Death in the House of Mnoren

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A Fantasy Trip Campaign, set in an alternate 1970s UK.

The Heirs[edit]

Blank Sheet, Name Goes Here[edit]

  • ST
  • DX
    • AdjDX
  • IQ
  • Talents:
  • Spells:
  • Notable Equipment:

Vijay Mnoren

  • ST 10
  • DX 10
    • AdjDX 10
  • IQ 14
  • MA 10

Gender: Man

Sexuality: Bisexual

  • Talents: Physicker (2), Master Physicker (2), Hindustani language (1), Tactics (1), Literacy (1), Guns (2), Swimming (1), Poet (1), Writing (1), Strategist (2)
  • Spells: n/a

Vijay joined the British Army and served as a doctor in the field. He still have your service revolver, although he would only consider carrying or using it (for anything but target practice) in the most desperate of situations. He engages in just the bare minimum of traditional religion to make it clear he isn't Anglican and that he cares about his ancestral history and origins, although of course he is a loyal subject of the crown, God Save the Queen and all that. He views yourself as a gentleman and a warrior-poet, but in reality he never saw much combat. His physician's duty of confidentiality has expanded to a sort of general discretion in his personality and temperment.

His younger sister is Chanda Mnoren. She seems to have decided to just continue studying indefinitely, without any real plan to accomplish anything, but he still loves her anyway. Both of them have the same violet eyes, which they’ve never seen on anyone else. They were raised by a single mother who always seemed to have plenty of money, and both of them were well-educated. She never told them anything about their biological father except that they carried his last name, and the letter from the solicitor was the first time they learned of him. Not being stupid, Vijay suspects that he must have moved her from the colonies to London and has continued to support her (and by extension Vijay and Chanda) financially ever since.

  • Notable Equipment: Doctor’s Bag. Revolver. Dress uniform. Sturdy leather suitcase. Odds and ends that add up to a sort of Buddhist shrine when placed on a mantelpiece or the like, including incense and a burner. A few vinyl records of traditional Indian music, along with the first Steely Dan album. He likes to wear jackets with lots of pockets, and unfailingly has a bag of some kind of sweets in one or more of them.









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