Demesne of Tragal

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A Kingdom destroyed by raiders and gifted to Amber.


Originally a tributary Principality of Thelusia. The Principality was founded in antiquity by Duke Jarsag Gresba al a Tragal when the Kingdom of Thelusia created him Prince.

Over many generations the Gresba line was always fragile, rarely producing more then one heir in a generation. Consequently it rarely had dynastic trouble. Several cadet branches died off in time.

The region was a breadbasket region for Thelusia though in practical term it was easier to trade and provide its produce to Amber then to Thelusia because of the trade routes crossing shadow. Tragal produced grains, fruits, root vegetables like potatoes. It had vast juniper forests. Tragal produced vast supplies of gin and vodkas

In the Amber year 3791 raiders from the realm of Wiermeinkenor attacked the principality with extreme powers and caused widespread destruction. While the forces of Thelusia tried defending the realm their forces were destroyed due to particularities of the lycanthropic forces of the Wiermein. Troops led by princes Benedict, Julian, Gerard & Random arrived and slew the Wiermein and followed them in to their homeland to destroy their access to Tragal.

In the end all of the royal line was slain save for an elderly king. In despair he committed suicide and gifted the realm to Amber.

Tragal became a Demesne of Amber ruled by a Regent or Governor.


The people of Tragal are basically a Thelusian race with a series of skin colors from albino white to deep black. They have Chaos level strength as do most thelusians. Several migrations over the year interbred with the original natives creating a distinctive appearance for Tragalians. For unknown reasons the normally racially strict Thelusians interbred eagerly with incoming peoples.

  • Dreanans: In the ancient days of the realm a large migration of Dreanans serfs came at the request of the kingdom of Thelusia to increase the number of laborers. Within 100 years the Dreanans had interbred with the Thelusian natives. This has given the population something of a stockier look then normal thelusians. It also occasioned the surprising appearance of Dreanan Blues among the Tragalian.
  • Resdalil; Soon after the creation of the Kingdom of Amber a people called the Resadili came into Tragal fleeing Weirmeniers. Prince Benedict and his young siblings Eric. Corwin & Deirdre came and fought the Weirmeniers decisively. The Resadili chose not to return to their ruined homeland and settled in Tragal. They were a short strong people with many approaching Amber strength. They tend toward pale skin with hints of green and blue coloration. they are a clever people and are excellent in crafts and mechanics. much pf the merchant community in Tragal has their roots here.
  • Dwiielein; The Dwiiel are a dwarven race. A company of a hundred arrived here to help constuct certain fortifications after the war against the Weirmen. The remained, got involved in mining and construction, interbreeding in time.

Notable Elements of Tragal[edit]

  • There are a dozen noble families all of which over the years have been offered the chance to reclaim independence for Tragal and all have declined, preferring the status of protected realm under a regent of Amber.
  • While Tragal supplies a small number of troops to the military of Amber it has produced a few heroes.