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Name: Dayn
AKA: Daynen Caer'mos
Type: Mercenary Marine
Species: Bothan
Gender: Male
Age: 24
Force Sensitive: Yes
Description: 5'7", tan fur, brown hair with a white patch in front, golden eyes, cybernetics under left eye.
Character Points (Earned/Spent): 5 / 5
Fate Points: 2

"You gotta enjoy yourself when you get the chance. Have a drink, kiss somebody pretty. Win at cards, fight for something worthwhile. That's the kind of shit that makes the galaxy less of a craphole. At least a little bit less."

Attributes & Skills[edit]

Dexterity 4D[edit]

  • Blaster 6D
  • Dodge 5D

Knowledge 2D[edit]

  • Tactics 3D
  • (S) Boarding Tactics 4D

Mechanical 3D[edit]

  • (S) Laser Cannons 4D

Perception 4D[edit]

Strength 3D[edit]

  • (S) K'tara Martial Arts 4D

Technical 2D[edit]

  • First Aid 4D



One set of clothing, one ship suit, belt, holster, two spare power packs, military commlink, 75 credits


  • N'gant-Zarvel 9118 Heavy Blaster Carbine (Damage 5D+1, 3-25/50/200)
  • BlasTech DL-22 Blaster Pistol (Damage 4D+1, Range 3-10/30/120)
  • Knife (Damage STR+1D, Difficulty: Very Easy)


  • Blast Vest (+1D physical, +1 energy [torso], no DEX penalty)

Personal Details[edit]


Dayn is a charming enough guy and manages to just miss getting stereotyped as a smooth-talking and sleazy Bothan.

Probably because he is so down to earth and has very few pretensions. He drinks cheap ale, wears sturdy work clothes, and is far more comfortable eating street food (made from an undetermined source of protein) than sitting down in a gourmet restaurant.

He enjoys having fun but isn't afraid to put in the work to earn his time off. Dayn has a strong sense of team unity and made it a point to learn battlefield triage to help out his injured comrades.


Dayn was slated to go on a Colony mission with his family when he was 17, but when his friends were in trouble Dayne ended up missing the colony ship in order to help them out. He has family, but as far as he knows they are all safely colonizing some no-name planet in the Unknown Regions.

His friends had some contacts, and the group ended up serving on the transport ship of a mercenary company. Dayn was handy enough with the basics and took to the laser cannons pretty easily. When the ship was being boarded, he was helping at a triage station when the enemy started to get close. He picked up a blaster and helped hold the enemy off until help arrived.

That's the day he joined the combat arm of the mercenary company and started training as a Marine.

He served for a number of years, fighting in battles all across the galaxy. Some days he felt they were fighting for something important, other days he felt like little more than a pirate. During one battle they suffered a terrible defeat and most of his unit was wiped out. Not wanting to see any more friends die, he left.

Dayn has traveled around for the better part of the last year, picking up bodyguarding and escort work to pay the bills, even joining a few crews for a month or two each.


Dayn is trained in K'tara martial arts. The style is often used by military units and focuses on stealth by maximizing damage to an opponent while making a minimum amount of noise. The style features short, quick movements, most beginning from the set position and moving within the small area framed by the target's shoulders and hips. A skilled practitioner can quietly silence an opponent, disarm them, and disable them within a very short period of time.


While he does enjoy himself, Dayn finds his current form of employment a lonely one. He really wants to find a good crew... one he can see himself working alongside for the long term.

Connection With Characters[edit]