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Delilah - Polaris Class Cargo Liner
First Episode 101
Built 2430
Kind Mid-Sized Cargo Liner
Ship Name Delilah
Legal Status Hazardous Waste Notice
Pulse Beacon 4159358072
Age 95
Manufacturer Trans-Universal Shipping
Arms Unarmed
Engines D6
Hull D8 (D10)
Systems D6 (D8)
Class Polaris
Misunderestimated: Step Up or Double any Attribute Die. Spend a plot point to do both. Afterwards the ship is Taken Out until repaired.
History Been Around the Verse
Customization Muscle Ship
Moves like a fish, steers like a cow: When pouring on the speed. Step up or Double Engine Die, or use a Plot Point to do both. When used for maneuvering any complication is stepped up.
Tonnage 35,000
Cargo 20,000
Length 394
Beam 80/260
Decks 5
Signature Assets
Signature Assets Turbo Thruster D6
Medical Bay D6
Casino D6
Machine Shop D6

Polaris Class Cargo Liner[edit]

This ship is 95 years old, ancient even by Rim standards. The hull is patched, the engines (Capissen 38 Mark I) jury-rigged and the interior is well... interesting. The ship has been renovated and retro-fitted several times over its long life. Most recently it was in the process of demolition of the interior when finances dried up. The ship can fly, barely, but amenities are all but non-existent. The interior appears stripped down to the bulkheads with temporary piping, and scaffolding separating the ship into 5 decks.
Deck 1 - Cargo - Vehicles
Deck 2 -Cargo - Environmental
Deck 3 - Crew Quarters - Infirmary - Engineering
Deck 4 - Bridge - Passengers
Deck 5 - Galley

Link to One Page Deck Plans


  • Standard Shuttle - Alliance Navy Markings
  • Heavy Duty Skiff
  • Robot M.U.L.E (Multifunctional Utility Logistics Equipment vehicle)
  • Six Vacc Suits
  • Three 4 man Escape Pod

Shuttle.jpg Skiff.png Robomule.png Vaccsuit.jpg

Past Crew[edit]

Paul Angle
First Mate
Kevin Chow
Helena Rook
Fredrick "Pipes" Piper
Chief Engineer
Jaime Valasquez
Junior Engineer
Shanta Ghandi
Juan Cimarro
Freddie Piper

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