Corporal Irons

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The Soldier[edit]

Basic Information[edit]

Hero Name: Irons, Corporal Irons
Real Name: M. J. Irons

The Look:
Real: A heavily muscled teenage boy with broad shoulders and beefy forearms. He has tanned skin, dark hair, blue eyes, and the faintest hint of whiskers that he is determined to grow. He wears standard fatigues with the sleeves rolled up.
Hero: The same fatigues he usually wears, but with a tactical style vest and web gear to carry extra ammo and equipment. He also wears a blue bandana around his neck like a wild west cowboy, which he will pull up to hid his face when discretion is important. The heavy prototype rifle, the Johnson 81G, is his ever-present companion.


Peak Human Strength and Durability - He's not super strong or tough, but he's about as close as a human can get.
Gut Instincts (Enhanced Senses) - Vanguard calls it some sort of Pscyhic Sixth Sense, but Irons knows that's bullshit. Sometimes a man just has to trust his gut, and the Corporal's instincts give him a good idea when somebody is lying, something is out of place, or when shit is about to go down.
81G Multi-Mode Battle Rifle
Capable of serving as a marksman rifle or machine gun, it accepts most allied magazines, drums, or belt ammunition. It even has a second barrel for specialty ammunition. It's too heavy for most soldiers to use effectively, so Irons is the only one in the field with a 'Big Johnson.'

Before We get Started
More than a Shield

A Higher Calling
Acting on Orders and Relying on your Training
Invoke Authority over civilians, army personnel, or Vanguard staff
Ask Vanguard for additional resources

Team Moves
When you share a triumphant celebration with someone, tell them what they need to do achieve their full potential. If they accept your advice, take Influence over them and add two Team to the pool. If they reject what you have to say, mark a condition.
When you share a vulnerability or weakness with someone, ask them what cause they serve. If you find it to be a worthy cause, tell them how you will fight for it, clear a condition, and add a Team to the pool. If they don’t have a cause (or you find it unworthy), mark a condition.

Moment of Truth
Freedom isn’t free. But not every mission ends in tragedy. When things look bleakest, when your back is against the wall, when it seems like the dawn will never find a way forward without violence. Your enemies lay down their arms and surrender; your allies step back from the brink of chaos. Of course, the people you’ve saved aren’t going to forget what you’ve done here today; they may even come to see you as a symbol of the higher cause you claim to serve...

Danger: -1
Freak: 0
Savior: +3
Superior: +1
Mundane: +0
Soldier: +2

Afraid: -2 to directly engage a threat
Angry: -2 to comfort and support or pierce the mask
Guilty: -2 to provoke someone or assess the situation
Hopeless: -2 to unleash your powers
Insecure: -2 to defend someone or reject someone's influence


Influence over me:
Cinder impressed me when she defeated Frost in a fight. It showed true grit and determination under pressure. Avery impressed me due to their extensive training from a young age. They are extremely disciplined.

I have Influence over:



What tragedy or disaster led to you gaining your abilities? An Iowa Farmboy on a failing farm. His amazing strength and durability manifested when he ran in front of a tractor was going to run over his sister and tried to stop it. The blades of the combine broke on his skin and he did keep it from running over his sister, but some of the shrapnel from the blades still severed her spine and she never walked again. He always hated the fact that he wasn't able to protect her.

What inspired you to officially join Vanguard? That was just before things in Europe started getting crazy, but some Army folks came by to recruit him because of his special powers. He didn't want to leave the farm, but the Army offered him double pay (and that was a whopping 60 dollars month!) if he joined up. M.J. knew that would certainly help out the farm.

He was sent to Vanguard (or whatever name we want for the A.E.G.I.S Expy in this game) where he went through advanced training. (read=brainwashing) While he was there he got the chance to use the state-of-the-art multi-mode battle rifle, the Johnson - 81G. Seeing it was too heavy for normal soldiers to carry, the 'Big Johnson' became his trademark.

(I imagine there is a 'drum' where the clip is, for normal single shot rounds and/or a machine gun mode. Then there would be a second magazine for the lower barrel for specialty rounds, IDK).

The newly promoted Lance Corporal Irons was then shipped off to the front lines to work with other 'special' soldiers and turn the tide of the war.

What does Vanguard do for the world that no one else can? Vanguard fights the good fight but doesn't want the credit. Anybody can go into a boxing ring and throw punches, but a truly skilled boxer can duck and weave and stay out of range, only moving in to launch the perfect punch to knock out their opponent. That's what Vanguard is to Irons... or at least that's how they explained it to him. Irons is part of the more public side of Vanguard... he'll be working with other soldiers and other units, receiving instructions from Vanguard through the 'cover' of some military intel unit. (Joint Task Force Harbinger if you don't want to come up with a name)

Who, outside of Vanguard and the team, connects you to the civilian world?

He still gets letters from his family and likes hearing about life back home. When he's not on a mission, sometimes he'll head out to a local farm and help with the work. The farmer there are even learning English so they can talk to him. Irons has no affinity for foreign languages.

Why do you care about the team?

At first, they were just good allies, but he's become closer to them than he has with anybody in the often clinical and business-like Vanguard. They have become something like a family... and he doesn't want to let any of his family get hurt. (again)

(I may be complicating things too much by splitting Vanguard and JTF Harbinger, it can be the same thing for all I care. I suppose I saw Irons as loyal to Uncle Sam, so it made more sense if Vanguard to be separate from the allied forces command we are all supporting. Doesn't matter to me though.)

When our team first came together...
Our victory secured an important resource for Vanguard. What was it?
We recovered a lump of metal that Vanguard was very interested in. Some of the more superstitious soldiers were calling it Fae Silver, but Irons doesn't believe in fairies. He's pretty sure it was some sort of metal that came from a meteorite and seems to react to the abilities of certain 'super' people.

Infinity is crucial to the long-term success of Vanguard. I must protect them.
Avery isn't always thrilled with the way Vanguard handles things. I've come to value their critiques, even if I don't agree with them.