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Max Jensen[edit]

Description: Male. Medium height and build, medium complexion, with brown hair and eyes. No tattoos. No glasses. Simple clothes and shoes.


Stress Boxes: [_] [_] [_] [_] [_] [_]


  • Good +3: Cunning
  • Fair +2: Agillity, Force
  • Average +1: Focus, Poise
  • Mediocre +0: Intellect


  • Free Running/Parkour
  • Hustler
    • Carnie Games [shell game/3 card monte/follow the queen/etc]
  • Knife Fighting
    • Knife Throwing
  • Chameleon [ability to hide in plain sight by making minor changes to clothing or posture, etc].

Mantle: Exile[edit]

Changed:Choose two major traits and two minor traits associated with any world.

Major Traits

  • Goblin's Guile: You have gained some of the famed deceitfulness of the goblins. When using the Cunning approach you have +1 scale.
  • Virtuoso: You are exceptionally skilled with one particular skill. You have (+2) instead of (+1) when using your chosen skill. [Free Running]

Minor Traits

  • Echoes of the Beast: You share an affinity with a particular genus of mortal beast. Gain improved senses that provide +2 to Observation actions to detect other creatures. Some manifestations of your animal nature may be visible on your physiology, to anyone that can see things true forms. For 3 stress, you can declare momentary aid from your affiliated brand of beast and choose one of the following benefits: +4 to any one action or automatic success to overcome an obstacle. [Insect Swarm]
  • Reckless Magic: Choose an approach or type of action or other broad category. You can add +2 dice when using that approach or action type. [Agility]

Two Additional Traits: (No more than 1 from the Mundane list).

  • More Different: You acquire another minor trait from any place.
    • Wicked Smile: In a situation where deceit or trickery would be beneficial, you can mark one stress to gain a die to the roll and increase scale by 1.
  • Skilled: (Add 2 skills or specialties)
    • See Above

The Sight: You see things from our world as they are, but you can also see through the simple glamours or disguises put up by Outsiders and you can tell when another world is intruding into our own in a thin place. You cannot turn this ability off, even though you might want to.

Wanderer of the Ways: You can go through any hole in reality with ease and take others with you.

Stranger In Your Native Land: Earth is no longer your home. Others view you with The Sight, as they would an outsider and people from earth are no longer considered to be of the same class and culture as you.

Foreign Custom: You have picked up one of the limitations or special conditions that is associated with another world. You also interact with natives of that world as if you were of the same culture.

  • Truth Bound: You must tell the truth. You can still obfuscate or mislead, but you cannot make false statements.


There is a gate behind the ferris. It doesn't always take Max to the same place. But it always takes him away - to the Bleak City, to the Crossroads, to the Endless Woods. He's a carnie, so he fits in anywhere. And nowhere. Most ruthless thieves and thugs in the worlds look down on a carnie. Honest citizens recoil if they encounter one away from the lights of the carnival itself. Bloody goblins look down on a carnie.

But a carnie is what Max is. A hustler through and through.

Max was born in the shadow of the ferris. He can read tarot cards. He can read marks in a crowd. But what he is best at are the games. Shell Games. Knife Throwing. And in the canyons of any city - free running. He's almost magic when it comes to free running.

Too many weird things happened when Max was around, however, and he eventually had to leave the carnival behind. He still visits when it comes to town, but in his day to day life he is now a bike messenger who hustles cons on the side.