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This is a list of various weapons, items and entities that appear within the Megastructure during the course of the 10-volume manga as well as the single volume of Noise.

An attempt has been made to notate the volume and page where an entry can be found along with a basic description of the item, its capabilities, and how it has appeared.

This list will be constantly changing as it is updated.

The World of Blame![edit]

The manga Blame is set far in the future, inside a vast City that has grown wildly beyond the intentions of its creators. It consists of level upon level of massive, chaotic construction, seperated by impenetrable layers of nanomachine-reinforced sections known as megastructure. Within the megastructure, massive Builders work tirelessly to construct and expand the City in a manner that once was planned, but that has now degenerated into random chaos.

  • Levels are enormous, dozens of miles high at least. Width is unknown, but possibly hundreds or thousands of miles.
  • The entire City has no natural ecosystem. The world is saturated with nanomachines that eliminate all microorganisms, maintain living tissue, and transmit energy. Manipulation of these nanomachines through interfacing with the fundamental OS that runs them is the basis of all weapons and abilities in the Blame!verse.
  • The Netsphere - Home of the Governing Authority, the Safeguard, as well as the portion of Humanity that uploaded itself out of our world. Accessed via Net Terminal Genes, which are all but extinct in humans existing in realspace within the City.
  • It is hinted that the Net Sphere's basic infrastructure resides within the megastructure between levels.

Tentative Timeline[edit]

  • Present - 2200: First synthetic humans created. Immortal individuals detected in the population. Intercontinental Mooring Cable constructed. Mars settlement established.
  • 2272: Data Recovery Foundation founded
  • 3000: Toha Heavy Industries headquarters self-destructs, leaving behind synthetic human prototypes and their AI handlers. Speculation: headquarters was not destroyed but teleported into space using Gravity Furnace technology.
  • 3005: Members of DRF explorer team encounter the lethal, zombifying N5S virus on the Mars settlement, which has been isolated from earth for over 700 years. The team's bodies are used as vectors to transmit the virus over Earth. This is the start of the Complete Humanity Conversion Project, by which the DRF hopes to turn the Earth's population into zombie drones while a chosen elite escapes Earth through the Intercontinentel Mooring Cable. Hypothesis: The DRF based the virus partially on the immortal's genome in the hope of accelerating and controlling the rapid regeneration properties imparted by the virus.
  • 3005: DRF subsidiary organization Public Health Department leader General Narain attempts to transfer his conciousness into an artificial body created using N5S data, but is stopped by DRF overlord Nyaldee. His attempts to reverse the zombification process of the N5S virus using data reverse-engineered by scientist Dr Wildenstein under his control fail when Nyaldee orders the release of a "reverse imaging polymer", a highly mutagenic compound able to meld flesh and machine (speculation: later used as base for megastructure construction fluid).
  • 3005 - 4000: Megastructure overgrows earth. Netsphere developed. N5S and its derivatives are supressed by the government, but application to "download" structures from the net is developed (speculation: by the governing authority that would later form the basis for Safeguard) and stolen by the Order (speculation: perhaps an offshoot of Wildensteins/Narains faction).
    • Note: Recent statements by author Tsutomu Nihei indicate that Biomega is not meant to share continuity with Blame!, et al., despite presence of Toha and other similarities. Timeline should be modified accordingly.
      • Speculation: While Blame! and Biomega do not take place in the same universe, Toha Heavy Industries is the same entity in both manga. Gravity furnace technology has been shown to be capable of facilitating travel into parallel universes.
  • 7000: Megastructure has overgrown the Moon. War between Safeguard and the Order continues. Humans begin to migrate into the netsphere to escape the conflict.
  • 15000+: Events of Blame!
  • 20000+: Events of NSE

Factions and Races[edit]

