college, and one of a few thousand Koilians who understand postech tools and vehicles.

To provide more information on the only known aliens: Koilians are basically bat people, but they aren't descended from Earth's bats. Their arms are relatively stubby from shoulder to elbow and from elbow to wrist, but their hand bones are very long and can be opened from one another, stretching a thin membrane between them. The fingers are also long, the pinky being longer than the hand and forearm put together! When extended to slow a fall, to float in water or as an emotive display, Koilian arms look like they have extremely long fingers with an additional joint and a big sheet of thin skin between the fingers and running down to the elbow between the arm and the pinky. When folded, the pinky sits flush to the arm and extending back past it, and they have very long 'palms' and three functioning fingers and an opposable thumb. They're generally four to five feet high, have strong, hollow bones and are fuzzy.

Koilians cannot tolerate gluten in their diet and eat mostly meat and fruits. They generally have a fondness for fish. Mechanically, being Koilian would give you resistance to falling damage (resistance scales inversely to the height fallen from), an easier time managing saves against falling, and the ability to float on your back for quite a while if the water isn't too choppy. You'd also have a form of night vision blinded by noise.

Example names: Ineep, Skei, Ver Neepik, Squekwik, Wir Neepik, Cheepwirk. Think something high-pitched and chirpy/squeaky.

New Horizons[edit]

The characters are in the employ of New Horizons, a powerful and rather famous company helmed by a group of adventure capitalists. They made quite a stir a few years back, fighting rebels and making first contact with the Koilians, and are also rumored to have something to do with Delann's acquisition of spike drive tech. Tremendously popular with the people, but not always on the same page as the Authority, New Horizons decided to follow rebel star charts to a new sector and have founded a colony there. Shenanigans with an alien artifact gave them a complete map of this new sector, but issues in Wyrm have the attention of the leadership, and they've elected to send a new crew out to explore, trade and establish diplomatic contact with the locals.

NHS The Lusty Ox[edit]

This cruiser was commissioned from the shipyards of Fimbul, in the Phoenician style. She's a sleek dart of a ship, with the bridge mounted at the foremost nose of the ship and surrounded in transparent para-steel in all directions. The hull is chromed and etched with numerous synthetic sapphires, and has a large set of swept-back fins running from amidships to the stern that have a flowing angularity to them. It is the very apex of both Phoenician aesthetics and Fimbul engineering, a stylish killer. She's 350 meters long and has 9 full decks, being both longer and narrower than Venture.

The Lusty Ox Stats[edit]

The Lusty Ox

  • Speed: +1
  • Armor: 15
  • Hit Points: 60 (+12 THP)
  • Crew: 50/200
  • AC: 14
  • Power: 50
  • Free Mass: 30
  • Hardpoints: 10
  • Hull Type: Cruiser
  • Fittings:
    • Armory
    • Cargo Lighter
    • Drive-4 Upgrade
    • Fuel Bunker x1
    • Fuel Scoop
    • Ship's Locker
    • Survey Sensor Array
    • Implosion Field Projector (+12, 3d20+5, AP 25, Save vs Death (Mental))
    • Spike Inversion Projector (+12, 3d8+5, AP 15)
    • Nuclear Weapons (Special)

NHS Venture[edit]

Venture is the jewel of the fleet, a reconstructed bulk freighter built on the frame of a Mandate-era luxury liner. The cruiser has a broad, sloped belly and a shallower clam shell top, both of which narrow in width and depth towards the rear. This narrower section has a set of gracefully curving fins that form an 'X' holding the main drives and balancing the vessel visually. The entire thing is beautifully chromed out, and has a series of sapphire inlays depicting your corporate symbols. There are intricate guardian maidens carved into the lintels of the cargo bay doors, and the interior is a mishmash of Mandate-era luxury minimalism and modern Phoenician opulence.

Venture is a fair match for a corvette in a straight fight, but she's not a combat vessel. Her purpose is exploration and trade. She's 300 meters long and has 10 decks, including a multi-deck engineering section at the rear of the ship. The bridge is at the nose, and has wide window bays for taking in the stars.

Venture Stats[edit]


  • Speed: -1
  • Armor: 10 (-5 to AP)
  • Hit Points: 40 (+8 THP)
  • Crew: 10/40
  • AC: 15
  • Power: 15 (1 Free)
  • Free Mass: 25 (0 Free)
  • Hardpoints: 2
  • Hull Type: Cruiser
  • Fittings:
    • Armory
    • Cargo Lighter
    • Drive-4 Upgrade
    • Fuel Bunker x2
    • Ship's Locker
    • Survey Sensor Array
    • Plasma Beam x1 (3d6, AP10)
    • Augmented Plating
    • Polyceramic Overlay
    • Cargo, 400 tons

Sector Leviathan[edit]


  • 0105 Utica-Hadast
    • New Horizons Colony.
    • Population: 400k. Wealth: Surprisingly wealthy. Specialties: None. Government: Corporate Board.
  • 0202 Leksullan
    • World of Duty. Citadel world with jump points protected by stations that look like jagged crowns. They've got zombies.
    • Population: 10 million. Wealth: Wealthy. Specialties: The Black Arks, the Grey Legions; mercenaries and warfare. Government: The Eternal Emperor upon the Eternal Throne.
    • Trade Sheet: Small Arms +2
  • 0204 Hestia
    • World of Commerce. Heads the Hestia Trade League.
    • Population: 1 million. Wealth: Average. Specialties: Heavy Industry and trade. Government: Veneer of bureaucracy under the control of corporate magnate families.
  • 0205 Hard Light
    • Hestian colony harvesting novium from Perdurabo, the Demon Star. The Ushan live here in their sky tombs.
    • Population: Several hundred humans, maybe 20 Ushan, but growing rapidly. Specialties: Novium. Government: Brightside Mining Consortium and some sort of communal anarchism, currently.
  • 0300 Atman
    • World of Healing.
    • Population: Unknown. Wealth: Average. Specialties: Panacea, Balm of Gilead. Government: The White Council.
  • 0403 Fimbul
    • World of Shipwrights. The Dashing Fleet, still rebuilding from a war fought a generation ago.
    • Population: Unknown. Wealth: Average. Specialties: Ship hulls, weapons and fittings. Government: Direct democracy.
  • 0604 Tranton
    • World of Excellence. Said to produce wonders.
    • Population: Unknown. Wealth: Wealthy. Specialties: Fields where small numbers of capable people can make an impact. Government: Some sort of monarchy with a council under it.

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