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Crees was a warrior in a long line of warriors with the infusion of elemental powers of earth gained by inclusion of a Masoja Dufirosim of Strength.

The House of Iron is a warrior house descended from Grasal Arak, a mighty warrior in the Gustevdem Shadows. Grasal Arak, unknown to the world of his fame, was a Masoja Dufirosim of Strength. He fathered 5 children, only one of whom manifested as a Elemental of Earth, the original race of his father. The others became great warriors and established four family lines of warriors that became perennials among the Lords of the Game. Azxat, Hastaral, Ubela , Pexdri, and Grabal. Soon after the birth of Grabal, Grasal Arak left the realm never to return.

Grabal Freeet Arak Was the elemental child of Grasal Arak. His Path started as an Elemental of Earth, then a Spirit of Combat, Spirit of Defense, Avasa Dufirosim of Conflict, Masoja Dufirosm of Combat. He has a great antipathy with the Masoja Dufiro of Warfare and has been a guiding voice to the Four families ever since, though in secret due to his race.

The history of the House of Iron is long, convoluted, and mixed in with the combat, entertainment, and warfare on Gustevedem and its sway.

Crees of Iron[edit]

Crees of Iron was born into a storied family of warriors of the line of Azxat. There is some evidence he may have been the first of the father/son line of the senior Arak house, making him the actual heir of Grasal Arak. Raised in the 'Stuc Tria', the Gladiatorial School of the House of Iron, he was a natural warrior from his earliest youth. Fighting out of his age class and weight class he entered the Warrior Grade at 12. He entered the Gladiatorial ranks at 18. He challenged for a Lord of the Games Seat at 32, making him the youngest to achieve the rank.

Crees was the main perpetrator of the Arena War scandal in Gustevemdem[[1]] Fights from the Rank Warrior level to Lord Gladiator ranks were being fixed to place specific warriors against each other in such a way to cause the death of certain warriors. Gustevdem fights under a variety of rule conventions but the mot dangerous pay the most so warriors risked it. Matches were set with one combatant being privately told that he would receive a sizable bonus for causing his opponent's death.

Gustevdem is a pleasure world with little history of bloody warfare. An early empire developed that embraced violent sports as a method of conflict resolution. The Arena War brought a dangerous disruption to this political solution that caused the world to nearly erupt in open warfare. Between the destruction of a belief in the purity of the sport and the effect wide spread fight fixing had on gamblers the populace grew angry. Regional overseers had to draw together historically non-military security guards and gladiators to defend public locations.

The controversy lasted a year and ruined the House of Iron's reputation. Eventually all forces agreed to blame Crees and he was hunted ruthlessly. He was never found and his lands were overrun and destroyed. The other 3 Iron bloodlines disavowed Crees of Iron and created new house names for themselves. Members of Crees's house were accepted quietly into other ones.

What was not known on the world for several centuries was that he had escaped the world and found his way to Chaos.

Dufiro Path[edit]

  • Elemental

Crees of Iron's path started in his youth when he generated as an earth elemental but the change went unnoticed.

  • Spirit of Combat

At the age of 8 Rusa, a Spirit of Combat, became his secret companion. Eventually it helped Crees secretly participate first in the Race Ritual for Earth Elementals by invoking his blood heritage, then led him in a Ritual of the Race of Combat Spirits.

  • Avasa Dufirosim of Combat

The Spirit of Combat traded himself and Crees to Greskantar, Masoja of Combat, in exchange for sponsorship to the Avasa Dufirosim of Combat for Crees and Avasa Dufirosm of Rage for Rusa.

Greskantar orchestrated the onset of the "Arena War" as part of his own transition to Masoja Dufirosm of Death.

  • Masoja Dufirosim of Combat

After the manipulations that caused the "Arena War" Crees slew Greskantar, elevating himself to Masoja Dufirosm of Combat.

Crees's involvement with the Dufirosm[edit]

Crees is not a typical example of a mortal who became a Dufiro, though he did. While not typical, it is similar to others who have been created dufiro in secret.

He was secretly taught how to bring the earth elemental heritage fully out in order to be able to achieve the Combat Spirit race.

His patronage Greskantar did not involve his attending rite in the Dufiro worlds.

His achievement of Avasa Combat was quietly done.

His defeat of Greskantar involved such forces that that he cunsumed the power of the Death Dufiro and the only path for its power was elevation to Masoja of Combat.

When Crees left his world in disgrace, his seat as Lord of the Games taken from him, he fled only moments ahead of angry natives.

He found his way off planet and eventually to Chaos where he is rumored to have taken service in a royal house.

In his life up til he left planet he claims to have met no more then 7 of the Dufiosm; Rusa, Greskantar, 4 followers of Greskantar, and a Dufiro of Life who helped him escape. To the best of public dufiro knowledge he has not made his appearance in the Dufiro worlds.