  • Safeguard: An artificially intelligent defensive protocol that guards the Netsphere. Technologically advanced, autonomous and emotionless, they attack any unregistered entities that threaten to damage the Megastructure or access the Netsphere illegally.
  • Governing Authority: An intelligent force that governs the Netsphere, it has no control over its conjoined faction, the Safeguard. They seem to possess little power over the chaotic world.
  • Silicon Life: A cybernetic race that evolved from criminals (The Order) who assaulted the Netsphere in ancient days and brought about the current chaos. Their mission is to destroy the net terminal gene and perpetuate the chaos.
  • The Builders: Mechanical constructs of varying size and appearance that are responsible for the building and maintenance of the Megastructure. Smaller builders appear to be sapient, verbally communicating with other entities and even capable of lying while larger ones can drill through megastructure using mounted GBEs.
  • Technomads: A small group of humans in who fight against the Watchers. Ignorant of other levels and the Netsphere, they struggle to live alongside the menace of a nearby Watcher hive. While armed and equipped with powersuits, they are no match for the Watchers.
  • Watchers (Mysterious race of insectile flying bipeds. Can emit destructive forces from their compound eye that may be gravitational in nature. They come from an immense hive-like organic structure.
  • The Capitol: A corporate-city of humans that occupy an abandoned level of the Megastructure. It seems made up of a poor working class dominated by the corporate elite who rule in a totalitarian style. The leader of the city is the President, a gigantic mutant.
  • Dry Men: Clones that have formed a primitive tribal society. They appear warlike, carrying the skulls of their enemy on their belts and wielding twisted spear-like weapons. Dry Men have great strength and possess mystic-appearing abilities such as vanishing in a cloud of smoke. They are extremely fast, agile and strong. Preyed on for their bodies and organs by the Electric Life Corporation.
  • Electrosilos Fishermen: A dwarf-like colony of humans who live outside Toha Heavy Industries. Descended from the human workers of THI, they now eke an existence within the megastructure and fight against SG and SL with ancient weapons and armor.
  • Toha Heavy Industries: An ancient corporation, the only known remnants of being a massive starship within the Megastructure. Ruled by sapient AIs.

Basic Weapons[edit]

  • Ballistic Pistol: (used by loli-Sanakan to little effect on an Exterminator, V3)
  • Assault Rifle: (used by human soldiers in V1 against SG)
  • Minigun: (wielded by bald cyborg in V1) Rapid fire ballistic weapon with cycling barrels.
  • Laser: Can be multilinked. Emits a small coherent beam of photons.
  • Heavy Laser: (wielded by a human against a Watcher in V1) Emits a very strong beam.

General Items[edit]

  • Food Bars
  • Drug Ampoules (v1p78)
  • Healing Cast
  • Various Medical Supplies
  • Membrane Tent
  • Memory Module (Used by Cibo to transplant her personality, also by MORI)

Special Abilities and Traits[edit]

  • Improved Optics (v9c57p169 3000km range, perhaps higher)
  • Tissue Reconstruction (Allows one to utilize heal functions of nano-skinsuits, Cibo V8)
  • Teleport (demonstrated by Mensab)
Cibo, a transhuman.

Human Weapons[edit]

  • Boltgun (wielded by the E.Fishermen, capable of piercing Exterminator armor)
  • Collapsing Boomerang (appears to have some type of guidance/propulsion system, used by transhuman in V2)
  • Sword: Wielded by Seu, the "Electronic Knight", this two-handed sword is sharp enough to cleave through the flesh of reinforced cyborg bodies.
  • Mini-rockets (used by the Grub-mech in V1)
  • Rockets (used by Clone Nursery guard entity in V1)
  • Dual Energy Rifle (very powerful, wielded by alternate-Cibo)

Human Armor[edit]

  • Skinsuits (properties: communications, interface ports)
  • Power Armor (Electrosilos Fishermen): Allows the wearer to 'skate' at high speeds.
  • High-Velocity Hover Suit with Drones (v5p48): This durable suit allows the user to hover and fly at high speeds. It has three hovering drones that can seek help in an emergency but aside from that the purpose is unknown. The suit also seems to be able to create a short-range portal that can teleport multiple users (v5p52).
  • Grub-Mech (v1p23): This insectoid vehicle is about the size of a modern car and equipped with a small arsenal of anti-personnel weapons such as two forward-mounted dual machine guns and guided rockets. It can cling to walls and be piloted or remotely operated.

