Dayton Files: Randall Carruthers

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Randall Caruthers[edit]


Stress Boxes: [_] [_] [_] [_] [_] [_] [_]


  • Good +3: Force
  • Fair +2: Cunning, Focus
  • Average +1: Agility, Poise
  • Mediocre +0: Intellect

Born With A Silver Foot In His Mouth - Randall is at -1 on dice when using Cunning in a social interaction based on the target developing an improved impression of Randall.

Natural Leader - Randall is at +1 on dice when using Poise in a social interaction based on the target doing something that Randall believes is to their mutual benefit.


  • Licensed Mechanic
  • Night School Community College Law Student
  • Professional Muscle
    • Intimidation
  • Street Brawler
    • Dirty Fighting

Mantle: Claimed by Another World [Bleak City][edit]

Fading Shield Our reality barely has any hold on you any more and so you are almost completely susceptible to hostile magic, but a few traces of the protection your home offers still remains. +1 defense actions against supernatural abilities and attacks. This does not function when you travel in other worlds.

Different: Choose the world that claimed you. You gain a minor trait and a major trait associated with that world. [The Bleak City]

Major: Mountain’s Chill You have learned the art of the Troll Warlocks who summon the cold of the dark and harness it to their advantage. You can freeze things or work some feats of ice magic, such as coating a floor in frost or freezing a lock to shatter it. This does not allow you to create ice out of nothing or freeze living creatures solid, though you could give them frostbite. Anytime this would be useful, you can mark two boxes of stress to gain +2 scale and +2 die to an action.

Minor: Unusual Size Either much larger or much smaller than the average human, you gain +1 scale on action in which your size is advantageous. Opponents gain scale in situations in which they may use your size against you

The Sight You see things from our world as they are, but you can also see through the simple glamours or disguises put up by Outsiders and you can tell when another world is intruding into our own in a thin place. You cannot turn this ability off, even though you might want to.

World Walker: You can travel through Wells to other worlds. When traveling to the world that claimed you, you do this easily. When traveling to other worlds, you must perform either an overcome obstacle action, difficulty (+8), to break through to the other side. Once you have opened the door, other Claimed Individuals and those that have been Marked can go with you. [The Bleak City]

Criminal Connections You have criminal contacts, mark two stress to declare you have a useful criminal contact. Your contact will still expect to be compensated for their time. If you meet a criminal NPC, you can mark three stress to declare that you know this NPC from previous criminal activity and have a positive relationship with them. Depending on the NPC this can have varied implications, but it always allows you to consider the NPC a friend for the sake ignoring complications on social interaction rolls.

Human Resilience You increase your number of stress boxes by 1. You can take this multiple times.

Native: Troll Muscle You have gained some of the supernatural strength of the bleak city that lets its denizens work stone and dig out tunnels. In a situation where physical strength you have +1 scale.


Born weighing over twelve pounds, Randall has always been a big boy, and very comfortable using that size to solve problems. In high school, he lost his temper and almost killed his stepfather and was institutionalized, when he thought he spent the entire time lost in a drug-induced haze. Instead, he went to the Bleak City where trolls taught him to cool his temper, in no small part through ice magic.

When he was in his early twenties, he tore a man’s arms off in a bar fight and caught the attention of … certain individuals who are aware that his strength is truly unnatural and continued to help him develop some of his other abilities. He recently became disenchanted with his work as an enforcer and has decided to come clean, but he’s not very good at being clean.