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Diaspora Adaptations: Diaspora Does Dallas[edit]

The intent is for this page to be the hub for archiving and collating the various Diaspora (Diaspora SRD) hacks that are floating around out there. That said, if you happen to be working on a hack yourself, feel free to add it!

Cowboy Bebop[edit]

Author: The Unshaven

A crew of bounty-hunters try to keep themselves afloat in a solar system marked by a disaster that ruined Earth, and attempt to avoid their pasts catching up with them.

A Miracle of Science[edit]

Author: The Unshaven
"A Miracle of Science" comic

An investigator for a police force that was formed to track down Mad Scientists is unwillingly partnered with a representative of the vastly intelligent telepathic gestalt that is Mars. The two of them try to track down one such Mad Scientist bent on, wait for it, WORLD DOMINATION.


Author: The Unshaven

The trials and tribulations of an overworked, underpaid, and underappreciated crew of EVA technicians who work as janitorial staff for Earth's orbit, cleaning up debris to prevent accidents.

Mass Effect[edit]

Author: Reaganstorme

Mass Effect is a science-fiction role-playing action video game developed by BioWare where the main story revolves around the quest to find and stop a rogue special agent, which then uncovers a plot threatening the entire galaxy.

Includes an updated copy of the character sheet.

Contains more than 100 characters, ships and other threats grouped by affiliation, and cross referenced in the back by skill cap level.

Contains more than 50 CCG style full colour handouts of ME2 and ME3's signature weapons.

EDIT 3/7/2012 - Main file updated to include content from Mass Effect 2 and 3. EDIT 26/9/2012 - Mirror to main file, and N7 Operations links added.

Eclipse Phase[edit]

Author: Democritus

Eclipse Phase is a rpg set in a glorious but unstable transhumanist future where mankind is constantly threatened with extinction. It's