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Deadwood, with the moons Haven(r) and New Omaha(l)


This is a small town in a desolate area of Deadwood, a fairly desolate planet. Parliament is specifically out of the way, off the beaten trail, and difficult to get to. Parliament serves a meeting place for off-the-books trades, smuggling, and other illegal ventures. The feds intervene and raid the establishments there, but enough traffic keep people returning, that they are able to scrape out a living in the wilderness.

  • Summer 2522 - Remains a sparsely inhabited area. It did experience the so-called tumbleweed insurrection when a PDF outpost was set ablaze, and police shuttles were fired upon by land based forces. The PDF returned with greater fire power, and there was no sign of the resistance.

New Flagstaff[edit]

New Flagstaff.jpg

Walled City on the edge of Devil's Canyon. It sports a small star port. It is home to Beauregard "Beau" Garret (an old friend of Rachel's)