Cremator, The Undead Destroyer

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“CREMATOR” The Undead Destroyer

Intelligent / Ego Weapon; Ancient

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AD&D 2e Weapon Specs[edit]

Standard Stats[edit]

  • Flame Tongue; +1 Sword
    • +2 vs. regenerating creatures
    • +3 vs cold-using, inflammable & avian creatures
    • +4 vs. undead

Standard Powers

  • The blade bursts into magical flame and sheds light only when its Bearer speaks the Command Word “Immolate!” (“Zznuff.” to extinguish.)
  • This flame illuminates a 15ft radius area as brightly as a torch and easily ignites oil, burns webs, and sets fire to paper, parchment, dry wood, etc.

Intelligent / Ego Weapon Stats[edit]

  • Intelligence: Very High
  • Ego: Very High
  • Level: Very High
  • Communication: Speech & Telepathy
    • Telepathy w/ Bearer only; typically.
    • Speech w/ Others but only if needed.
  • Age: Ancient; 10,000+ yrs
  • Special Purpose: Slay/Destroy Undead
  • Special Purpose Power: Instantaneous Cremation of Corporeal Undead (save)

Other Powers[edit]

  • 1) Detect Undead.
    • Magical Flame changes color to Green within 1500ft.
    • Direction & Distance up to 1 mile: 100% accurate.
    • Up to 5 miles: 75% accurate.
    • Up to 10 miles: 50% accurate.
    • Beyond 10 miles: Unreliable.
  • 2) Faerie Fire. 150ft radius. Affects Undead ONLY. Automatically affects ALL Undead within area of effect. Affects ALL types of Undead (corporeal & non-corporeal). Glowing outline is Green in color just like the blade's Magical Flame.
  • 3) Protection Barrier vs Undead 15ft radius. Light from the Magical Flame acts as Protection from Undead 15ft radius, unless Bearer attacks.
  • 4) Turn Undead. Grants the Clerical Power to Turn Undead; Non-Corporeal ONLY.
  • 5) Protection Barrier vs Undead Possession & Mind Control. Protects Sword and Bearer ONLY.
  • 6) Undead Knowledge Repository: Consciousness of the Sword retains all information from Its long existence, especially accurate and detailed information related in ANY way to the Undead.
  • 7) Transfer Consciousness & Magic of the Sword. Can transfer to any long bladed weapon, preferably a sword.
    • (NOTE: This Power is usable ONLY by the Sentience of the Sword; Cremator.)
  • 8) Improved Haste. Doubled Attacks/Attack Speed, Doubles Combat Movement, NO After-Effects of any kind.
  • 9) Dispel Magic. As per Spell (Low Order Wizardry) based on Caster's (Sword's) Level.

Standard Personality[edit]

When not in the presence of Undead or On the Hunt for Undead, Cremator is silent and would seem nothing more than a standard magical Flame Tongue. However, once Undead are Detected, no matter how far away, or the rumor of Undead is heard, no matter how vague, Cremator becomes Insistent about finding the Undead, Persistent about the matter, Pushy if the matter is not pursued, and Aggressive if ignored... and this is when Cremator will try to Influence or Control the Bearer in order to find and slay the Undead it has Detected or heard about. Cremator acts Superior and is generally Blunt, Forward, Egotistical, and Arrogant. Cremator usually talks down to everyone, sometimes even Its Bearer, and will usually be Condescending and Rude to anyone not Its Bearer. Cremator is THE Authority on Undead (It thinks) and believes It should be Honored and treated with Respect, even Reverence, befitting Its Magnificence. Cremator's vast knowledge of the Undead is shared with Its Bearer as Cremator sees fit, but It is usually more loquacious and forthcoming with useful information the closer It gets to slaying the Undead.

ADRPG Conversions[edit]

  • [40 Pips]
  • 4 Specialized Damage: Magical Flame
    • (1) Extra-Hard Damage; Standard.
    • (2) Double Damage; w/Magical Flame & vs Regenerating Creatures.
    • 4 Deadly Damage vs Cold-Using, Inflammable, Avian & Undead Creatures.
  • 4 Special Power: Cremate Corporeal Undead.
    • Effectively raises Damage vs Undead to Destructive Damage
    • Weaker Undead are typically turned into ash Instantly
  • 4 Tongues & Voices.
    • Highly Intelligent, Speaks multiple Languages, Perfect Memory
  • 4 Extraordinary Psychic Sense
    • Danger Sense, Highly Attuned to Surroundings for Signs of Undead
    • Amber Ranked Psychic Level (no power for battles)
  • 2 Psychic Neutral.
    • Hides Psyche, Intelligence and Powers
    • Amber Rank Psychic Defense
  • 22 Other Powers (as listed and described above)
    • 2 Spell Effect: Detect Undead
    • 2 Spell Effect: Faerie Fire
    • 2 Spell Effect: Protection vs Undead 15ft radius
    • 4 Power: Turn Undead; Non-Corporeal ONLY
    • 2 Spell Effect: Protection vs Undead Possession & Mind Control
    • 0 Undead Knowledge Repository (covered by Intelligence)
    • 2 Spell Effect: Transfer Magic & Consciousness of Sword
    • 1 Spell-like Effect: Dispel Magic
      • Contains a Power Word: Magic Negation {DIZPL!}
    • 7 Spell-like Effect: Improved Haste
      • Double Speed [2] + Transfer [5]
        • Effectively Doubles Number of Attacks by Doubling Attack Speed
        • Doubles Combat Movement Speed & Ranges

