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Agent Name: Dennis Kosumi aka Stephen Lambert
Code Name: BLUEJAY
Profession: Special Operator / Author
Nationality: USA / Native American Miwok Nation
Sex (Age): Male (46)
Education: High school graduate, USAF SERE (Survival, Evasion, Resistance, and Escape) instructor, USAF Combat Diver, Army Airborne Parachutist
Military Free-fall Parachutist (HALO), Underwater Egress, Pararescue Recovery Specialist, Emergency Medical Technician



Score x5 What Others Notice
Strength 12 60
Constitution 15 75 relentless
Dexterity 14 70 moves with precision
Intelligence 11 55
Power 10 50
Charisma 5 25 paranoid

Derived Attributes[edit]

Current Maximum
Hit Points (HP) 12 13
Willpower (WP) 10 10
Sanity (SAN) 27 40
Breaking Point (BP) 17 30

Incidents of SAN loss without going insane[edit]

Violence X X X adapted
Helplessness O O O adapted


Blackwater contractors 5
Jim Granger, CIA handler 5

Motivations and Mental Disorders[edit]


  • That Others May Live (motto of USAF Pararescue)
  • Someone has to deal with this shit
  • Collect more true-to-life details for the writing
  • Never let the truth get out
  • Meet that fucking thing again, and blow its brains out

Mental Disorders[edit]

  • Traumatic Background: Things Man Was Not Meant to Know
  • Adapting to Violence (-5 CHA)
  • Paranoia (caused by Brice opening the dimensional rift)


Total Total Total
Accounting (10%) First Aid (10%) 40 Science (0%)
Alertness (20%) 60 Forensics (0%) Search (20%)
Anthropology (0%) Heavy Weapons (0%) 50 SIGINT (0%)
Archeology (0%) History (10%) Stealth (10%) 70
Art (0%): Writer 20 HUMINT (10%) Surgery (0%)
Artillery (0%) Law (0%) Survival (10%) 70
Athletics (30%) 60 Medicine (0%) Swim (20%) 50
Bureaucracy (10%) Melee Weapons (30%) 70 Unarmed Combat (40%) 60
Computer Science (0%) Military Science (0%): Land 60 Unnatural (0%) 12
Craft (0%): Foreign Languages and Other Skills:
Criminology (10%) Navigate (10%) 70
Demolitions (0%) 40 Occult (10%) 20
Disguise (10%) Persuade (20%)
Dodge (30%) Pharmacy (0%)
Drive Auto (20%) Pilot (0%):
Drive Heavy Machine (10%) Psychotherapy (10%)
Firearms (20%) 80 Ride (10%)

Physical Injuries and Ailments[edit]

Has First Aid been attempted since your last injury? If yes, only Medicine, Surgery, or long-term rest can help further

Armor and Equipment[edit]

  • .357 revolver with three speed-loaders
  • Type IIA body armor (worn under clothes; 3 points of armor)
  • One government-issue encrypted smartphone and accessories
  • One "FBI jacket" (i.e., that blue jacket with "FBI" stenciled on the back)
  • One set of fake FBI credentials, Derrick Spanger
  • First responder's bag (+20% to four First Aid rolls)
  • Tactical flashlight
  • Combat knife
  • Duffle bag with tactical armor and a Mossberg 590A1 Tactical shotgun and box of shells

Body armor reduces the damage of all attacks except Called Shots and successful Kill Damage.


Skill % Base Range Damage Armor Piercing Kill Damage Kill Radius Shots
.357 80 20m 1d12 6
shotgun 80 2d10/1d10/1d6 5
combat knife 70 1d6+1 3

Personal Details, Work Performance, Special Training and Other Notes[edit]

At 18, Dennis Kosumi enlisted in the Air Force and was assigned to Air Force Special Operations Command, where he became a PJ (Pararescue Jumper), a Special Forces commando and medic responsible for finding and rescuing downed airmen. He saw action in Desert Storm and Mogadishu, eventually becoming a SERE instructor at Lackland AF Base. Recruited in 1998 by Blackwater as an instructor in their new training facility, he served as an extractions specialist with the military contractor during the Afghanistan and Iraq wars, working closely with the CIA inside and outside the theater of war. In 2010, he was reassigned within Blackwater to work with the Air Force Office of Special Investigations, ostensibly to advise the OSI in their investigations of airmen who had been behind enemy lines for extended periods of time. That assignment does not explain, however, the security clearance he operated under, the clandestine nature of his work, or the macabre event that precipitated his departure from full-time contractual military work.

Since 2012, Kosumi has operated as an author of military and conspiracy fiction under the pen-name Stephen Lambert, though he remains on the payroll of Blackwater and consults for both the CIA and the Air Force on special assignment.

Bluejay is wearing beige tactical pants and combat boots, with a black tactical vest over his body armor and under his blue FBI windbreaker. He's dark-skinned with vaguely Asiatic features. Anyone familiar with Native Americans would probably recognize him as one, but others folks might think he was SE Asian. His greying black hair is close-cropped, and his steel-grey eyes are shrouded.

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