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This great realm sits at the crossroads of the 3 main branches of land based paths leading into Amber. it is here that many of the shadow paths from many points in shadow connect to the Jeweled Road. Several of the great sea lanes connect here and they merge into the one sea lane that reaches into Amber on the surfaces of the sea. Diega has a love/hate relationship with Amber. The royalty and nobility of Diega are closely allied to Amber. The gentry and populace, though mostly acknowledging that antipathy to Amber is not in Diega's interest, nonetheless frequently complain about the intrusion into their affairs. Imagine Canada with a strong sence of national pride that has to deal with the USA being its close ally.

Numbers between 1/20th and 1/15th of the Amber Military forces are of Diegan origin, especially in the Navy, Guard, & Police forces. Diegans often leave Amber service to enter the enormous private military industry, supplying caravan guards for travel into the deeper portions of shadow.

Diega has strongly growing Republican movement among the young. It is representative of the spread of education and commerce that the Jeweled Road and expanded shadow exchanges has brought into this already cosmopolitan realm. It is expressed in an active student cafe scene and a thriving club scene.