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Player Character Table[edit]

Character Played by Discipline Dice Permanent Madness Current Exhaustion Fight Flight Nightmare
Serafim Pandorym 3 0 0 0/1 0/2 Needle Nurse
Kat Darad Zhall 3 0 1 0/3 0/0 Copy Cat
Magnus Bluenose 3 0 1 0/1 0/2 The Administrator
GM Brahnamin

Character Generation Summary[edit]

Choose your character's Name and a Concept that fits your character.
Answer the Five Questions to define what your character is all about.
Divide three points between your Fight and your Flight response. You can have three in one and none in the other or two in one and one in the other.
Choose your Exhaustion Talent - that thing that you do better than anyone else.
Choose your Madness Talent - that impossible thing you do that no one should be able to do.

You are welcome to use this Character Template or one of your own. Just be sure it links to your character's name and that I don't have to sign in anywhere to see it (I do not require editing privileges).

Rules Summary[edit]

Dice You Have to Roll

Each roll will include all your discipline, all your permanent madness, and all your current exhaustion

Additional Dice Options

Once per roll, you may increase your exhaustion by one.
Any time you roll, you may add one to six dice of temporary madness to your roll.

Reading the Dice

To determine the degree of success, count the dice that show 1, 2, or 3.
To determine the strength of a pool, find the die of that color showing the highest number.
If you meet or beat the GM’s degree, you succeed. Otherwise, you fail.
To determine what dominates, pick the pool with the highest strength.

Basic Consequences

If discipline dominates, things stay under control. You have the option to remove a response check-mark or decrease your exhaustion by one.
If exhaustion dominates, your resources are taxed. Increase exhaustion by one.
If madness dominates, things get more chaotic. Check off a response and behave accordingly.
If pain dominates, you pay a greater price. Pay a coin into the GM’s despair coffer.

Major Consequences

If exhaustion is increased above 6, you crash.
If you must check off a response, but can’t, you snap.
If you crash, you fall asleep, or face some other serious defeat (like death).
If you snap, you go mad for a time, clear out your responses, lose one discipline, and gain one permanent madness.
If you lose all discipline, you become a Nightmare. You’re an NPC now.


To make minor use of an exhaustion talent, your exhaustion must be at least one. On the affected roll, your minimum number of successes is equal to your current level of exhaustion.
To make major use of an exhaustion talent, you must increase your exhaustion by one, and you may add your current level of exhaustion to the roll as successes.
To make use of a madness talent, you must add one to six temporary madness dice to the roll, as determined by the GM for the potency of the effect.


The GM may spend one coin of despair to add or remove a 6 from any pool in play; the coin pays into hope. If this causes pain to dominate, no coin is paid into the despair coffer.
Any player may spend one coin of hope to remove one exhaustion, or to remove a check mark from fight or flight, or to add a 1 to the protagonist’s discipline pool.
Any player may spend five minus discipline in coins of hope to recover one point of discipline and remove one point of permanent madness.

Metagame Tools[edit]


[ IC Thread]
OOC Thread
Recruitment Thread


Orokos Online Dice Roller.
Absences Thread If you can't post for whatever reason let us know here or in OOC.
Don't Rest Your Head RPG (PDF) You can play in this game without your own copy, but if you'd like to pick it up, the PDF is available at DriveThruRPG for $5.00 at the time of this posting.
Note: I am not affiliated with Evil Hat Productions and receive no compensation of any kind from any purchase of this product.


Post Frequency

I am asking for a daily posting commitment for this game as a general rule, with the understanding that posting might be less frequent on weekends and holidays.

Post Absences

If you will NOT be able to post, for whatever reason, please ping us in OOC so we know what is going on or post to the Absences Thread (I pretty much check that thing every time it lights up).

Post Formatting

Please bold your character's name at the top of each IC post OR bold the first instance of your character's name in the body of the post. We all game with lots of folk, sometimes with the same players in different games; this just makes it easier to keep track of which character we're addressing.
If you are addressing another PC in your post it is helpful to bold their character name as well so it stands out for them.
OOC blocks are fine for showing dice rolls and brief OOC comments directly related to a particular post. Please sblock if you need to include large blocks of text related to your IC post. All other OOC content should go in the OOC thread itself.

Dice Conventions

Please list your dice in the description line in Orokos in the order you are rolling them. ie - Discipline, Exhaustion, Madness (and how many of each you are rolling). These can be abbreviated D,E,M.
Please roll your dice in such a way that individual results are displayed, not sums, and so that each pool is distinct from the other pools.
So if you wanted to roll 3 Discipline dice, 2 Exhaustion, and 5 Madness, the description line in orokos would include the notation D3, E2, M5
The best notation I know (for orokos) for the above roll would be 3#1d6; 2#1d6: 5#1d6
Please link all dice rolls back to your dice roller. Do not post dice rolls or actions in the OOC Thread.


I don't have much patience when it comes to GMing PVP games. Intercharacter conflict and disagreement is fine, but when it comes to actions or expression meant to force a specific response, I default to the following:

Unilateral Permission: The other player agrees to your action. No rolls are needed. Just RP it out.
Limited Permission: The other player doesn't agree that it is an automatic thing, but does agree to let the dice decide.
No Permission: If the players involved do not agree to PVP, it doesn't happen. Move on with something else.