Dieter Halstadt

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Name: Dieter Halstadt is a character in JerekKruger's The Enemy Within campaign.

Race: Human Current Career: Student Previous Careers: None
Height: Weight: Eyes: Hair:
Age: 23 Distinguishing Features: Siblings: Star Sign: The Two Bullocks

Main WS BS S T Ag Int WP Fel
Starting 33 27 30 31 37 38 29 38
Advance - - - - +10%* +10%* +5%* +10%
Current 33 27 30 31 42 43 34 38
Secondary A W SB TB M Mag IP FP
Starting 1 10 3 3 4 0 0 3
Advance - +2* - - - - - -
Current 1 11 3 3 4 0 0 3

Skills: Common Knowledge (the Empire) (Int), Gossip (Fel), Speak (Riekspiel) +10% (Int), Consume Alcohol, Search (Int), Perception (Int), Read/Write (Int), Speak Language (Classical) (Int), Academic Knowledge (Engineering) (Int), Academic Knowledge (Strategy/Tactics) (Int).

Talents: Ambidextrous (no penalty for using weapon in off-hand), Acute Hearing (+20% bonus on Perception checks that involve listening), Savvy (+5 Int), Super Numerate (+10 to Gamble and Navigation tests and +20 to Perception tests involving estimation), Linguistics.

Weapons: Hand Weapon (d10+SB), Dagger (d10+SB-3)

Armor: None

Equipment: Common clothing consisting of red doublet, calico shirt, parti-coloured red and red/white striped hosen, worn boots and a tattered grey cloak. Dagger in scabbard behind purse. Scrip containing a blanket, wooden tankard, and wooden cutlery. Arming sword. Purse holding 8 gilder. Writing kit. Two texts; Epitoma Rei Militaris and De Architectura.

Background: Dieter is home after being away, studying at Nuln until his funds ran out (and so did he; owing a few debts and thieving a few books, although that's nothing unusual for students). He dreams of being an engineer and creating great works, and secretly dreading being stuck in Witgewalden. He is the son of the miller, which is why he could afford to go to university, and was supposed to be studying law in an effort to raise the family in social rank. If he hadn't drunk himself stupid and barfed his breakfast on the Dean of Law's cloak he may well have continued studying in that line. At least nothing was proven, but he wasn't welcome in the faculty of law henceforth. He has come back home after the last few crowns grew wings and flew out of his purse, home to his father's ire, his mother's disappointment and home to a huge desire to get the hell out again.

Dieter has always been very fond of Stella, fond to the point of infatuation if you want to be realistic. Where some see a sickly child, Dieter sees a fragile beauty. He wrote to her while he was away, an exercise in futility owing to the absolute lack of post to Witgewalden, but he did it anyway. He secretly wanted to raise himself in her estimation by studying in the great city and coming back the hero with many achievements