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Digan, the Ruby Mage, Archmage. Lord of Chaos.

A wizard who paid dark prices to dominate the shadow of his birth, and eventually became a Lord of Chaos, if only a minor one. Once the leader of a council of mages he used mighty forces to weld together magic of great power.

But shadow is full of such men. This one became what he became what he is because the Black Road War ran bloodily through his realm soon after he became a Lord of Chaos. His position in the world, and his fresh passage through the Logrus, allowed the Black Road to swerve easily through his world, and it totally ruined it.

Digan was barely able to call all the magical items and artifacts together to escape his darkened realm. As the forces of his shattered world fought hopeless battles against the chaos creatures Digan had given entrance to he turned on his new allegiances and defended them, nearly to the death.

Beaten, the Black road wide through his world, and now hunted by the Chaos he briefly served, Digan began traveling in shadow. Once the Jeweled Road appeared he began traveling it frequently, making a name for himself as a mighty defender of the travelers on the road.

His realm of birth was in the York shadows where the Black Road swerved through them. He is associated with CHAD now in some manner and can be found in the Palace Commons sometimes.

Running Sheet Digan