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Playbook: Soldier

Style: 0

Meat: 0

Mind: 1

Cool: 1

Synth: -1

Edge: 2

Directives: Behavioral: Corpos or any "guilty" target deserve all the collateral damage they receive. When adhering to your code hinders the mission, mark experience.

Prudent: When you resolve a charged situation without violence, mark experience.

Cyberware: Skillwires: Planning and Logistics, Firefight Combat

Ex-military. But he's not supposed to be Ex.

Moves: Here’s the plan: When you plan a Mission, everyone to whom you assign a task takes +1 ongoing while they act on that task according to the plan. Anyone who rolls a miss or goes off the plan loses their bonus for that mission. If you get paid, mark experience.

I love it when a plan comes together: At the start of a mission, roll Edge. 10+: gain 3 hold. 7-9: gain 1 hold. During the mission, spend 1 hold for one of the following effects: »» you have that piece of gear that you need, right now »» you appear in a scene where you are needed, right now 6-: gain 1 hold anyway, but your opponent has predicted your every move; the MC will advance the Legwork Clock

Hands-on management: When you mix it up while directing a mission from the front, roll Mind instead of Meat.

Gear: Assault rifle (3-harm near/far loud autofire)

Flashbangs (s-harm near area loud reload)