Dennis "Denny" Plowman

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Denny Plowman is a character in the "SWN: On the Perimeter" campaign for the Stars Without Number RPG system.

Player: RookieRPG ( Rook )

PC Name: Dennis "Denny" Plowman

Class: Expert

Level: 1

Background: Explorer

Training: Engine Crew

Homeworld: Qetesh (Jessup)

Language: English, Chinese

Special Ability: Like a Charm


27 Year old Male of Chinese/English descent. 6'0 , 200lbs, Blue eyes. Brown hair. Wearing an oil-stained "deadhog" t-shirt.


Strength: 9 (+0)

Intelligence: 15 (+1)

Dexterity: 14 (+1)

Wisdom: 13 (+0)

Constitution: 14 (+1)

Charisma: 6 (-1)


Weapon: Revolver (1d8) (98rds)

Hit Points: 5

Armor Class: 7 ( leather Jack)

Attack Bonus: 0

Movement: 20


Physical: 16

Mental: 15

Evasion: 12

Technology: 11

Luck: 14


Spacer: 1

Exosuit: 1

Postech: 1

Athletics: 0

Navigation: 0

Perception: 0

Projectile: 0

Land Vehicle: 0


Credits: 640

XP: 750



Leather Jack AC:7

Revolver (100rds)

Vacc Suit w 02(4hrs)

Postech Toolkit


Stowed ((Pickup Truck)):

Survival Kit

Backpack (Binoculars)

4 Rations

3 Thermal Flares

5 Type A power cells


Denny grew up in Jessup on Qetesh his father is of Chinese descent from the forbidden city who moved away because he didn't fit in. Married an english woman on Qetesh and opened a mechanics shop for the hydroponic agricultural equipment. Denny grew up in this mechanic shop and learned the trade. However because of his fathers demanding work ethic he felt overworked. 5 years ago now his father died in a farming accident and left the business to his business partner instead of his family. With more free time now Denny has found an interest in exploration and has spent time exploring the Alien Ruins on Qetesh. He started working for The Perimeter Agency and takes every opportunity to go off world to see new sights.