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Public Knowledge[edit]

Trust Braddock was practically born into super royalty. The son of popular Super couple, Paragon II A.K.A. Marcus Braddock and Lambent Flame(an German Drammen, know for her Silvery Fire aura) A.K.A Monika Schroder, and the Grandson of Paragon I. His parents divorced when he was five, citing irreconcilable differences. He was raised by his father and spent much of his childhood being conditioned for the life super heroism by his father. Things took a rather an unexpected turn when Young Trust's power manifested at the age of sixteen. Due to the seemingly low combat applicability the elder Braddock began focusing his attention on Trust's younger brother Lennox, who manifested more traditional physical enhancement powers within months of Trust's.

Today Lennox serves in the DPHD as Paragon III. Left to his own devices for the most part after that Trust spent much of the rest of his teen years acting partying and getting in minor scandal after scandal. Eventually, after particularly notable arrest after picking a fight outside a nightclub with some Paparazzi Braddock disappeared from the public eye. He reappeared some months later in Japan, apparently having cleaned up his act (somewhat). He was a fairly popular hero in Japan and had several high profile busts, including repeated run ins with the feared Japanese Bloodliner: The Crimson Mantis. Most famously he saved a bus full of children from careening off Mt. Fuji! For unknown reasons he has returned to the United States and joined the Chicago Based Super Group the Untouchables.

Private Knowledge[edit]

Trust's parents broke up largely do to his Father ego and his Mother's continue spiral downward. Amongst Super Circles Paragon II was famous for being an egotistical blowhard, with the common joke being "The only thing he can't lift his own over sized head". Some suspect his Mother become an alcoholic under the stress of their lifestyle prior to the couple's break up. She has since retired to Germany where she lives quietly. Trust has not seen her since he was 12 and tries to avoid her whenever possible despite past attempts by her to reconnect over the years. Growing up Marcus pushed his sons hard for success both academically and athletically training them himself most of the time. Their performance was never really good enough for the elder Braddock though and when Trust developed "weak" powers he pretty much lost interest. Throughout his late teenage years Trust spiraled further into drug and alcohol abuse and spent most of his time at the parties. His Father and he fought constantly until the arrest, which culminated in Trust being kicked out of the house and cut off from the family money.

His savings rapidly dwindling and finding himself terribly alone Trust found himself with little in the way of practical skills. Around this time he was approached by a Japanese Handler about heading overseas. Seeing little other alternative Braddock joined up. In spite of himself he found that he actually enjoyed the work he was doing in Japan. He hated the helmet and the culture gap was a little excessive, over all he though felt like he was actually doing something productive. He did not however, enjoy the pageantry and practically scripted outcomes the Japanese Super Handler's were so fond of. After several tense months he found himself turning more and more to the bottle. Finally after an unfortunately timed collapse at the Tokyo Game Show Trust Braddock started looking into a return state side. He eagerly accepted his place with the Untouchables.


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