Daybreak in the Wasteland

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A B/X D&D Campaign





  • Sample Character, Alignment Class Level, X/Y HP, AC Z
  • [Blank Character Sheet] (Please do not save over the original, and when character sheets are completed, please change the link at the top of the finished sheet to refer back to the "Daybreak in the Wasteland" page)


  • Radnar
  • Zake
  • Adyo
  • Rikka
  • Dergeil
    • 3gp (ogres loot)
    • Well-made spoon made of unknown silvery metal (10 cn)
    • Crude flint arrowhead curio (1 cn)
    • 1cn diamond (500gp)
    • 19 gp from buried treasure
  • Alda
    • 1cn diamond (500gp)

Stashed Items[edit]

  • Alda
  • Radnar
    • 106gp Adyo's stash
    • 50gp family
  • Zake
  • Adyo
    • 400' rope
    • 2 grappling hooks
    • 50 gp
  • Rikki
    • 60gp Adyo's stash

Encumbrance Ape[edit]

  • Radnar Silvertongue
    • Gear:770
    • Treasure:
    • Total Encumbrance: 770
    • Movement: 60/20/60
  • Zake
    • Gear: 592
    • Treasure: 0
    • Total Encumbrance: 592
    • Movement: 60/20/60
  • Adyo the Addlepated
    • Gear: 207
    • Treasure:
    • Total Encumbrance: 207
    • Movement: 120/40/120
  • Rikka Ravenhair
    • Gear: 491
    • Treasure:
    • Total Encumbrance: 491
    • Movement: 90/30/90

Marching Order[edit]

  • Zake | Radnar
  • Adyo | Rikka

Watch Order[edit]

  • Radnar
  • Zake
  • Adyo | Rikka


Fount of Holy Water[edit]

Ten miles due northwest of the steading, there is, or was, an ancient fount. It is not so old as the Old Ones and their time, but during the first days after the steading's founding, men would go to the fount and fill up containers with holy water. This fountain is fed by a spring so sacred that all water therein is holy. Truly, such waters could be of much use to you and your friends, should you all plan to pursue a life of far-roving. Were you to encounter any vile creatures from behind the grave, an unending supply of holy water could truly turn the tide. Nowadays, no man dares venture ten miles into the woods, unless he---or, ah, she---be a far-hunter.

The Sun-Sword[edit]

"You surely recall tales of Fingall the Ferocious, one of Ever-Valorous Brax's bastard sons? Fingall, he of the Sun-Sword? Men said that after Fingall fell, his mighty Sun-Sword was broken. This is not precisely true. The hilt survived, and Fingall knew the way of conjuring forth the blade from the hilt. Others did not, and in time they forgot the weapon, believing it worthless. My first wife's kin were descended from Fingall, and kept the hilt hidden. I have now inherited it, and have kept secret its location for many long years. I believe that you, young sir, are a man of a canny enough mind to discern its true working. I will tell you where the hilt is, and give it over to you---for a price. I need to secure my youngest daughter's marriage. Unfortunately, I find myself plagued by impecuniosity. I cannot put together a dowry suitable for the daughter of an elder." Doorbosh proceeds to describe what he would require to put together a respectable dowry. Following the speech, he clasps Adyo by the hand and begins to walk away from the young man. Turning over his shoulder, the elder adds one thing: "If you were to bring forth Fingall's sword, you would gain so much respect in the tribe that no man would dare to besmirch you, and all would also account Ringar a great fool." Doorbosh is basically indicating that his daughter needs a dowry of 2500 GP, preferably in gems or jewelry.


Identifying Relics of the Old Ones[edit]

Anyone can try to figure out how something works. Something with a Complexity Class 1 has a base two hour time to figure out how to use it. Something with a Complexity Class 2 has a base three hour time. Something with a Complexity Class 3 has a base four hour time.

Figuring out a Complexity Class I item has a base 25% chance of success. Class 2: 15%. Class 3: 5%. The base chance is modified by INT. INT 3 subtracts 15% from the chance of success. INT 4 to 5 subtracts 10%. INT 6 to 8 subtracts 5%. INT 9 to 12 neither adds nor subtracts from the base chance. INT 13 to 15 adds 5%. INT 16 to 17 adds 10%. INT 18 adds 15%.

When a character is familiar with a specific kind of artifact, he does not need to roll again when he encounters the exact same artifact. He does roll gain for similar artifacts, with a bonus of 20%.

So, you roll d100 to see if you figure out anything. It's a roll-under roll. A rule of 01 is an automatic success regardless of how many penalties are stacked against you. Conversely, "a roll of 99-00 always indicates that the roll has failed drastically, and the character will have damaged himself and/or nearby characters if the item such that this is possible." Unlike some stuff in D&D where if you fail you can't try again until you level up, you can keep trying an unlimited amount of times to figure out how an item works. It takes the full time each time. So, if Erg Few-Fingers wants to roll again, he has to burn another two hours. A little bit of teamwork is permissible: "One other character may lend a hand, adding 1/2 of his technology roll bonuses (or penalties) from the die roll. This does not shorten the time necessary for the examination of artifacts." original post




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