Detective Sergeant Jhon Minuur

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Detective Sergeant Jhon Minuur[edit]

Jhon Minuur Imperial Detective Police STR DEX END INT EDU SOC

8 7 4 8 9 5

Hits Terms Age TL Pension Rank

57 5 39 10 Cr5,000 First Sergeant (E7 )

Skills Streetwise-5, Interrogation-4, Handgun-3, Admin-3, Liaison-2, Computer-2, Medical-1, Legal-1, Wheeled-0, Vacc Suit-0

Bank balance Material Benefits and notes Cr10,000 Weapon-1, Low-1 Homeworld codes: Port: A, Size: Medium, Atmosphere: Dense, Hydrographics: Dry, Population: Mod, Law: High, Tech Level: Average Stellar. Untrained (latent) PSI=0

Medals/Bonuses Wound Medal x2 Citation x1

He always struggled with poor health (started with a 5) and he struggled to improve it (Had a few +Ends, but failed enough aging rolls) He never let that stop him. Being wounded in the line of duty twice, he has a healthy and cautious view of violence. He got the citation for resolving a hostage situation the sprang about form a drug bust gone bad.

Later He worked behind a desk a lot, and grew practiced in dealing with redtape bulsh*t, and was often the lead interrogator. This lead him into contact with some pathetic dissident elements. The law was crushing the people of his home world, and he was a part of it. Finally he had enough, knowing he couldn't change the system, retired, and used his low passage to go as far as he could, and ended up in Wardn.

They were looking for experienced peace officers, and their laws were relaxed compared to what he was used to.