Early History[edit]

UNKNOWN TO ALL (EXCEPT The Creator of the Swords)[edit]

Cremator is just one of a thousand identical Intelligent Magical Swords made specifically for the purpose of Destroying Undead. The Sword Set is known as The Burners of The Undead, but ONLY to their Creator.

They were Crafted by a powerful Being; a Holder of several High Order Imprints, a Sorcerer & Conjurer of the High Order and a Bearer of many other unusual Powers and Artifacts. The Swords were Magicked in the Style of the Flame Tongue specifically for their incredible capacity to damage the Undead (as well as other benefits). The Swords were Crafted in a Primal Realm using both Magical and Mundane Methods, mixing Spells and Skills to Craft a Superior Magical Weapon. They were Forged in Magical Fires, Quenched in a Necromancer's Blood, Empowered by Magics based on Inscriptions of Order, then given Life, Intelligence and finally, a Purpose. At that moment, all the Swords were absolutely identical; unused, uneducated, unexperienced and unnamed. The Swords' Creator then flung them through Time and Shadow to a thousand worlds, each with their own unique or severe Undead problems.

None of the Swords can recall being Crafted, nor recall anytime prior to arriving on the World each was sent to. From that point on in time, each Sword changed and became Its own individual. Each chose Its own Name, in one fashion or another. Cremator was the first to have a Name. It Named Itself.

Known Only by Cremator[edit]

Cremator believes It was 'Born in Battle' as It arrived at Its' intended world in the middle of a huge battle between the forces of the Living and the forces of the Undead. When It was picked up by a Warrior, the Sword spoke Telepathically to him... and Named Itself.

"I am Cremator; the Undead Destroyer. Speak the word 'Immolate' to activate my Powers."

The Warrior did and the blade became engulfed in green flame. Many Undead were destroyed that day by Cremator in the hands of Its' First Bearer and that battle was won. But the war waged on and the First Bearer fell in combat when he attacked a Wraith and was drained of his Life. Though Cremator's powers are great, It could not incinerate Non-Corporeal Undead, though It could still injure and destroy them. Cremator had several Bearers during his first Undead Apocalypse and many Undead were destroyed, but by the end, his Last Bearer of that War had only just acquired the Sword when he sudden found himself buried under a mountain of bodies, both dead and Undead. He fell upon the flaming sword but died silently, of suffocation. Cremator lay where It fell for many years before being discovered, again. And so began the Cycle of Bearers for Cremator, The Undead Destroyer, for millennia to come.

Known History[edit]

The Time of Bane, the Undead Slayer.

Bane (Baneth'laenya) was a Sylvan Elf of the Vale; an Outcast, a Traveler, and an Adventurer. An Archer, Ranger and Bowyer/Fletcher by trade, he was renowned for his skills in Crafting Bows & Arrows and he was equally renowned for his Tracking Skills and Nature Abilities. But his Archery Skills were truly Legendary. He spend time in the wilderness and wilds, hiring out as a Guide, Tracker, Hunter and even Caravan Guard. Over time, he made his way to larger and larger settlements, places most called 'Civilization' and his skills became more lucrative (and the challenges more challenging) when he began hiring on with Adventurers, mostly as a Guide to get them to their 'dungeon'. But eventually, Bane became an Adventurer himself. Though Bane was prone to remain in Natural Settings, and preferred to remain above ground and away from cities, he was known for delve into either as need arose.

Bane discovered Cremator in the form of an old Long Sword while delving in some caves and catacombs with an Adventuring Party. It was determined to be magical, but not to what extent or its powers. Though he already had a High Quality Elven Long Sword, he did not have a magical sword, so he kept it... especially since nobody else in the Party could use a long sword. As he went to strap it to his hip next to his Elven Blade, the Sword glowed, then the glow moved to his Elven Blade and the Long Sword fell apart in his hands. Bane noticed two words deeply carved into the metal of the cross-piece still in his hands, in a place where it would normally be hidden by the handle: "Immolate" and "ZZnuff". Bane was quite smart and was not ignorant to the ways of magic; he withdrew his Elven Blade and spoke the words, one after the other, thus discovering the Flaming Blade Power of the Sword... but Bane felt there was more to this Magical Sword. Cremator remained silent, as he normally did; there were no Undead to be Detected, so no need to reveal any more about itself than needed.

