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DarkCraft: A SpyCraft 2.0 implementation of the Classic World of Darkness[edit]

DarkCraft is an attempt to reimplement the Classic World of Darkness in SpyCraft 2.0.

Design Principles[edit]

  • Craft: This is a reimplementation, not a direct conversion. Don't ask "How do I translate this World of Darkness rule to Spycraft?" Ask "What if I were implementing this concept for the first time in SpyCraft?" Do not underestimate the ground covered by SpyCraft 2.0 rules. I've wasted a lot of time starting to implement a new subsystem, researching how to do it most elegantly under SpyCraft, and slowly discovering that what I was doing was already possible under the rules as written -- it was just a matter of rationalizing the same game mechanic or character option in World of Darkness terms.
  • Unity: All World of Darkness concepts implemented in DarkCraft are assumed to exist in the same universe, and should be designed to be cross-compatible.
  • Economy: Don't Repeat Yourself. White Wolf loved to sin against this principle. I'm pretty sure every game they ever made had its own rewrite of the "soft invisibility" effect that was identical to one of the first two levels of Obfuscate in all but flavor text. Don't repeat their mistakes.