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In the Labyrinth of the City of Swords, a giant of a man falls to the treachery of a slender figure in the shadows. A delicate hand drags a heavy hammer up from the stone. Teeth flash in a feral grin. A red fox melts into the night.

In the lingering dark, the body of a god lies broken on the ground. Mjolnir is taken. The end of all things has quietly begun.


The age is ending, the serpent tightens its coils, the veil begins to fray, and those realms closest to realm of man begin to bleed through. Strange and terrible creatures step out of the mists to roam the night, and pockets of the Feywild erupt onto the mortal plane, overrunning towns and terrain with swaths of gloaming forest and crag, making the world as it was all but unrecognizable.

In the midst of it all, transfixed between the desert and the mountains and the sea, Bar Kesh, City of Swords, remains a bulwark in the growing maelstrom. Untouched and unchanged, it stands above the turmoil of the land, the diseased center of the old world's dying heart.

World and City Maps


Despite the epic scope implied by the setting, this game is about regular salt-of-the-earth heroes struggling in a world where sudden change and drastic upheaval is the new normal.

The first of the realms to begin to fall, the Feywild is bleeding over into the mortal realm as its magic dies. Dark creatures roam the land, the Wild Hunt rides the night, and Fey and Fel beings of immense and inscrutable power struggle to hold fast to the last vestiges of their fading domains.

Into this maelstrom mortal heroes venture forth to defend and preserve their changing realm.


Elliona Race // Class squidheadjax 5
Vethkul Irian Eladrin // Ranger Karl Green 5
Argus Stavros Minotaur // Fighter Talisman 5
DM Shenanigans // Misdemeanors kokopelli

Combat Table[edit]

Character INIT AC HP Spell












Elliona +1 15


38/38 L1 0/4

L2 0/3

L3 0/2

15 7 Animated Shield 0/1

Wild Shape 0/2

ST -1

DE +1

CO +2

IN +0/3*

WI +4/7*

CH +3



Vethkul Irian +3


16 39/39 L1 4/4

L2 2/2

13 7 Fey Step 0/1

9/60 Arrows

ST +0/3*

DE +3/6*

CO +1

IN +0

WI +2

CH +2

Argus -1 19 47/47 N/A 15 7 Second Wind 0/1

Action Surge 0/1

Superiority Dice 0/4

ST +4/7*

DE -1

CO +3/6*

IN +1

WI +0

CH +1


* indicates featured saves



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  • I am asking for a daily posting commitment for this game as a general rule, with the understanding that posting might be less frequent on weekends and holidays.

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  • Because of the extremely small group size for this game, it is particularly critical that the characters regularly engage with one another and not just the game world and NPCs.

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