Daidoji Yuri

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Twenty questions:

1: The Crane Clan.

2: The Daidoji Family.

3: Daidoji Iron Warrior, bushi.

4) Stoic and calm.

5) Yuri's lord is Doji Ryosei-sama. She is Doji Natsumi's yojimbo and assigned to the Emerald Magistrates.

6) To hold those who fail to uphold bushido accountable.

7) Conflicted. Yuri thinks the Crane philosophy - while all well and good - neglects certain aspects of the ideal path of the samurai, although she would be extremely reluctant to explicitly say so.

8) Orthodox.

9) There is not much that frightens or unnerves Daidoji Yuri after standing on the Kaiu Wall.

10) Illness. The spirit is strong, but the flesh can be frail.

11) Studying history.

12) Speaking up unless absolutely necessary, especially to her superiors.

13) Daidoji Kenzo. Her father has taught her the value of a strong memory for details, however unimportant they may seem.

14) She is very soft spoken, even a little whispery.

15) Fear is easy to control, but Daidoji Yuri will poke her thumb or palm with her fingernails when thinking something she believes is shameful or inappropriate.

16) Well disposed to the Crab, largely indifferent to the other non-Crane clans. Given a tetsubo by the Hida.

17) "Obedient." Yuri is not on bad terms with her father, all things considered. Her mother has died in battle like a Crab should. (Meditation. Approved of)

18) Her father's mother. (Samurai heritage: Glorious Sacrifice, heirloom naginata with the sacred and durable qualities out there somewhere)

19) Yuri.

20) Defending others.


Air 2, Earth 3, Water 3, Fire 1, Void 1

Derived Stats

Endurance: 8

Composure: 12

Focus: 3.

Vigilance: 3


  • Courtesy 1
  • Culture 1
  • Fitness 2
  • Government 1
  • Martial Arts (Melee) 1
  • Martial Arts (Ranged) 1
  • Meditation 1
  • Tactics 2

Social Standing Glory: 45 Honor: 70 Status: 35

Kata: Iron Forest Style, Striking as Earth

Vigilance of Mind (School Ability): Once per round, when another character within range of one of your readied melee weapons would suffer physical damage, you may intercept. If you do, you may suffer fatigue up to your school rank to reduce the damage the target suffers by twice that amount.

Starting Outfit: Lacquered armor, ceremonial clothes, daisho (katana and wakizashi), naginata (polearm), yumi (bow), quiver of arrows, knife, calligraphy set, traveling pack. Tetsubo.