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Class: Masked

Refresh: Show someone they should not have underestimated you.

Durance: Acolyte

Disraeli spent his durance serving the aelfir cleric Yun Reflects-The-Glow, and his deep experience within the Solar Basilica has marked him. Seeing the heart of Solar Pantheon worship has shown him how antithetical the aelfir who display them in their own image are to the Damnou and the drow. The Ministry is happy to have a drow with deep knowledge of aelfir society secular and divine. And someone who can plan patiently behind a polite mask with ice equal to theirs.



  • Compel
  • Deceive
  • Resist
  • Sneak


  • High Society
  • Order
  • Religion


Smell Status

  • You know precisely who to talk to, or who to take out, to get things done. Once per session, ask the GM: “Who’s really in charge, here?” You can find out easily, or you already know thanks to your connections.

Servant to the High Ones

  • You spent years bowing and scraping at the feet of the high elves. When interacting with the aelfir, roll with mastery on social checks.

Citizen's Mask

  • When you need to be, you become one of the crowd. Gain the Sneak skill. When you wear your Citizen’s Mask, you roll with mastery when you’re attempting to pass yourself off as someone unimportant or beneath the attention of your target.

One of the Staff

  • You’d be surprised how much chambermaids see. Gain the Deceive skill. Once per session, you can seamlessly blend into the household staff or employees of an organization or group and keep your ears open for information. For every hour you spend performing busywork (up to a maximum of 3), ask the GM one question about the organization that they must answer honestly.


Servants of Yun Reflects-the-Glow (street) | Stress: 0

  • This includes Vinter - Yun's valet, Alia - a maid, and Trissa - whom has been made a 'novice' of the Basilica. Like Disraeli, many have been exposed to some of the more ghastly Solar rites.

Daenerys (PC) | Stress: 0

  • Disraeli helped give the inexperienced girl some tutelage on dealing with aelfir during their Durance.

Broltz (PC) | Stress: 0

  • Broltz knows Disraeli has knowledge of certain aelfir religious rituals drow aren't supposed to know (even those bound in servitude) - the sort of thing that can get you into trouble. Disraeli knows Broltz knows.


  • Your Mask (See above)
  • Two sets of nice clothing (A formal black robe akin to a kimono, a purple suit and pants of a darker shade)
  • Servant Mask (Colored with subdued blues and whites, and symbols associated with Mother Winter, and the mark of Reflects-The-Glow)
  • Dagger (D3, Concealable)


  • Armor +0
  • Blood +0
  • Mind +3
  • Shadow +2
  • Silver +1
  • Reputation +0