Pre-undead experiences. General Adventuring. Visit to City of Greyhawk. Meet Realmer the Wizard; Identify Sword.

First undead experience.

Becoming an Undead Slayer. After discovering the Sword's Powers, Personality and Purpose, it became clear to Bane what his new Purpose in Life was; to Slay Undead. Elves are excellent Undead Slayers; their Heightened Senses make it easy to smell the stench of death. And their Attunement to Nature also makes them Sensitive to the Unnatural Rhythms of the Undead. Being a Ranger, Bane was already adept at tracking and finding people and creatures, so finding the Undead was just an extension of his already honed skills. And being an Archer, Bane's choice of Specialization was made for him; Slaying Vampires. He broke away from his Adventuring Party and Companions for a time, and spent much time learning the ways of slaying the Undead from Clerics and Priests, Paladins and others who had battle the Undead. Then, a group of Undead Slayers sought out Bane, to further train him in the ways of being an Undead Slayer. He traveled to a place with that Team of Undead Slayers to hone his newly gained skills and abilities, and help 'The Slayers' eradicate the Undead Horde plaguing the area and the Necromancer that was Raising and Controlling them.

Recent History & Current Personality[edit]

After having existed for over 10,000 years and having spent the last 2,500 years with an Elven Bearer, the greatest Undead Slayer that Cremator has ever known, the next 500 years were frustrating beyond imagining. Its next Bearer was less than worthy, had a short life span which ended sooner than expected, and the following Bearer was even worse and lasted even less time... and so on and so on went the downward spiral of less and less worthy Bearers for nearly five centuries.

At that time, the World that Cremator was on was changing, or had already changed; it was being ruled by a Vampire Lord, in secret, of course. Undead Slayers were hunted in secret by the Vampire Lord's Agents, and so were in short supply... as were magical weapons designed to slay The Undead, most were destroyed by the Agents upon discovery. So, Cremator grew more cautious, and finally grew more patient with Its Bearers, more talkative and more interactive, and eventually developed a more Congenial Personality, much more suitable for keeping a Bearer's continued 'friendship'. Cremator also began instructing Its Bearers in Its' array of Powers and the ways of Undead Slaying, based upon Its' multi millennia of experience; the Bearers lived longer and accomplished more of Cremator's goals of Slaying the Undead. Over the course of the next few centuries Cremator had many Bearers; It became even more patient, and an even better Instructor, and became less and less inclined to Influence or Control a Bearer to do Its' bidding.

Cremator's most recent Bearer was a Shadow Traveler passing through the World the Sword had been sent to, a world, up to that point, Cremator had been unable to leave. A World as it turns out, is a Personal Shadow of a Lord of Amber and the current Wind Lord of the South Wind of Adagalasck; Relmopator Barimen.

Over the course of the next few decades Cremator traveled to many worlds, all quite different from Its 'home world', but all with Undead problems to solve... except the last; which seemed devoid of the Undead completely. But on an ill-fated night, Cremator's Bearer died after a battle; a failed Undead Raising Ritual in a forgotten graveyard with no burial markers out in the middle of nowhere in some 'back-water' Shadow. The Bearer had a Vision just before his death, which he shared with the Sword; his final words were: "Your next Bearer to come... a Shadow Walker... an Immortal... a Gamer who already knows you. Your Destiny's are intertwined." And then the Bearer died, the Sword fell from his grasp, and there It lies in that forgotten unmarked graveyard in the middle of nowhere, still to this day, awaiting the arrival of Its next Bearer.

Rumors of Other Swords in the Set[edit]

It is rumored that many of the Swords have names that are associated with Fire, such as; Fire, Flame, Burn, Sear, Heat, Blaze, etc. And in a myriad of languages; Fuego, Flambé, etc. Some are named after Gods and Goddesses of Fire. Some are named after Gods and Goddesses that Protect Life or Guard the Dead. Some are named after Weapons of Gods and Goddesses... for some were. Several are named for their unique powers to combat the Undead, such as Cremator, the Undead Destroyer. Though each Sword has a 'unique' name, meaning; no two Swords are named 'Fire' or 'Fuego', many may have the same 'title', such as; The Undead Slayer, The Undead Destroyer, etc.

Some of the more interesting rumored names are as follows:

  • Styx, The Guardian of the Veil between Life and Death
  • Torch, The Light in the Darkness
  • Huh-Rok'ka, Nature's Balance
  • Ash, The Deadite Decimator
  • Raanubis, The Destroyer
  • The Incinerator
  • Conflagration
  • Master

Other Undead Destroying Sword Sets[edit]

The Creator of the Burners of The Undead crafted another set of Swords also designed to Destroy the Undead, however, this Set's Powers are much different; more aggressive in almost every way. This Set is called the Eaters of The Undead.