Deborah Seymour

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Deborah Seymour, is the daughter of Reverend Jim Seymour, a missionary and colonist to Muir. The Willow Sugar Plant was a hopeful project started shortly after Terraforming on Muir. She was highly intelligent and curious. While the colony was young, Deborah was sent to Osiris for her education. She attended medical school there but her educated was interrupted during her first year as an intern.
In the mean time, the plant failed economically, the townfolk scattered, and her mother died. Reverend Jim fell deep in to despair and found himself deep in bible revivalism. When Deborah returned she immediately went into the swamp to find local cures for illnesses and other problems. Something else happened, she had adopted the voodoo religion, and slowly transformed into Queenie Shayra, the voodoo priestess.

  • Seymour suffered from Prion disease.
  • Seymour suffered a massive overdose of Flame of the Dragon extract.(A local plant)
  • Arden successful performed brain surgery on her, but a result was massive memory loss. She has lost almost all her memories dating to sometime around medical school.