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Name: Cathak Vyric

Concept: Informally Disowned Dynast (Knight Errant)

Virtue: Valor Flaw: Foolhardy Contempt

Languages: Flametongue, High Realm (Native), Low Realm, Riverspeak

Motivation: I am a worthy scion of House Cathak and I will prove it to my House elders.

Intimacies: Even disavowed from its ranks, I will still cross daiklaves with anyone who threatens House Cathak.

I will never allow Shimmer, my rightful family heirloom, to be taken away from me.

My loyalty is to my Brotherhood because they support me and my quest for redemption.

I am in love with Casia, an un-Exalted mortal girl from the South.

Chiaroscuro is now my home and I will defend it from those who wish to conquer it.

Exaltation: Dragon-Blooded Aspect: Fire

Traits: Air 3, Earth 5, Fire 5, Water 2, Wood 1

Specialties: Melee 6, Stealth 4

Charms: Melee (Excellent, Multiple, Reaching, Supernatural), Stealth (Excellent, Supernatural)

Backgrounds: Artifact 1, Artifact 2, Breeding 3

Anima Effect: Discern Direction of the Elemental Pole of Fire (1m), +1 Fire Damage to Unarmed Attacks and Fire Immunity (1m/Scene)

Anima Flux: At 4+ mote expenditure, a damaging elemental nimbus forms causing 1 Wound/Turn to others at touch range.

Endowment: Harmonize anima with up to Essence/2 other Terrestrial allies, allowing the use of their personal Charms. (1m/Scene)

PDV: 4 Soak: 5 MDV: 4

Health Levels: -0 (x1), -1 (x2), -3 (x2), Taken Out

Essence: 3 Mote Pool: 8

Gear: Jade-alloy Chain Shirt (Soak +2), Shimmer Jade-alloy Daiklave (Damage +2, Initiative +1, PDV +1)

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