Miscellaneous Gear[edit]

  • Scope (Killy v1c3 "Maximum Zoom 23000")
  • Builder Communication Tool (v1p226): Issues basic orders to Builders
  • Electronic Warfare Suite (v2c9p128 can be used to disrupt mechanical bodies)
  • Electromagnetic Area Shield (v2c11p201): This device can be used to paint a circle-shaped barrier that will interfere with electronic organisms directly outside of it by emitting electromagneticism.
  • Wrist-Mounted Tether
  • Handheld Sensor Suite (used by Cibo in V3, can sense organic life)
  • Anti-magnetic Cocoon (v5p82): Three nodes will produce a magnetic shield that can prevent electronic interference.
Sanakan, a Level 6 Safeguard Agent.

Faction: The Safeguard[edit]

The Safeguard is an autonomous AI protocol responsible for protecting Netsphere, and, at a more basic level, ensuring the integrity of the OS base that operates the nanomachines that saturate the megastructure. Functioning as the antivirus program of the Netsphere, the Safeguard triggers automatically in response to percieved threats. A war between the Safeguard and Silicon Life has been waged unceasingly for a number of milennia and has significantly depleted the megastructure of basic human life.

Safeguard Hierarchy[edit]

There are two parallel tiers of Safeguard organization. Nonautonomous units under the direct control of the command program fall under the Exterminator protocol, of which Class One is the highest. Autonomous constructs, granted a personality and a degree of freedom to act, fall under the Agent protocol, of which level 9 is the highest. An Agent has clearance to download and control a number of Exterminator entities while on assignment.

Safeguard Exterminator Class Zero/00 (Exterminator base class-Clawed)
Safeguard Exterminator Class Zero/01 (Transmission Entity, large constructs that download in response to attempts to breach Megastructure level barriers as seen in v2)
Safeguard Exterminator Class Zero/02 (Large Exterminator as seen in Noise)
Safeguard Exterminator Class Zero/03 (Twin Exterminator as seen in Noise, equipped with spine launcher/cutting tail)
Safeguard Exterminator Class Zero/04 (Watchman)
Safeguard Exterminator Class Zero/05 (Giant Exterminator/Transport/Exterminator Download Terminal unit)
Safeguard Exterminator Class One (Sterilizer/Destroyer as seen in v9)

Safeguard Agent Level 1-3 (Unknown, not encountered - May be child type SG's)
Safeguard Agent Level 4 (Dhomochevsky type - Basic Biped w/skinsuit - Not cleared for GBE use)
Safeguard Agent Level 5 (Killy Clone - Basic Biped w/skinsuit - Cleared for GBE use)
Safeguard Agent Level 6 (Sanakan type - Shapeshifter Biped - Cleared for nanite modification of own body form)
Safeguard Agent Level 7 (Unknown)
Safeguard Agent Level 8 (Unknown)
Safeguard Level 9 (Angel - Doomsday Device - Cleared for highest level matter conversion and nanomachine manipulation)

???? Little Safeguard (seen during Cibo's flashback)
???? Provisional Safeguard (Dhomochevsky, Ico)
???? Elevator Entity (may be an Authority entity subsequently hacked and overtaken by SG)
???? Giant Safeguard (Seen in Netsphere Engineer)
Net: Claw, Scissors, Henchmen

Safeguard Units[edit]

Safeguard are often transmitted via Matter Conversion Towers to directly address percieved threats to the Netsphere. However many seem capable of roaming a level and occupying locations over an extended period.

