Devin Brandt

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This is a Wicked Pacts character played by Chronicler in the campaign, Supernatural Law.

Devin.jpg Quote: "There can be no darkness where there is light."

Bloodline: Angel-Blooded Archetype: Seer
Arcana: The Sun Scene Points: 3
Languages: English 4, Enochian 4, French 4, Latin 4

Strength: 3 Intelligence: 4
Reflexes: 3 Charisma: 3
Health: 3 Willpower: 4

Initiative: 1d8+3+2 Move: 9
Hit Points: 32 Magic Points: 35
Heal Rate: 6 Magic Recovery Rate: 4
Damage Bonus: +1d3

Danger Sense: You can't be ambushed. And you get a +2 bonus to Initiative.
Third Eye: You can view someone's aura and get a strong sense of what motivates them. (3/Session)
Fine Looks: You get a -2 TN bonus to all social Skill rolls where the other party can see you.
Petty Magic: You have access to all the Spells on the Petty Magic List. You cast them using Magic Lore (Petty) + INT.
Strong-Willed: You get a -2 TN bonus to all Willpower Saving Throws.

Marked: You bear a supernatural mark that is like a beacon to anyone who can sense magic. And it seems to provoke creatures (particularly Demons and Devils) into attacking you.

Athletics: 2d8
Augury: 2d10
Brawling: 2d8
Dodge: 2d8
Magic Lore (General): 2d10
Magic Lore (Petty): 2d8
Magic Lore (Seer): 2d10
Observation: 2d8
Occultism: 2d10
Persuasion: 2d8
Pistols: 2d8
Police Sciences: 2d8
Streetwise: 2d8

Mind Shield: 2d8
Recall Past Events: 2d10
Telekinesis: 2d10
+ Telekinetic Attack: (2d10)
+ Telekinetic Defense: (2d10)
Telepathy: 2d10
Cure Wounds: 2d8
Revealing Eye: 2d8
Sunlight: 2d10
Petty (2d8)
Breeze, Clean/Polish Item, Color, Create Light, Dry, Faire Music, Freshen Food, Heat, Hide/See Item, Invisible Cook/Server, Levitate, Long Distance Whisper, Minor Alarm, Minor Illusions, Moisten, Page Turner, Perfume, Prestidigitation, Repel Insects, Seduction Charm, Soil, Smoke Cloud, Summon Small Flame, Swarm of Butterflies, Throw Voice/Sound, Tie/Untangle/Untie, Write/See Invisible Messages

Healing Potion, Power Elixir, Ruby Dust, Shield Talisman (+2 Protection to all Hit Locations)

CharlieCard (Bus & Subway Fare), Debit Card, Driver's License, Keyring w/ Keys, Laptop Computer, Light Pistol, Messenger Bag, MMA Gym Membership Card, Petty Cash, Smartphone, Wallet, Wristwatch

Basic Evidence Collection Kit, Cell Phone, Collapsible Baton, Extra Ammunition, Field Radio, Handcuffs, Kevlar Vest, Laptop Computer, Medium Pistol, Multi-Tool Pocket Knife, Police Badge, Security Pass w/ Photo ID, Shoulder Holster


In the eternal war between Heaven and Hell, there are a handful of bloodlines being fostered by Angels for their own purposes. Devin, through his mother's side, belongs to one such angelic lineage. And as a distant branch of the Merovingian[1] dynasty, he has inherited the talents and power of a Seer.

Born to an unassuming middle-class family in the small town of Carlisle just northwest of Boston, with a deputy sheriff for a father (Michael), an elementary school teacher for a mother (Diane), and a teenage sister (Margaret) still in high school, Devin has led a relatively normal life, aside from being trained in the ways of magic. With plans to follow in his father's footsteps in law enforcement, he moved to Boston to attend college and subsequently enrolled in the Police Academy upon graduation.

After joining the Occult Crimes Division of the Massachusetts State Police, where his Seer abilities have proven to be particularly useful, Devin now finds himself embroiled in the political machinations of Heaven and Hell. However, determined not to merely be a pawn in the grand scheme of things, he is ambitiously attempting to make a name for himself among the Celestial Host. The Angels have need of unbound human agents and he is willing to cooperate if the terms are right.

[1] In truth, the Merovingians have no direct ties to Jesus of Nazareth, but the widespread fiction has served as a convenient cover for Angels to coopt the bloodline.