Delbert the Exterminator

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Delbert the Exterminator

Game: AnotherDayAnotherDelve


Race: Human

Class: Thief

Level: 1

XP: 2/8

Alignment: Neutral (Avoid detection or infiltrate a location)

Look: Delbert's a common man with common clothing and sad eyes, pretty flabby with cropped hair.


  • Strength 12 (+0)
  • Dexterity 16 (+2)
  • Constitution 13 (+1)
  • Intelligence 8 (-1)
  • Wisdom 9 (+0)
  • Charisma 15 (+1)

HP: 19 Damage: d8


Human Thief: When you spout lore or discern realities about criminal activities, take +1

Trap Expert

When you spend a moment to survey a dangerous area, roll+DEX.

  • On a 10+, hold 3.
  • On a 7–9, hold 1. Spend your hold as you walk through the area to ask these questions:
    • Is there a trap here and if so, what activates it?
    • What does the trap do when activated?
    • What else is hidden here?

Tricks of the Trade

When you pick locks or pockets or disable traps, roll+DEX.

  • On a 10+, you do it, no problem.
  • On a 7–9, you still do it, but the GM will offer you two options between suspicion, danger, or cost.


When you attack a surprised or defenseless enemy with a melee weapon, you can choose to deal your damage or roll+DEX.

  • On a 10+ choose two.
  • On a 7–9 choose one.
    • You don’t get into melee with them
    • You deal your damage+1d6
    • You create an advantage, +1 forward to you or an ally acting on it
    • Reduce their armor by 1 until they repair it

Flexible Morals

When someone tries to detect your alignment you can tell them any alignment you like.


You’ve mastered the care and use of a poison. Choose a poison from the list below; that poison is no longer dangerous for you to use. You also start with three uses of the poison you choose. Whenever you have time to gather materials and a safe place to brew you can make three uses of the poison you choose for free. Note that some poisons are applied, meaning you have to carefully apply it to the target or something they eat or drink. Touch poisons just need to touch the target, they can even be used on the blade of a weapon.

  • Oil of Tagit (applied): The target falls into a light sleep
  • Bloodweed (touch): The target deals -1d4 damage ongoing until cured
  • Goldenroot (applied): The target treats the next creature they see as a trusted ally, until proved otherwise
  • Serpent’s Tears (touch): Anyone dealing damage to the target rolls twice and takes the better result.


Load 7/9

  • Rapier (close, precise, 1 weight)
  • Leather Armor (1 armor, 1 weight)
  • Three doses of Bloodweed (Touch, target deals -1d4 damage ongoing until cured)
  • Adventuring Gear (1 weight)
  • Rations (1 weight) - 5
  • Ragged Bow (near, 2 weight) and bundle of arrows (2 ammo, 1 weight)
  • 10 coins


  • I stole something from Seranna .
  • Kyouko has my back when things go wrong.
  • Hawthorne knows incriminating details about me.
  • Lindorell and I have a con running.


Delbert takes his role as an exterminator seriously. He's not very young anymore, or very fit, but he manages to carry himself with a rascality which doesn't make his weight an impediment to his work. He's very matter of fact about his job, which is to go into dungeons, clean out the vermin and take whatever treasure he can for him and his team. He's not much about making the world better, but has no problem being comfortable himself and making sure his friends are flush as well. It makes him pretty likeable as a result.

Although he has the skills of a thief, he doesn't consider himself one. No, he was well trained as an exterminator, and even has a license from the Barony of Hendspar to prove his training. Delving is dangerous work, and they found it more trouble than it was worth to let untrained miscreants and layouts stumble around, open up doors and let loose all kinds of vermin, monsters and plagues upon the world. No, such work requires education and on the job training, and the Barony saw fit to sponsor those with promise to do incredibly dangerous things underground. He knows he is not what would be considered a smart man, and therefore sticks to what he knows; cleaning out delves.