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The conversation with the one you guys thought was Shadows' fetch went like this: Other Side: "Hello"

Theresa writes back. "I'm Theresa. What's your name?"

Writing: "We don't have those out here." "But some people say we'll get them in a year or two."

<Theresa> *writes* "Then how are you addressed?"

Writing: "As 'sir', please."

Writing: "Tell James that we miss him."

Theresa: "We missed him too."

Theresa: "How do you know James?"

Writing: "It's complicated."

Writing: "I knew his... there isn't a word. The person his father had been before he died and turned into something else?"

Theresa: "You mean...Kudzu?"

Writing: "Who's that?"

<@Random_Nerd> (Notice, here, that the conversation does not seem to be with the individual that sent the note.) <@Random_Nerd> (Or else it's lying.)

Theresa: "Powerful guy, leaves and bricks and growth and courage."

Writing: "We don't have those things here. I could get him over to talk to you, but he isn't... nearby."

Theresa: "Oh and by the way, do you happen to know why you want Creation?"

Writing: "I don't want Creation."

Writing: "But I'll ask the person that died and became James' father if he knows anything about bricks and leaves."

Theresa: "Thank you."

Writing: "I believe this is yours."

And then Gnomely came back.