Cynis Naruko

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An NPC for House of Bells
Popular Girl Clique

It's Naruko's Realm.  You just live here.

"Hey loser, we're going to hit the town after curfew. You're coming, right?"

Archetype: Head Cheerleader
Aspect: Wood
Voice Actress: Rachel McAdams
Theme: 'Humble Neighborhoods' by P!nk
Clique Theme: 'Power' by Kanye West

  • The granddaughter of Cynis Falen herself, Naruko is as to be expected nothing less than a social dynamo. Smart, sharp as a daiklave, and gorgeous, Naruko's biggest problem is she knows she's all those things. She's a vibrant Prince of the Earth and going to take the Realm by storm. The leader of her clique and its most frequent instigator. Not precisely a bitch, but if Naruko feels you're wasting her time she'll let you know it and doesn't have a lot of patience for people who can't keep up with her.