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The infamouse Nine-Hundred and Ninety-Nine Universal Sexual Sutras, though little more than cheap pornography, do have one redeeming feature - they help chronicle the phenomena of the Daemon Touched.

Many of the...poses advocated by that guide are physically impossible for the three sentient races present at this time : Humans, Dragon Kings and Inmills. The conclusion we are left with is that this guide was written to prepare the lesser races for encounters with a primordial or one of their souls, since gods at this time were universally anthropomorphic. Such beings so 'blessed' became known as Daemon Touched, due mostly to the fact that in the Dragon King tongue, 'Daemon' was their word for 'Primordial'.

The corruption of this word to Demon, and its subsequent proliferation in use to describe primordial souls can be attributed largely to the efforts of a Dragon King teacher named Kaer'jesssrk.


Nine-Hundred and Ninety-Nine Universal Sexual Sutras




-Ledu Budehi, August Chronicler of Art in an address to the Shogunate School of Sensual Pleasure