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Anwar Addae[edit]

Scraver Xeno-Archaeologist[edit]

Spotlight Points:

Template Name Scraver Template Name Xeno Archaeologist
Cultural Template Professional Template
General Abilities Value General Abilities Value
Scavenger Extraordinaire +8 Speed Without Thought +8
Obvious Mechanical Loopholes +7 Always Check For Traps +7
My Eyes Were Never Closed +7 Smuggling is Second Nature +7
Underground Network +6 Intuitive Second Republic Lore +6
Well A Bird Told Me Once +6 Bureaucratic Networks Are Simple +6
Now You See Me, Now You Don't +6 Delicate When Needed +6
This Rough Stuff Isn't So Bad +5 Artifact Hunter +5
I Guess a Scraver Tattoo is Fine +5 A Smattering of Alien History +5
Personality Abilities Value Personality Abilities Value
Excellent Synergy (Until You're Dead) +7 Dangerously Curious +7
Ignorantly Fearless +6 Meticulous Approach +6
Coincidentally Cunning +6 Trustworthy Naivety +6
Technical Jargon +5 Don't Let Me Into My Zone +5
Relationship Abilities Value Relationship Abilities Value
Scravers Are Starting To Get Suspicious Of My Luck +7 Harrison Syndicate Taught Me Well +7
The Hazat Writes My Checks +6 Deck Trusts Me +6
Church Is On My Trail +6 Cardiff University Enjoys (Some Of) My Work +6
I'm Pretty Common Myself +5 Velouria al-Malik is Searching +5
Template Name Psyche Wielder Template Name Second Era Republic Experiment
Trademark Template Trademark Template
General Abilities Value General Abilities Value
Third Eye Awakened +8 A Lot Tougher Than He Looks +8
Read Surface Thoughts +7 Anything You Can Do +7
Control Emotions +7 Rapid Cell Regeneration +7
Project Emotion +6 Nightvision +6
Dominate the Mind +6 Limit Release +6
Mindspeech +6 Déjà Vu Skillset +6
Read Surface Emotional State +5 The Nose Knows +5
Brain Blast +5 Relatively Painless +5
Personality Abilities Value Personality Abilities Value
Even I Don't Realize +7 Outsider's Unbiased Perspective +7
Flawless Memory +6 Still Finding My Morals +6
Trance Determination +6 Hidden Thirst to Survive +6
Oddly Empathetic +5 Kill'em With Kindness +5
Relationship Abilities Value Relationship Abilities Value
My Mentor Is Dead But His Memory Lives On +7 Why Did You Create Me? +7
The Eskatonic Order Has a Soft Spot +6 Others Are Hostile On Sight +6
Invisible Path Is Watching +6 Vau Are Hiding Something +6
Inquisitors Are Always Suspicious +5 Scravers Are Invested +5
Flaw Value Flaw Value
Prone to the Urge +6 Interested Parties Closing In +6
Template Name Template Name
Individuality Template Misc Template
General Abilities Value Temporary Abilities Value
Better Lucky Than Good +8
Mathematical Genius +7
I Breath Parkour +7
Berserker's Rage +6
Hiding In Plain Sight +6
Sleight of Hand +6
Musically Inclined +5
Trustworthy Smile +5
Personality Abilities Value Goals Value
I'll Protect My Friends +7 Who Am I? +7
I Don't Judge +6 I'd Like A Big Find Please +6
Palpable Confidence +6
Deceptive Honesty +5
Relationship Abilities Value Flaws Value
Thank You Dulhahn Harrison +7 Don't Stand So Close To Me +6
DeCaprio Family Covers My Tracks +6 Systematic Degeneration +6
No One Expects the Avesti Inquisition, Especially Me +6 Prone to the Urge +6
Ronnar Will Ride For Me +5 Interested Parties Closing In +6