  • Exterminator: The basic quick-response assault unit of the Safeguard. Often deployed through Structure Conversion Towers directly to a threat in large numbers. Exclusively melee, extremely agile and capable of standing bipedally. In extreme cases, Exterminators can show basic intelligence (such as the one that cobbles itself together after being badly damaged in v6) though they usually tend to behave in a very direct manner. Unlikely of being capable of independent thought and receives directives straight from the Safeguard.
  • Giant Exterminator (Transmission Entity): (v2p201) A large humanoid entity that possesses 4 powerful clawed arms and massive strength. Its lower body is fused to a surface, extended by an articulated snake-like lower torso.
  • Watchman: (v10p43) A type of Exterminator judging on superficial features, this safeguard is massive and quick. In one form, it runs on all fours using its claws and mouth to attack. However it can transform into a 50' tall humanoid with a nanite-formed protective mantle and cowl. It possesses the ability to fire energy bursts from its hand, bearing emitters on three of its fingers.
  • Exterminator First Class: (v10p136) An extremely high level safeguard, the 1st Class resembles a standard Exterminator, however it stands nearly 20' tall upright and possesses an energy core which is its only true weak point. Its abilities are many and dangerous, it can levitate, fabricate matter (including transparent structures around threats which completely disable them), has what appear to be telekinetic powers and can launch high-level gravitational beams from its core. Additionally any damage done to it can be repaired rapidly. A Lv4 GBE shot to the core, point blank is sufficient to destroy it.
  • Level 6: Capable of independent thought, Lv6 agents are intelligent, cunning and deadly. Equipped with an arm-mounted GBE and a type of energy shield in their hand, they're capable of issuing and defending against GBE shots. A hand-mounted dart launcher can infect lifeforms with safeguard data, transforming them into Exterminators. Additionally Lv6 safeguards have a body with flexible composition that can be recombined into different shapes such as growing wings, disguising themselves as human children or quickly healing structural damage.
  • Level 9: The highest level of Safeguard, it takes quite some time to download into its environment, forming a cocoon as it gestates within. Once it deploys (hatches) it is supposedly nearly unstoppable though it can still receive damage from conventional weapons. It has an extremely powerful regeneration ability and can even heal other entities via a strange projectile. The Lv9 can transform its arms into some type of destructive ranged weapon. The crowning feature of the Lv9 is its ability to project a massive area of devastation through some type of energy halo. This ability is unparalleled in destructive capacity compared to all other known weapons in the Megastructure.

Safeguard Weapons[edit]

Safeguard weapons are of some of the best quality and highest power in the Megastructure. They will only work in the proximity of Safeguards or Silicon Life.

  • Safeguard Pistol(v8p15): Semi-automatic pistol. Fires explosive bullets.
  • Safeguard Grenade Launcher (v8p15): Very different from contemporary grenade launchers in that it fires the explosive projectiles at subsonic speeds.
  • Safeguard Shotgun (fires hundreds of pellets, long range, unlike conventional shotguns. Used by Killy against Pcell in V8)
  • Electronic Warfare Wand (v7p100): This device can be used to incapacitate electronic-dependent beings as well as deliver lethal ranged impacts. Requires understanding of Safeguard interface protocols.
  • Dhomochevsky's Gun: Fully automatic, fires guided explosive projectiles up to 4 at a time and contains a laser. It must be loaded manually like a revolver and also ejects casings.
  • Safeguard Sword (Graviton Blade) (v10p68): This blade projects a graviton-based cutting field well beyond melee range and will shear through nearly anything with a stroke.
  • Gravitational Beam Emitter [1]: "Class 1 Critical Effect Weapon" can be charged up through 4 levels of power however variants exist that have lesser or no charge-up ability. It is powered by the bio-electricity of the user and the kick back when fired is massive. One of the most powerful weapons known to the Megastructure, it leaves holes that are 70km long. Software in the gun interface with the local nanite environment to ensure that it cannot be fired in locations where extensive destruction would destroy or fundamentally damage the integrity of the megastructure.

Safeguard Armor[edit]

  • Safeguard-Class Skinsuits (optional properties: wings, active defense, tissue reconstruction)
  • Safeguard-Class Armorsuits
  • Trench Coat (GA-Sanakan)

Safeguard Special Weapons and Abilities[edit]

  • Scanner (comprehensive retinal scanner, can detect metals, can detect through solid mass. A retinal scan will reveal genetic information, organizational level in SG/SL, as well as power level and energy charge amount)
  • Rapid Regeneration (High-level safeguards can utilize matter conversion towers to restore parts of their structure, near instantly.)
  • Infection Needles (Sanakan, hand-mounted projectile weapon that rapidly turns organic host into an Exterminator by infecting them with safeguard protocol nanites)
  • Gravitational Repulsion Unit (Sanakan, mounted in hand, can disperse GBE shots and blunt attacks from gravity swords v10p105)
  • Explosive Jettison (Sanakan)
  • Bioelectric Burst (v8p146 a desperation attack (energy projectile) used by Dhomo against Davinel. Likely composed of pure bio-energy)
  • Bioelectric Transfer (v8p157 used by Iko, allows one to transfer their bioelectricity to another)
  • Freeform Nanite Body (Shapeshifter, Safeguard)
  • Personal Anti-Intrusion Electron Space: Cloaks user from sensors, blocks hacking attempts. Extends 6m
  • Binary Speak (v9c53p60, access to basic megastructure OS protocols allows one to speak to sentient and manipulate non-sentient robotics
Ivy, a Silicon Life.

