Dieter Harting

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Dieter Harting is a human Valet from Middenheim.


Age: 19 Sex: Male Eyes: Pale Grey Weight: 145lbs Hair: Dark Brown Height: 5'6" Birthsign: Rhya's Cauldron Siblings: 1 brother Distinguising Features: Missing Nail


A charming character from a new middle class family in the Osttor district of Middenheim. Unlike his brother he has not been sent to university in his own right, instead he has had to enroll as a servant to someone who has. Augustus Steiner has taken him under his wing, and though fortunately for Dieter he's a somewhat lethargic master there is always the danger that his rather stricter father takes an interest, a man who finds no shame in beating a servant bloody.

Dieter often feels somewhat frustrated that it was this or join the military. As he see's it he'd rather go blind reading books than get stabbed by some horrible creature in the forest. His eldest brother has been slightly more successful than he has, he was sent to the Theological academy and takes delight in mocking his younger brother at the university from the safety of the Sigmarite church.


Starting Current
WS 30 -
BS 30 -
S 36 -
T 36 -
Ag 31 - (SM)
Int 34 39 +5
Per 35 -
WP 33 -
Fel 30 40 +10

Starting Current
A 1 -
SB 3 -
TB 3 -
M 4 -
IP 0 -
FP 3 -

Known Skills: Academic Knowledge (Genealogy/Heraldry) Blather Common Knowledge (the Empire)Evaluate Gossip Haggle Perception Read/Write Search Speak Language (Breton) Speak Language (Reikspiel)
Known Talents: Dealmaker Etiquette Resistance to Disease Suave
Trappings: Clothing (Common) Cologne Dagger Hand Weapon Purse Sling bag (with blanket, wooden tankard, wooden cutlery) Tattered Cloak Two sets Clothing (best) Uniform, 13 GC


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