Do Not Go Gentle: Alpha Soldier

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Biographical Details[edit]

Alias: Alpha Soldier

Name: Charles “Chuck” Callingham

Date of Birth: May 17th 1908

Character Notes:[edit]

You were born when Theo Roosevelt was president, and made into a hero when Franklin Roosevelt led the country. Of course, its Truman who they call “the most powerful man in the world” now, but you’re still “the most powerful superhero in the world”. Thing is that there were a lot of Nazi “Ubers” who were bigger and stronger than you, but they’re dead and you’re alive. You’re the blue eyed, blonde-haired all American hero, pride of the US Army and sole success of the Super Soldier Program. The people love you…but you’re not too sure you share the people’s opinion. If the people knew the things you’d done in war, they’d be scared of you. If they knew of your sexuality and your secret shameful relationship with eighteen year old Johnny, they’d be disgusted with you. America may be at peace, but America’s hero is at war with himself.


Soldier of the United States Army +5

Photogenic blue eyed boy +3

Adept at “Physical Interrogation” +3

Unusual capacity for enjoying violence +3

Liar, liar. +3

He plays the press like a violin +3

Varsity athlete +3

Special Powers[edit]

Enhanced Physical Potential – Double margin of success on all physical-related tests, including combat.

Skin of Steel – Reduce all physical damage received by 5 points.

Flight – You can fly, at a speed of 60 miles per hour with perfect manoeuvrability


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