Faction: Silicon Life[edit]

In ancient times, a group of cybernetically enhanced criminals and anarchists formed the Order as a means to access and infiltrate the Netsphere. Since then the Silicon Life race has been locked in a neverending war with the Safeguard. Utilizing a biomechanical fusion virus, Silicon creatures start their lives as human embryos carefully modified in special nursery/factories. While their ultimate goal is the Netsphere, the rigid hierarchical structure of the Order has now mostly decayed and each individual group of Silicon Life has considerable autonomy in their actions and methods.

Silicon Life: Characters[edit]

  • Three Cyborgs
  • Cyborg Nursery Guard (?)
  • Baldy & Legs
  • Ivy
  • Maeve
  • Giant Future Cyborg: A gigantic SL which can fly and fire energy pulses from its mouth. It appears to be the standard model of SL in the alternate reality of Toha's gravity furnace.
  • Advanced Future Cyborg: A highly advanced cyborg that is constantly evolving. It's primary weapon is a strange set of cylinders mounted on its back that allows it to explode without harming itself but doing devastating damage to anyone within the blast radius. Apparently it can draw mass directly from its surroundings in order to improve or heal itself.
  • Valdunba: A hapless cyborg who gets interrogated by Cibo. No distinctive features.
  • Blon: A large insectile cyborg who can transform his body into various shapes such as a rolling ball of spines to a multi-limbed monster. his main weapon is an arm-mounted machine gun. He also is accompanied once by deadly bugs which can fuse with the nervous system of its victims.
  • Schiff: An extremely fast and agile SL who can skate across ground. He is equipped with double wrist blades which can fire and reload.
  • Pcell: The most powerful of the SL on her level, Pcell is equipped with a kinetic wand, 360 degree sensory perception, extensive sensors that extend throughout an entire megastructure level and the ability to recombine herself. Also possesses incredible strength.
  • Davinelulinvega: An expert hacker, Davinel is largely immobile in the base reality while operating the netsphere connection array. His combat capabilities are largely unknown.
  • Silicon Imps: Tiny SL that appear to assist Davinel with mundane electronic tasks.
  • Simple Transfer Bodies (v8p107): Used by the SL when resources begin to diminish, summoned via Structure Conversion Tower.
  • Horns: A huge armored SL that wields a massive rifle and nanomachine launcher. Does not appear to be very agile.
  • Tentacles: A hideous SL that has a tripe-shot grenade launcher in his face as well as two large tentacles. Sneaky and evasive.
  • Aerial Vehicle (v9p138): This bio-mechanical vehicle is capable of hovering and flying at high speeds with its mass of prehensile tentacles that double as wings. It fires some sort of rapid-fire energy projectile.
  • Observer: This SL seems more content to observe and research than fight. Clearly not built for battle.
  • Silicon Knights (v10p64): These heavily armed and armored cyborgs are equipped with safeguard swords and tower shields. Their leader wears a skull mask.
  • Silcon Life Facility (v10p89): This location seems to contain many SL including the Silicon Knights, twin scientists, a female SL with a naginata and their leader who wields some type of electrified javelin. Also a large number of non-combat SL.

Silicon Life Weapons[edit]

Note: All Silicon Life weapons are extensions of their bodies and can be upgraded, added to and altered by the wielder.

  • Assault Arm (simple melee weapon, concealable, increases length of the arm)
  • Harpoon (used by SL to restrain Seu): Can be multilinked.
  • Ivy's Hinged Sword
  • Ribbon? Gun (Maeve)
  • Kinetic Wand (v7p191): Projects a powerful kinetic field which can be used for attack or defense. Similar to a safeguard sword but utilizes bludgeoning force opposed to piercing. It can even deflect GBE shots, indicating its primary function is manipulation of gravity.
  • Exterminator Seeds (v8p005): Can be used to instantly create an Exterminator. Stolen from Safeguard template.
  • Magnetic Line Blades (can be fired and regrown, may carry poison/paralysis charge Schiff)
  • Explosion Cores (Advanced Future Cyborg, does not damage the user)
  • Radiation Grenade (V1, used by bald cyborg)
  • Nanomachine Launcher(v9, used by horned cyborg, converts adjacent matter into grey goo)
  • Sniper Rifle (v9, used by horned cyborg, can target and fire through multiple walls)
  • Tentacles (Modification, can be used as a ranged melee weapon)
  • Tower Shield (can repel GBE blasts, used by Silicon Knights)
  • Handheld Barrier Array (v5c1p26): Five are used in conjunction to trap and disable Mensab)

