Cuso of Trendle

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Cuso of Trendle

Cuso was the great Grandson of a Dufiro of an Avasa Dufiro of Fire. He and his father, and grandfather were all chefs at Oberon's Fire. Cuso, when in his 70's fell into the great fire of Oberon's Fire. Immersion in the elemental fire generated by the Jewel of Judgment brought Cuso into the Elementals of Fire race, and at a great enough level that he was almost immediatly attended by Dufior in the Paths of Fire.

Dufiro Path[edit]

Fire Elemental[edit]

Cuso was a senior chef at the great Oberon's Fire. While having a life long skill of cooking using an elemental fire no hint of his heritage had emerged. An accident caused him to fall fully into the giant Barbecue. The immersion in elemental fire provided the power to cause his heritage to erupt in creating a Fire Elemental.

Spirit of Fire[edit]

The emergence of A Fire Elemental of the Dufiro in a Golden Circle Kingdom caused King Oberon to seek him out and to summon assistance. Oberon summoned Aomini, Masoja Dufiro of Knowledge. Aomini evaluated Cuso, now a young Fire elemental, and helped chart out a path for him. He called Spirits of Fire who initiated him immediately.

Spirit of Growth[edit]

Cuso, like most in his family, also were superb gardeners. In their home Establishment they managed hundreds of spaces of vegetable and fruit growths. Aomini suggested the gardener chef transition to a Growth Spirit to develop his talents in herbology and horticulture.

Spirit of Blending[edit]

In time Cuso began a path of the Spirits of Blending, to help mix food stuffs together in unique ways. Many of the blending Spirits

Avasa Dufirosim of Fire[edit]

Being included in the Avasa Dufirosim of Fire was inevitable for Cuso but he began close interactions with many in the Dufiro races after his inclusion.

Avasa Dufirosim of Growth[edit]

Masoja Dufirosim of Fire[edit]

Cuso had been on the Path to Masoja Dufirosim since he tripped into Oberon's Fire. His sponsorship by Aomini, and his connection to Oberon led to his rise to the Masoja Dufirosim of Fire and caused him to be seen as an advocate for Amber. Something Cuso never denied. He took a container of Oberon's Fire and moved into the Fire Realms of the dufirosm where he now manages a chain of restaurants.