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Dice & Glory is a tabletop pen & paper roleplaying game first published as a "Lite" version in late 2006 and later the Core Rulebook in Febuary 2007 by Ranger Games.

  • The system has a simplified character class mechanic using "skeletal" classes which determines only the most basic class bonuses. It also allows for zero level characters.
  • The magic system uses a casting check to determine if a known spell was cast or not and is designed modularly allowing players and Game Masters to write their own spells.
  • It has a turn-based combat system which uses base attribute modifier driven rolls along with combat manuevers, moves such as flying kick or uppercut. The combat system also has a level system independent from that of character classes.
  • The psionics system is skill based separating individual psychic powers into attribute based skill checks. Psychics can attempt various effects and their success is gauged by the psionic power check.
  • Weapons are primarily constructed from several statistics allowing for a wide range of weapon types. Weapons are also partly based on attribute modifiers.
  • The armor system uses a Damage Reduction and Hit Point system allowing armor to protect but to also take damage.
  • All other supernatural abilities are termed Uncanny Abilities and are presented in a modular fashion breaking down these abilities into statistics. These powers are based on skill type attribute dependent "power checks". Uncanny abilities are built from general categories determining their nature and filling in the varying statistics needed for gameplay.
  • The experience system is point reliant but uses them in "cash-in" system. That is allowing players to "buy" certain perks such as feats, combat and class levels which expends experience points.