Silicon Life Special Abilities[edit]

  • Nanomachine-based recombination (Pcell, Can disassemble oneself into a more transportable form and recombine at will)
  • Graft Compatible: A trait that allows silicon life to graft new parts or entire bodies on with a minimum of fuss.

Governing Authority[edit]

The Governing Authority has little ability to manifest itself in the physical world.

  • Proxy Organism (used in v2 to communicate with Killy. Later downloaded additional offensive ability to combat a Safeguard. Also appears in v6)
  • Giant Humanoid (two kinds are shown in V3, both mortally wounded as a result of defending humans from Safeguard)
  • Humanoid Agent (Sanakan v9, equipped with a GBE and badge of authority)
  • (Net) Messenger: This simple entity is used to communicate with Cibo.
  • (Net) Central Nexus Agent (v8p78):
Mensab/"Mainserve", an AI construct.

Other Entities[edit]

  • Watchers
  • Dry Men
  • Dock Giant: Large bio-engineered humanoid entity made for moving cargo.
  • Psychics (can redirect GBE beams and inflict kinetic impacts)
  • Security Bot: Guard for the Electric Life Company, unintelligent entity that can cling to surfaces. It possesses a laser in its mouth and has strong clawed arms that can be used to strike an enemy.
  • Pixies: Small flying creatures that exist within cave 8 of THI and cannot survive outside due to the fact they draw power from it. They speak in radio waves and serve Mensab despite being fearful of her.
  • Mensab/"Mainserve": Sapient AI with physical form. Due to this physical form, she is vulnerable to physical threats. She is capable of teleporting and affecting objects in the base reality with 'magnetic restraint lines'. Her appearance can shift between young and beautiful to old and haggard, depending on her emotional state.
  • Seu: A pure human who possesses the rare Net Terminal Gene; power-armored "Electronic Knight" who fights with a sword and defends the AI entity Mensab.
  • Toha Heavy Industries Central AI: A combination of all the shipboard AI of THI, except for Mensab who was expelled (or chose to leave). Appears as a massive mishapen head and controls the ship.
  • Central AI Guards: 20' tall gaunt armored humanoids with halberds who defend the Central AI.


Biped Builder (Sapient)
Spider Builder (v1p225)
Large Builder (v1p228)
Huge Builder


Giant Grubs
Pit Worm (v2c8p11)
Biological Power Supply (Volatile!)
Gecko Dogs (inert and docile, clings to walls emitting vapors in a herd)
Helicopter Bugs (v7p143)
Longlegged Searchlight
Bird (v9p42)


Null Safeguard (safeguard transmissions and equipment cannot work in this space)
Zero Gravity
Anti-Intrusion Electron Space (v7c4p116) (structure conversion transmissions will not work within this space)

Notable Terrain[edit]

  • Holographic: (v9p154,156) A pitfall can look like a stair step, a doorway can look like a wall. These are possibly not holographs at all but nanomachines made to look like solid surfaces until stepped on, and can fool even advanced sensors.
  • Emergency Partition: (v4p131) Utilized in order to quickly seal off an area. Characters skilled in electronic warfare can trigger emergency partition protocols to delay or hinder pursuers.

Random Encounters[edit]

  • Clone Nursery
  • Derelict Builder
  • Transplanted Earth Architecture (v8p70)
  • Village of the Builders (v9p159)
  • Netsphere Access Node (Central Nexus)
  • Safeguard Armory
  • Watcher Hive
  • Unregistered Safeguards (Berserk)
  • Parallel Electricity Storage Tank Cluster: (v9p26) Can be used to restore bioelectricity.
  • Distress call from an Emergency Preservation Pack
  • Matter Fabrication Complex