Devlin "Horus" Prescott

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NAME: Devlin Prescott
CONCEPT: Hierarch's Rebellious Son
VIRTUE: Fortitude
VICE: Pride
ORDER: Mastigos
PATH: Silver Ladder

Personal Details[edit]



General Idea: The Hierarch (or a significant Councilor) of St. Paul's Consilium is in a losing fight against time (possibility: terminal illness?), and is desperately attempting to groom his only son to take his place. However, he has kept his illness a secret from everyone (including his son) because if it was publicly known, then his weakness would be immediately exploited by his enemies. But the thought of the turmoil that his passing, and the subsequent power vacuum, would bring, terrifies him. It's certainly not the legacy that he wishes to leave behind. Due to this fear, he has tried to mold every aspect of his son's life, and although he is doing it for his benefit, it has manifested as him coming across as overly-controlling.

And now his son, ignorant of his father's condition, is starting to rebel against his machinations (example: by running off to join a new cabal). He's trying to find/gain his own independence against the yoke of duty that he feels has been unfairly placed upon his shoulders, since it wasn't a burden that he had chosen to bear in the first place. (i.e. I am not my father - I am my own man.)

Additional Ramblings: So I see this as a son vs. father, resentment vs. love, and independence vs. duty kind of thing, against the backdrop of everything else that might be going on within the campagin. And opposing factions would gain a lot by wooing or eliminating him as well.


The Shadow Name "Horus" was given to Devlin by his father. Appropriately, it adheres to the Egyptian theme of the Black Pyramid cabal. And it is interesting to note that, "Horus was the patron of young men and the ideal of the dutiful son who grows up to become a just man. And his most popular story is the one in which he grows to manhood to avenge the death of his father Osiris by battling against his cruel uncle Set. In many writings, he is said to continue to battle Set daily to ensure the safety of the world." (Talk about loaded connotations, sheesh. )

Skills and skill specialties were chosen to reflect a politically-oriented upbringing.

Game Stats[edit]


MENTAL: Intelligence 2, Wits 2, Resolve 3
PHYSICAL: Strength 2, Dexterity 2, Stamina 3
SOCIAL: Presence 3, Manipulation 2, Composure 3


Mental Skills: Academics 2, Occult 2, Politics (Consilium) 3
Physical Skills: Athletics 2, Brawl 2
Social Skills: Empathy (Motives) 2, Intimidation 2, Persuasion 3, Socialize 2, Subterfuge (Spotting Lies) 2

-*Rote Specialties: Expression, Persuasion, Subterfuge


Health: 8
Willpower: 6
Wisdom: 7

Size: 5
Speed: 9
Initiative: 5
Defense: 2
Armor: 4 (Misperception, Mind 2)
Mental Shield: 4 (Mind 2)


Gnosis: 2
Mana: 7 (max: 11, 2/turn)
Innate: Pattern Restoration (1/day), Pattern Scouring (1/day), Unseen Sense
Nimbus: "Ghost Falcon" (Translucent image of a majestic falcon of golden hue with large outstretched wings covered in hellfire hieroglyphics, superimposed over Devlin's head and body.)


Mind 4, Space 3, Spirit 2

Dedicated Magical Tools[edit]

Small gold ankh on a fine silver chain.


High Speech 1
Barfly 1
Resources 4
Status (Consilium) 1
Status (Silver Ladder) 2
Striking Looks 2

two points donated to the cabal 1 for hallow and 1 for sanctum